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[Elite Trainer] Knowledge is Power- Newbie's Guide

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This guide is mainly aim for the newer player who just joined the game, and looking for tips that will help them grow,

1. You can change your current Kingdom with tutorial reward, but only BEFORE you level your castle pass 5.

2. Join a guild. Look for one that suits you, its Important to look for one that have Daily active member.

3. Every time you buy a package or Gem, your guild mate will also receive a Chest of random resources.

4. Hunt Monster, not only it will grant you Massive amount of resource packs and Speed-ups. Last hitting a Frostwing also grant all the member of your guild a loot box.

5. Gathering is the second best income of resource, follow the rule of "First Sent first serve" to avoid conflict.

6. Keep training troops, Rank 1 troops are great for Gathering even later in game, due to their low cost,quick to train and low upkeep.

7. Ran out of food Won't affect your troops, because you fed them enough when they are trained

8. There is always a scenario ready for you; aka:"Skirmish", Look around inside your Turf.

9. rank 1 troops can beat Skirmish 4. Casualty will lessen significantly if you use more troops

10. Skirmish 5 are best done with 1.5k+ Rank-2 Gladiator as tank, and 10K+ Rank 1 troops.

11. Infantry>Ranged>Cavalry>Infantry
Unit do WAY less damage when attacking a superior unit type
That is why you don't want singular unit type,

12. If you send out Rank1 (r1) and Rank2 (r2) infantry out to battle, r1 will take all the damage and die before r2 would take any damage.

13. DO NOT send you r1 into a rally if you guild mate are sending r2 troops. all your r1 will die first

14. Reserve most of your speed up for Solo/Hell event.
      Building and research: +1 might =+1 point

15. Leveling to Castle lv10 enables Prison, your heroes could be captured if your castle fall. stay in 9 for awhile if your guild have the lower hand in battle

16. Best Talent build for Newbie
     Peaceful : 15 Traning Speed I+ 10 Construction speed I +10 Research I
     Conflict  : 15 Defense I + 15 Health I + 15Training speed I

17. Focus on VIP level,get to VIP4or 5  ASAP. As it increase your Player exp gain, Which also means your Talent tree, your Hero cap.your ability to deal damage in Monster hunt.


  VIP 6 Needs 1600 VIP point (Auto battle)

  VIP 7 Needs 4000 VIP point (instant clear all admin quest)

  VIP 8 Needs 8000 VIP point (instant clear all Guild quest)

18. Dont leave STA and Energy Unspent, they link directly to your player exp.

19. Player Level also grants you might, even tho its not necessarily mean your army will be stronger if you are going down the building path.

20. Infirmary:Manor:Barracks

There is no fix rate for this, but try to get infirmary to cover your current troop

Manor also Increase Troop training speed

Barracks get just enough for the downtime you can check back again(as you go down R2,R3 it gets pretty long to train a full barracks)

21. Farm:Quarry:Lumber Mill:Mines

current patch of the game don't really need Food to keep your troops alive. soooo


whatever you feel like

22. Trap counter
Traps do less damage to another unit type when no counted unit is present
(Your archer tower will still attack infantry if your enemy have no archer )

make sure you have siege unit to break enemy wall, to minimize the damage by traps

23. Unit attacking order

There are 5 type of "Unit" in this game
Infantry,Cavalry,Archer,Siege,and traps

When there are no priority attack target is present.
Units will attack in the order: Infantry=>Cavalry=>Archer=>Siege
as mentioned above "r1 unit dies first" applies after this order

Priority attack targets:
Infantry: None
Cavalry: None
Archer(Defender): Attacks enemy archer on Wall(also take partial damage), no Priority after wall fall
Archer(Attacker): None

Siege:Wall=>Archer=>Enemy Siege unit

Traps:Corresponding Counter unit

I can't stress this enough. Treasure trove is one of the best ways to to help get to t4 (it still takes a long time but who can say no to free gems XD) or get lots of free gems in general. Upgrading the treasure trove allows you to invest more gems for a higher payout which is always a good thing. The one downside is that you have to wait a month to get the best results in terms of gem payout but its totally worth it.

26. Focus on getting tracker to gold. He boosts research by a large amount at gold which in turn shortens the amount of time it takes for the research to be completed.
It might not seem significant at first but later on when your researches start taking one month to finish, having a 25% boost from tracker alone will be a godsend.

Just some tips for new player who are starting out in the game ^_^
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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll send you 2K gems in 24 hours!

Hear Me Roar!
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How do u choose priority order  and howbdo u focus tracker on gold. I'm a little confused oon how to do it.

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If I may correct some points :
4. The person finishing ANY monsters (not just frostwing) will get a gift for his guild, usually rss stack, speed up or monster material.

20. Priority to have enough infirmary to heal your troops and not loose them :
make 1/3 manors/inf/barrack.
Once you have a nice amount of troops (approx what you can send), decrease your number of barracks to get more inf and manors. (for instance I have only 3 barracks and 7 inf 7 manors). Because what's the point to spend rss on creating big army if they all die after one fight.

21. It is good to try keeping your production of food higher than what your troops consumes (upkeep) until a certain points. when you turn lvl 10-13 it will be harder to keep up so then destroy all your farms but one (needed for others building) and then go 1/3 for each other rss.

23. You can now change the priority by changing your Army lineups (Reasearch Army Leadership tree) with cavalry or archer lineups for example.

26. Confusion with Trickster, not Tracker. Tracker ("Boom-Hilda";) is a nice darf lady who can one shoot you in coloss, but her Battle skills are good for ore production and Ranged bonuses (still a most have).
Trickster ("Tattler";) on the other hand is a leprechaun, with good administration skills like Research boost and Monster Energy x2 so really good for f2p (Free to play so no paying player) and he is good in coloss too. Try to get a team green and rank up before going for blue, purple or gold) as they are harder to get.
On that purpose you can also look for Scarlet Bolt for her Construction boost and energy, Sage of Storms (Anderson) - Construction Boost, Soul Forger - Gold boost
Once you reach lvl 52 try to get Rose Knight, one of the best Tank in the game with timber prod boost and Army Atk boost.

Have fun :)

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That's great

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