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[Elite Trainer] Knowledge is Power - Gaining defense kills for KvK (For small guild in hive)

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What you need?
1. A trap account! 
2. Good amount of resources tokens in bag.
3. Preferably 3-4 days worth of speed ups saved in bag.
4. A few shields to burn.
5. Anti scouts.
6. Defense boost
What is a trap account?
A trap account is designed to gain defense kills. I love defense kills because you are not loosing any troops while still gaining kills and points for KvK. It is also a good way to fight while still building your troops.
Components For Trap Account
1. Enough troops.
2. Good Military research.
3. Big infirmary (must be enough to cover all your troops)
4. Big embassy. 
5. Good watchtower. (At least Level 21 so you know actual size of incoming troops)

Preferably Trap account is Level 23 above. So you need Lvl 23 embassy. Military research minimally at level 7 or 8 to accept attacks from 60-70M might.

Wall is not really necessary, since they are easily broken down by siege in 1 attack and you will lose wall defense for day or weeks.

Troops composition

Rule of thumb you must remember!

Infantry is strong against Archers
Archers are strong against Cavalry
Cavalry is strong against Infantry
Always remember this because it will help to reduce troops injured.
1.     Best composition is Cavalry + Range.
2.     Always have grunts for trap account. I would suggest minimally 50k grunts but higher is better.


Playing with above Rule of Thumb, you will see that infantry will always be crushed by cavalry. So having infantry as front line will make them a weak shield, since cavalry will always crush them. People usually will attack either with Cavalry + Range, all Cavalry, Infantry + Cavalry + Range and so on. Seldom they will attack using only Range.

You can have infantry build still, they are good against range. For this I suggest to research Cavalry Phalanx. This Phalanx will put your infantry at the back, making them save from the wrath of evil cavalry. If you have not research the phalanx, shelter your infantry while doing defense.

Grunts are the best meatshield. The instantly heals. They provide a barrier for your T3 to do damage and also absorbing damage from attacker’s armies. Try to have grunts subsidy research as high to reduce the resources needed for everytime you instant heal grunts for meatshield.
How to work your trap account?
1.     As a guild in a hive.

-Keep hive intact. Hive is a best calling for attacks during Kvk. Trap account doesn’t work if you have no invader.

-Trap account should not be at the edge of a hive or have holes beside it. You need at least 2-3 castles barrier to get enough time to react.
Eg:      X  X  X  X  X
            X  X  X  X  X
            X  X  O  X  X            O is trap account position in hive
            X  X  X  X  X
            X  X  X  X  X

-Set a time for your guildmates to trap together. Best time is 4 hours as KvK start.

-Have your guildmates reinforce the trap account. Reinforcement should match the trap account troops composition. Everyone who reinforce should shelter their leader and protect their remaining troops. Keep resources below vault amount. Make sure your members have enough infirmaries to cover their reinforcing troops.

-Have 1 shielded member to take care the excessive resources.

- Put anti-scout on.

When you receive an invader, your screen will flash red. You need to check 2 things immediately.

1.     Watchtower for the enemies troops composition.
2.     Attacker’s might.

If you have 600-700k t3 including reinforcement, you usually can take even 375k incoming T3 from 50M might or lower. (Provided you have good research). If not refrain from taking hits from 60M or higher.
You can change anti-scout for defense boost for a strong attacker, but immediately anti-scout again once the hit is done.

Shield whenever you think the hit will be bad. This will send all reinforcements home. This is why it is crucials for your reinforcing members to be online, so they can immediately protect their troops.

Do not activate your battle fury, because you can’t shield when the attacker rally you. Unless you know how to protect all you troops immediately.

Heal only your grunts immediately. Once your grunts are healed, then only you proceed to heal your T3.

If you shield because of a big might attacker, wait until he leave before you start your trap again.

I hope this guide is useful for some guilds and F2P players out there. Read other guides on setting your war mode to make your troops stronger.

I also know how to become a solo trap for KvK, but I may write that later. If you need help or tips, contact me in game, HellQueen.

Have fun, go get some kills, and be safe.

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Excellent trap information. Its going to help a lot of players in KVK.

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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll feature you in our event post or even social media in the future and send you 20K gems in 24 hours!

Hear Me Roar!
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I would suggest cataphracts instead of grunts as T1 meat... if you are using Cav Phalanx and/or expect to take cavalry losses, using T1 cav will help draw that away. In Cav Phalanx, most if not all of your cavalry will be injured or killed before Infantry starts taking significant damage. Plus if all your boosts are for cav, why not maximize those boosts with everything?

Also, as a last bait trick to draw the attack; when the raider shows, if 1-2 non-trap accounts send 1-100 rss (very small) and use anti scout to the trap, it will look as if they are abandoning rss to avoid having them taken, and imply that the trap acct has an overstock.

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Thank u very much.

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why I can't receive the gift from the sign Event?

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Thx lords mobile..very mutch

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With the troop combination you mentioned, what would be the best trap combination. Any help will be highly anticipated :)

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Thx very much. I'm in K139 and the protection is not ended yet. But thanks to your advice, we will not be at the bottom during the events!!!
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