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[Elite Trainer] Beginner's Guide: Maximizing speed - Mirit's guide to the game.

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I will keep extending this guide whenever I think of something. Feel free to comment topics.
Scroll all the way down to see how to play this game on your pc!
Current heroes in the game:

This is a TL;DR
A little checklist:

  • Construction running
  • Research running
  • Training soldiers
  • Building traps (If you dont have the max amount)
  • Gathering resources
  • Doing hero adventure
  • Fighting Frostwing/Gryphon
  • Socializing with your guild
  • Clicking the CHESTSSSS
  • Doing admin/guild quests
  • Enjoying the game!

To make a great start in the game:

Important: Unless you pay money, don't attack other people in your 24H bubble, since you are vulnerable and being attacked all the time could put you at a serious disadvantage.

 If you have question about specific buildings, pressing the informative I can be of great help! It is available at almost every building or function

What is what? A look at the menu:

1. Spend your gems on vip till vip 8, after that take it slowly, as it gets expensive really quick. Why vip 8? Because this gives you auto complete guild quests, together with auto complete admin quests from vip 7. And the 38% bonus exp is a nice added benefit for sure.

This is what auto-complete for admin quests look like

Notice that guild quests give guild coins, another good reason to do them all the time!

Once you reach vip 8, you could save up your gems for treasure trove, which is a banking feature unlocked at castle level 17, or you could use them to speed up various processes. This one is a bit harder to give advice for, since everyone has their own play style. However, if you are uncertain, just save up. 

2. Focus on researching Construction and Research speed. This helps you get stronger a lot faster. Also put your talents points in construction and research before anything else. Meaning, 2/15 to unlock Construction Speed II, and then max that one. Here is an example of my current talents, at level 44. Important to note is that in this game, the highest level will give a significant boost. For example, Food production I gives a 8% bonus at the last level, but only 4% in the first four levels. That means the last point is a 200% increase. Not every talent has a 200% increase at the last one, however all of them have a significant higher bonus than the level before.

Because i'm already a bit further into the game, I have also invested points into training speed, but only after I had maxed Construction and Research speed. My advice is to wait with going for production. Get Construction - Research - Training first. After that go for Food first, and the rest is up to what you need at that moment. Why food? Because food is needed to keep up your troops!

3. Once you have a bit of troops, make sure they are always gathering, as this is a great alternative to your own production. Note that you don't have to send all of your troops away. You can keep some at your city, or you can even split them up and send them to different gathering fields.
4. When fighting frostwing/griphon, unless you need to kill it fast, do separate attacks, as you will do more damage in total. I'll discuss this further later in the guide.

5. If you buy speed ups with guild coins, buy the highest ones, the price/time ratio gets better the longer the speed up. You can see here. 3 times the 60min speed up is way more expensive than the 3h once.

6. Click the chest. ALWAYS. It can gives speed-ups, resources, even gems!

Once you get a bit higher things tend to take longer. 
Make sure that once you go to sleep, you have a construction or research running that will last till you wake up, this way you can use your time efficient.
If you spend money in games, it is also very smart to get either a lot of the 5$ packs, since they are cheap, and give an awesome cost/get ratio. Or you can focus on one pack, for example the big guy hero. Not only does this give you access to a new hero, which offers construction speed, the 20$ and up packs also give you legendary equipment, with stats ranging from construction speed, to player exp and gold production. If you are serious about the game, and want to be the best, this is a MUST-HAVE.
Here is an example of the 20$ pack legendary sword, with construction speed.


It is advisable to not focus on packs like Frostwing for example, since those items can easily be gotten in-game.
If you however need it fast, you could buy it, but as a starter thats not necessary, because they require around level 40-55 to be equipped.
About jewels, don't use them unless they are for the highest piece of equipment. Also, most of them give battle stats, don't put them in your construction/research gear, as that would be a waste.

Since we are in the equipment topic, when you go to your Workshop, you can filter on certain stats. What you should do is craft the equipment pieces with Construction and research speed. The materials can be gotten from gathering certain resources.

Another thing that exists with equipment are sets. At the moment there are two sets. The frostwing, and Gryphon set. The frostwing set is for army benefits, while the gryphon set is focused heavily on construction speed. Note that gryphon needs you to be lvl 45 and 55. So its better to get equipped with contruction speed that you can already equip. See below for the sets.

Since hero's administration skills always work, be sure to upgrade every hero you have to at least rank 2. Even if the bonus is small, it all adds up, and can give you this one crucial advantage that you needed.
The Administration skill is the skill that always works, even when the hero is not equipped, shown in this picture.

