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[Elite Trainer] Knowledge is Power : Gawaingod's F2P player's guide to clearing Hell 3 easily.

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Gawaingods : F2p and LS(low-spending) player's guide to completeing Hell Event Stage 3

Agenda : 

Clearing hell 3 for gems, material boxes, monster chest(common-legendary) and watcher medals.

Preparation :

Upgrade to the highest you can go

Building speed gear - 3 x Sentinel's Circlet is the most important

Research speed gear - 3 x Lunar flute is the most important.

Talents :

Construction speed 1 and 2 & Research 1 and 2 is maxxed

Hoarding of speed ups :

* Try not to use so many speedups. A few hours here and there is ok if you want to pass a hell 2 and solo 3 concurrently.

7 ways to find speed ups

1) Monster Hunt 4

2) Guild gifts from killing monsters /  members buying packages

3) Trading gold - Heavy cash players in top guilds will gladly trade you speedups ( using gift key ) for gold. Ask them in their DB for their rates. My kingdom's rates are about 10m gold for 1 x 24hrs speedup

4) Hero quests - Get some speedups while farming the medals for upgrading heroes.

Chapter 4-6 = 10m speedup per 12stamina
Chapter 7 =    15m speedup per 12stamina
Chapter 8 =    15m speedup per 16 stamina

Obviously, try to farm heroes from chapter 7 - incinerator and tracker are great.

5) Cargo ship -  Essentially buy everything, you wont suffer any loss.

48hrs speed up ? Say whuuttt !

6) Opening of VIP quest chests - Rare, but 3hrs and 8hrs speedups do drop occasionally.

7) Buying of 3hr speedups with guild coins - ONLY DO THIS WITH AN ALT ( 90,000 coins for 3hr speedup)
Mains need the coins for relocators, talent resets, material & jewel chests.

Lets get started

-Check the hell panel before it starts at XX:00 so you know if you will be playing that event and swap your gear accordingly if you are.
-Hell events always starts at XX:05 until XX:00, 5 minutes preparation time, followed by 55mins to get the points.
-Points needed to clear the hell 3 is based on castle level
-Try to do it during yours guild's high activity time where you can get maximum help in a short period of time. ( wonder wars, kvk or gem lode periods )

I will be speaking as a castle 25 player.

Essentially as a f2p and ls player, you should be focusing on only 2 types - 

Research and Building

*Troops events are not advisable as your military research level is not good enough to have an effective army.

*Monster hunt events will use a ridiculous amout of stamina ( 500,000 onwards )

A) Only Research Hell 3 - Points to clear 550,000 - 980,000

For Most Research,
lvl 7 gives about 45,000 - 50,000 points ( 1- 2days after max helps)
lvl 8 gives about 170,000 - 250,000 points (7-8days after max help )
lvl 9 gives about 500,000 -700,000 points (19-22 days after max help)

Refer to this before attempting any hell 3 research event, make sure you have enough speedups to complete it without using any gems.
Use all the research speedups before using the regular ones.

B) Research and Building Hell 3 - Points to clear 550,000 - 980,000

This should be treated as a research event.
-Speed up whatever building was ongoing ( except resource buildings cos they take ages to build and give very little points )

C ) Reseach, building and troops - Points to clear 380,000 - 980,000

This should be treated as a research event.
-Speed up whatever building was ongoing ( except resource buildings cos they take ages to build and give very little points )
-Speed up whatever troops was ongoing

D) Troops only event - Do not attempt hell 3 as a f2p player. Hell 1 and 2 is ok.

E) Building and troops event - Do not attempt hell 3 as a f2p player, speed troops to clear hell 1 and 2 if you want and wait for a building only.

F) Monster hunt event - Do not attempt

G) Only Building Hell 3 - Points to clear 360,000 - 600,000

Infirmaries(faster but expensive) and manors (cheaper but slower) give the most points per minute of build time.

Infirmaries level and price

A) For newer players that just reached c25

If you haven't built your infirmaries or manor to level 24. Just keeping building them to level 24 and move on to the next one. Repeat until you pass hell 3.

B) For experienced and older players that have almost everything at lvl 25

This technique is mainly trading speedups and resources for gems and jewel chests (common-legendary) WARNING : The resource cost for this technique is quite high, get your guild to help you, although the costs are high, the rewards are very worthwhile.
The last time i completed a building only event,  with only 720,000 points, i got rank 3 in the whole server. 
1) You need to open a slot for a new infirmary level 1, demolish(20gems) a manor, vault, barracks or an infirmary. If yours are all 25, too bad you will have to burn a golden hammer.
2) Speed up your i1 to i24  ( Infirmary 1 to infirmary 24 gives approximately 147,000 points and will take about 93hrs of total build time with my current building speed. )
3) Repeat step 1 and 2 until you pass hell 3

Lets talk about the cost of this technique - Be prepared, jewel chest dont grow on trees.

Good Luck, Happy farming. 

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Good guide!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. -- Lao Tzu
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Knowledge is power  [RoF]

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Which guild(s) / player(s) do you know of that will trade speed ups for gold?

Live Free, Die Hard
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i think just message in the DB of those guilds with a lot of 150m might and above players. Im not revealing my clients, which is why i censored the the names.

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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll feature you in our post and send you 20K gems in 24 hours!

Hear Me Roar!
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Awesome guide.  I've been referencing this, and your gem feeder alt.  Mine gem feeder is currently c12.  We're getting there.  Would you be willing to post the data on infirm and manors, original build time and might.  I'm trying to incorporate that data into my sheet so i can tell if i have enough speed ups to push for a hell event.

Also, do you know the frequency of these hell event x2?  I'm obviously waiting to burn my speed ups on my gem feeder alt until one shows up.  Progress on that account is brutal without speedups, so just wondering when i can expect one so i can get a few more castle levels finished (trying to push to treasure trove as fast as possible on the gem feeder)

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I've seen people say things along the lines of waiting for particular awards before going after a Hell 3.  Do you know which ones those are?  Something about a rare card showing up as an award?


Still figuring this stuff out...