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[Elite Trainer] Knowledge is Power - Gathering Resources & Cargo Ship Guide

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Always lacks of resources? Gathering resources not doing well? Here's a guide to help you understand more about resources gathering. Ever wonder how to most efficiently gather resources? Ever wonder what makes good deals in Cargo Ship? Let us talk about it here! Let's talk about the efficient way of it!

Resources Tile
Resources gathering rates in quantity per seconds before research and leader talent (Default speed) are:
Resources Tiles
Lvl | Food | Timber | Stone | Ore | Gold.. | Efficient Ratio
..1 | .24. | ..16.. | .16.. | 16. | .8.750 | 1
..2 | .36. | ..24.. | .24.. | 24. | 13.125 | 1.5
..3 | .48. | ..32.. | .32.. | 32. | 17.500 | 2
..4 | .72. | ..48.. | .48.. | 48. | 26.250 | 3
..5 | .96. | ..64.. | .64.. | 64. | 35.000 | 4

So as you can see, not only higher tile hold more amount of resources, it does affect your gathering speed of the resources! For every 1 level higher, the efficiency will increase 33% - 50%. The actual gathering rate is multiplied by the additive multiplier that can be found in the Boosts list on Leader Profile Page. For example, fully mastering the Talent "Gathering I" gives you 17% resource gathering speed increase. Suppose you have level 4 Resource Harvesting I from Research, which gives you 10% increase. Your final resource gathering rate will be 1.27 times the default. When you gather on level 5 food tiles, you gain 121.92 food per second. Research and talent boosts further widens the efficiency difference across different tile levels.
The immediate consequence is: try to gather on as high level resource tiles as possible.

  • If you join a kingdom on its very first day or two, teleport to edge of the base and gather there. (Try to ensure a variety of resources around you as variety is important early game.)
  • If you join a kingdom later, the areas around base are likely monopolized by a few big guilds consisting of big money spenders. In that case, the level 5 resources won't be available. But level 4 resources can be found all the way from base to the edge of level 3 and level 4 resource area. To see how resource tiles are allocated, go kingdom map view where you see your castle as a single square. Click Kingdom Overview on the lower left and then click on Resource Tile Chart on lower left of the kingdom map.

A few more general tips for resource gathering.
  • If you are not plundering, you should be gathering.
  • It is usually worthwhile to travel further for a higher level resource tile.
  • Always split your armies to gather. Gathering at two tiles simultaneously means twice the gathering rate.

To maximize protection and simplify the splitting, I usually go infantry+siege & cavalry+archer and tier separation. (Melee units protect range units.)
  • Gold (ie. ruins) tiles are rare. Unless your other resources are running low, you should be gathering gold whenever they appear.
  • Build a larger army for better gathering! (and plundering :P )
  • If your army is on route to a resource tile that is occupied after you gave the march order, your army will attack the occupying army; unless you are shielded, in which case your army will hit the resource tile and return without battle. (You can exploit this to seize resources as the first army to reach a certain hot resource tile.)
  • Carrying too much resources? Remember gold is not protected by vault. Use a shield. 8hr shields can be purchased with Guild Coins. At higher levels, you can use random teleporters to hide near the edges of the map.

** Army upkeep**
Since we are talking about resources, we might as well cover upkeep. Relatively soon into the game, you will have a hard time producing enough food to keep up with your army upkeep. So it may be worthwhile to limit the number of your farms to just one, except immediately after Skirmish 6 when you can build 3 level 1 farms to finish a Turf Quest. (Demolish after.)
There is no reason not to do that!
Cargo Ship deals
Another consequence is much clearer outlook with Cargo Ship deals. Cargo Ship, unlocked at Castle level 13, is a place where you exchange resources for more (potentially other kinds of) resources! You can also buy speeds-up items here.
Since gathering is the only consistent way resources are produced, the relative value across resources are determined by 1) how fast they can be gathered, 2) how rare the resource tiles are, and 3) the relative demand for each resources in construction, research, training, healing and upkeep.
3) is more complicated and will be left as a topic for next time. We focus on 1) & 2) . In the case of food, wood, stone and ore, they are equally likely on the map. Therefore their relative values exactly the ratio of their respective gathering rate. Gold tiles are much rarer, hence gathering rate itself does not fully reflect the value of the gold.
After recording numerous Cargo Ship deals, I found the following general guidelines.
  • the median conversion ratio from wood/stone/ore to gold is 7.

So if you can get more than 7 wood/stone/ore per 1 gold or greater than vice versa, it is a good deal. However, since food is only 2/3 as valuable as wood/stone/ore,
  • the food quantity in Cargo Ship deals need to be treated as if they are only 2/3 as much.

For example, one Cargo Ship deal I encountered was converting 561,000 food to 750,000 ore. On the surface, the conversion ratio is only 1.34, which is seemingly lower than most deals. However, keeping in mind that food is only 2/3 as valuable as ore, 561,000 food only equates 374,000 wood/stone/ore. Hence the real value conversion of the deal is actually 2.01, which is an extraordinary deal. In fact, the deal was labeled as 3 stars.
In my experience, for resource to resource conversion in Cargo Ship,
  • 1 star deals have a value conversion of 1.43
  • 2 star deals have value conversion of 1.54~1.67
  • 3 star deals have value conversion ~2

Clearly, you are always making more resources. But the commonality of certain deals and resources can deal mean certain deals are less favorable. In my experience, wood/stone/ore to food conversion deals are very very common, much more frequent than all other deals. Hence if you seize all opportunity to convert other resources to food, you will end up with too much food and not enough other resources and unable to convert back.
The other point of consideration is that Cargo Ship deals converts resources in storage into resource packs in your bag. The latter cannot be raided or scouted. So there is much less risk and liability after conversion. As such, my threshold for a good deal is generally low. But I would not convert to food unless it is a really good deal.
Other types of Cargo Ship deals will be left for a different day.
If you have any questions on how the numbers were determined and what data were measured, feel free to ask for any specifics in the comments.
Hope you find the above information useful. Enjoy leveling, enjoy gathering, enjoy guilding, and enjoy plundering!

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