Help out your guildies by giving Help in the guild menu, even when you are at max coins. They will notice this, and do the same for you, making your construction and researches even speedier. Kindness goes a long way.

Communicate. Even though this is often overlooked, communication is key. Imagine, you are in a small guild, and feel like that big guild is going to obliterate you. What do you do? You mail them, talk with them, talk about the situation, and how you can both effectively solve it.

Fighting. This is a fighting game, but nevertheless, pick your battles. If you are close to having enough troops to fight a certain skirmish, don't be silly and attack your neighbor for gold. Finish your skirmish, build new buildings, and then consider attacking. This is a strategy game, think out the best scenario for you.

Hero adventure. Try to always keep this one up. Make sure you have cleared the furthest possible stage, both in normal and elite. It will help you get items faster, as you don't find out you aren't far enough. Elite will let you get shards for new hero's, which in term give you bonuses and other strategic edges. Sometimes you might rather want to get 10 shards of a new hero, than 20 for a hero you already have.

Building barracks. Barracks allow you to train troops. However, more barracks DON'T mean you can train multiple types at the same time, it simply allows you to train more in one go. This is why I advise you to build no more than 2-3 barracks, depending on the spare time you have. To clarify what I just said, look at this example

One of my barracks is lvl 16. This means I would be able to train 1180 troops. However I have another barracks, which is level 10, which brings my total trainable troops to 1700. So, i can train 1700 troops at once. This means you can train the amount of troops which would get you through the night, so you don't lose precious training time.
Manors decrease training time, so build a healthy amount of manors! I have 2 barracks, 2 infirmaries and the rest all manors. It keeps my training time around 6-7 hours when I train max amount of troops. Manors give increasingly better training time reduction, up to 20% at lvl 25. That means with my 9 barracks thats already 180% faster and around 70%!!! training time reduction. That sounds like jackpot to me!

Solo and hell events. This confused me at first, so let me explain.  There are two types of events, going on 24/7. Solo and hell. Solo is a three hour long event, in which you must complete certain objectives. Hell is an hour long event, in which you also must complete objectives. The main difference is the difficulty. Hell is a lot harder. But with great risks comes great rewards. If you look here you can see example of both events.

Now, what you should aim for with these events is using speed-ups for building and researching when the event are in their favor. For example. This hell event only goes for research, so I should try to refrain from speeding up buildings now, as that wont benefit me as much. An a side note, the points are calculated by the might that you get from set building or research. Meaning that T3 Cavalry will give ~72k points for the event. Some events are require you to train, and points gained it a multiple of the troops you are training.
1 point per T1 
2 points per T2
5 points per T3
15 points per T4
See below

But, if an event consists only of training troops, don't bother, since as a starter you will most likely not be able to get enough points for the highest reward, which you should of course aim for. Example of the highest hell reward:

That is amazing right. Getting FREE speed-ups, FREE gems, and a bunch of goodies for just playing the game, and doing the right things at the right times. Be sure to keep track of those events, as they might get you the advantage you need!

Attacking Frostwing, Gryphons, and other mythical creatures. Like I had already said in the intro, to maximize damage you have to do all your attacks separate. This is because it increases your "hunts in a row" bonus. Dealing the last hit on a creature will earn your guild a chest bonus.

You might look at this and think, why is that dude's energy required for hunting lower than mine? Well this is because this is research able. You can lower the cost, fasten the replenish rate, and increase your energy limit. Just head over to your Academy and go into Monster Hunt. From here it will be a piece of cake to find what you are looking for!

Now that we are talking about Academy, lets talk about the different troops that you can research. There are four categories. Infantry, Siege, Ranged and Cavalry. The basic troops are available from the start, however to get more advanced ones you will need to do some research. The second tier looks like this.

Each category gives specific advantages. Cavalry are very fast for example, while sieges are slow, but are very good at taking down walls. For gathering you want to use Cavalry, since they travel very fast, and that way you maximize efficiency. For battles, you want a healthy mixture. I would say the ratio infantry:siege:ranged:cavalry should be around 4:1:2:4, but that is my personal tactic. 

Auto completing Hero Adventure. 
As soon as you get three stars in hero adventure, you are able to auto complete it. This means you instantly get rewards for it, as if you yourself had played it. It still costs you stamina, however. But, because you selected no heroes, you get XP items. These items can be used to level heroes. It is advisable to safe these, for when you get the hero you are aiming for, since they starter heroes aren't the strongest around, and would be better off being replaced when you can. If you have obtained exp items, and go to the hero screen, you will notice a big EXP button.

