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[Elite Trainer] Knowledge is Power - Building your Turf

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Posted on 2016-10-28 20:48:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

So you've started playing Lords, and it's time to build those buildings! What should you build?

In your turf, there are 3 types of areas; resource, tactical, and unique.


This is the plains area that allows you to build resource buildings that generate a passive resource flow of a single type to your turf. What should you build? Here are some things to consider.

1. In order to progress your castle level, you will need at least one of each type upgraded as high as possible to allow other buildings to progress.
2. If you plan to focus heavily on one troop, take into account that primary troop types use food, gold, and only 2 of the other three resources. Plan accordingly.
3. Plan to make a little extra wood and stone. Building upgrades usually use more of those two resources than the others.
4. You food stores are unique in that they diminish slowly as an upkeep cost for your army. As you gain power, your army will begin to eat much, much faster than you can produce food. Generally, most players opt to stash food items and open as needed instead of making and upgrading the insane food focus it would take to keep feeding your army. Those spots are better used on other resources you will use.

You will ultimately get 18 resources spots open. A good setup might look like this;
Farms: 1
Quarries: 6
Lumber Mills: 6
Mines: 5

As an alternative, you may choose to use a Hyper-Farming strategy. As your advance, your troops, buildings, and techs will become more expensive, and it is difficult to keep up purely on rss generation. Hyper-Farming is the strategy of maximizing resource-per-hour generation by focusing on Ore, Wood, or Stone. An example of a Wood Hyper-farm would look like this;

Farms: 1
Quarries: 1
Lumber Mills: 15
Mines: 1

The benefit is that you generate the most resources per hour with this setup; the drawback is that you will not generate any other resource type, and must seek them through other means.
1. Gathering on tiles as a means of collection is the most available means of obtaining the lacking two resources.
2. In a guild, you may coordinate with two other players wishing to be hyper farms and supply eachother.
3. The cargo ship can be utilized when the opportunity rises to trade in your key resource for other rss types.
4. Special care must be given to resource management; whatever you are farming must be managed, or else it will greatly exceed your ability to protect it. If this happens, you may end up being someone else's involuntary farm.

Your resource needs will change as your turf advances; it is okay to be open to the idea of changing from one strategy to the other as your needs require.


In addition to the area immediately around your castle, it's the rocky top portion of your turf. You can have only one vault, and you have 17 spaces after that for Barracks, Manors, and Infirmaries. It's important here to know what each one does.

1. Barracks - Building more or better barracks will increase the amount of troops you are able to build at a time, but does not increase  their training speed. At higher levels, a single barracks can produce as many as 2000 troops at a time - the build time for 2000 T3 troops is well over 9 hours for most. Because there is little benefit in training larger batches, only 1-2 barracks are needed.

2. Manor - Decreases troop training time based on level; effects stack with other Manors. Also generates passive gold income, one of the most important resources in the game. Both bonuses are extremely important; you will want as many of these as you can.

3. Infirmaries - Prevents your troops from dying when attacked. If there is space for your troops, they will be injured instead of killed and may be recovered in a portion of the time for a fraction of the cost. It is good practice at lower and medium levels to make sure you have room for your entire army in your infirmaries.

As you armies get bigger, infirmaries will become even more important. Some troops will be able to shelter, but there will not be room for all of them; be sure to have them protected by infirmaries, or your could be set back days instead of hours.

A decent setup may look like this:
Vault: 1
Barracks: 2
Infirmary: 5
Manor: 8

At c17 and lv17 buildings across the board, you could build 1320 troops at a time, but with 72% bonus to training speed! Your 5 infirmaries would give you room for 122,500 troops - when added to the shelter capacity of 74,000, that's safety for almost 200,000 troops - plenty of coverage. But again, adjust as you see fit.


This is the two areas to the far left of your turf, and it's pretty cut and dry; you can only build each unique building one time, and there are exactly enough spaces for you to have each one. So instead of talking about what to build, it's better to talk about what to upgrade. Here's your priority list;
#1. Academy - Access to better technology will improve every element of your game, and the Academy has no requirements other than your castle level. At each new castle, this should be your first stop to upgrade.
#2. Forge - Although this upgrade does little for you until you reach lv 17, it is required for your wall, which in turn is required for the next castle upgrade.
#3. Wall - Not technically in the Unique area, it's still a unique building. Whether you plan to trap or not (if you do, read my trapping guide) you need this wall upgraded to advance your castle.
#4. Watchtower - Also not technically inside the unique area, it's still a unique building. A watchtower provides the power of information and can help you see if what's incoming is something you can handle or not. This information is crucial for those who get attacked while online to see if it's time to fight back or duck and cover.
#5. Battle Hall - Rallies can be used to keep extra troops safe as a kind of 2nd shelter, and effective offensive rallies need lots of troops. Having a decently sized rally hall will allow you to better utilize offensive rallies and support your guild.
#6. Trading Post - The supply tax is just outrageous at low levels. If you want to be able to help your guild with rss, upgrading your trading post is a must.
#7. Embassy - Although you should always have troops protected by some means, you may occasionally be taking a hit from a big player or a rally on purpose - having enough room in your embassy for a decent sized force will enable you to make some more effective team defense plays.
#8. Jail - Other than irritating enemies and the random ransom you may collect, the jail serves no practical purpose until level 17, when you are able to build an altar. This is not a priority to upgrade.
#9. Altar - Don't worry about this until later in the game. You will need a high-level jail in order to build this building.
#10. Mine - Don't get me wrong - this is an extremely important building! However, you can reap most of the benefit of this building without upgrading it heavily. So have it, use it, love it, but don't worry too much about it.

Altogether, having your turf in order from the start can get you on your feet much, much faster by getting you the resources you need and maximizing boosts - all the while protecting your investment.

(EDIT: Thanks to ADB-Agoni and Akiraprise for encouraging me to include a hyper-farming turf setup)

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the best ressource setup is 1-1-1-15 and put your talent point in 1-building 2-research 3-training speed 4-the ressource you are making.After all you have to do is to gather the 2 other ressource you are not producing.
You should add this =)

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If you want to be self-sufficient you need more mines, because they produce less and have less storage capacity compared to timber and stone.

Hyperfarming (mass producing 1 type of rss) is the way to go. I produce 4.2 million timber per hour. That is 100 million timber per day :)

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That's a good strategy, but not a beginner strategy - there's no way to gather enough rss from tiles to keep up with an aggressive economy, which means using raiding and hive farming. 

Again, totally legit strategy, but I don't want to send inexperienced players on an accidental suicide mission. However, I will add some more advanced rss strategies to the end of this guide so it's more useful to more players, thanks for the input.

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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll feature you in our event post and send you 20K gems! Can we get your IGG ID please?

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My IGG ID is 360532485, thanks!

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Warning has been issued  Warning

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ADB said:
"the best ressource setup is 1-1-1-15 and put your talent point in 1-building 2-research 3-training speed 4-the ressource you are making.After all you have to do is to gather the 2 other ressource you are not producing.
You should add this =)"

What is the 15? Anything we want it to be or is there a better rss to mass produce over the other?

Right now my setup is ... 
5 lumber
6 farm
4 quarry
3 mine

12 Manors
4 Infirms
2 Barracks

... 6.2M might Castle 19

What should I work on updating and changing?

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approved .....