Clicking on that button will lead you to a screen where you select which EXP item you want to use.

Select which one you want to use, click the hero you want to level, and select the amount of the exp item to feed to your hero.

And thats how you level your hero with xp items. 
Heroes have a max level, that is equal to your level. That means when you are level 56, the max hero level is 56 as well. 

Promoting a hero:
Promoting a hero is fairly simple, but ill show you how its done. After you have equipped your hero with 6 items, the middle rank button will get an exclamation mark. Click that, and press promote. Tada.

Garrison your heroes:
You can garrison heroes to defend your turf. To do this, click on your wall. This will lead you to the following screen:

Subsequently you press garrison. In this screen you can choose which of your heroes you want to use for defending.

Pressing a hero allows you to switch it out for another one. It is that simple :).

You might want to edit which notifications you receive, this is easily doable, see this guide.

The Colosseum:
The colosseum is a pvp battle arena for your heroes. It unlocks after skirmish II and castle level 10. Once you have it unlocked, you can pick 5 heroes to represent your defense. Other players that try to beat you will have to face those 5 heroes. You can also attack other players. By beating higher ranked players you take their rank, which yields more rewards, the higher your rank is. Simply press challenge, let the auto battle play, and win!
Every couple of days, a bonus rotates. You will get a bonus for using certain types of heroes, so this is reason to make sure all of your heroes are competitive.

This is what the colosseum looks like on the map.

And this is what you see once you enter.

After your castle reaches level 10 and you have build a prison, you will be able to capture heroes of other people with castle level 10+. This means your hero can be taken too. 
When you have build your prison it will look like this:

To capture someone's hero, you have to attack them, and kill their entire army. This means that if the enemy army's moral reaches 0 before all the troops are dead, you will NOT capture the hero.
In that case you would have to attack again. After you have captured the enemy leader. Navigate to your prison to view your captured heroes. 

From here you have a couple of options. First press the captured enemy leader.
Now you can choose to either visit the players profile, set a ransom, or release the enemy hero. The ransom is a gold amount that the player would have to pay in order to get their hero back.

(NOTE: I released the person's hero right after, it was only for picture purpose)

Playing on pc:
To play on pc you will need some third party software. There are two programs that will do. Bluestacks, or Droid4x.
Personally I use Droid4X because it is a lot smoother than bluestacks, and I've had less crashes. Also it is rooted already allowing for more access
After you have downloaded either program, open it. You will need to connect your google account to access the playstore.
Download lords mobile on the emulator. Make sure you have your account linked to facebook so you can play it on different devices. Once you are sure it is linked, you can log in on your pc and play!

If there is anything you are missing, do not be afraid to let me know! You can tell me here, or in-game, and ill add it asap.

Thank you for reading!

IGG ID: 199232715
IGN : Mirit

IGG ID: 199232715
IGN: Mirit
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nice job man..rlly nice job

Ark Gaming
Posted on 2016-04-07 10:36:34 | Show thread starter's posts only

wont resource raids leave you exposed? I also find theres usually not much to do in game. the braveheart system really sucks

Posted on 2016-04-07 10:41:11 | Show thread starter's posts only

If you mean exposed in a sense that the troops at the gathering place can be attacked? Then yes. But your home turf wont be exposed in the first 24h, and you will most likely have found a guild after that, which severely reduces the risk of being attacked. You also don't have to send all your troops away, but make sure you take advantage of the gathering system. 

On the note of not much to do, it is a real time strategy game, so if you compare it to a fps, then there is not much to do. I'd advise you to play it on the side, while doing other stuff, watch series or a movie.


IGG ID: 199232715
IGN: Mirit
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This is the kind of guide this game has needed. Very excellent work. Thank you for putting the time and effort into this.

Posted on 2016-04-08 02:21:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

Bumping for newbies, been updating it alot.

IGG ID: 199232715
IGN: Mirit
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Good guide but it seems you get more rewards doing one single boosted monster attack that several separate ones.

Posted on 2016-04-08 06:52:08 | Show thread starter's posts only

Good guide. Well done! :)

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@Astelia Have you tested that or was it just coincidence? Because I have not noticed any difference except for the RNG drops. By that i mean, sometimes its more, sometimes less, has nothing to do with the multiple at once attacks.

IGG ID: 199232715
IGN: Mirit
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Bump :) Update soon

IGG ID: 199232715
IGN: Mirit