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[Elite Trainer] Knowledge is Power - How to Increase your Might

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Knowledge is Power - How to Increase your Might
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In Lords Mobile might is everything…. it determines whether you can join the top guilds, it will make people think twice about attacking you and it’s the number one ranking factor for most players.

In this guide I cover how to build your might quickly and perhaps more importantly how to keep it.

What Gives you Might in Lords Mobile?
First we need to look at what increases your might in Lords Mobile. You can increase your might with Player level, heroes, buildings, research, turf quests, troops and traps. Of these, troops and traps fall into the ”temporary might” category and the remaining fall into the “permanent might” category.

The reason for this is that troops and traps can be destroyed after an attack on your base, or in battles. If you are just starting out it’s best to focus on the permanent might sources, such as research and player level might, as you are likely to lose a lot of troops and traps whilst leveling.

Gaining Player Level Might Quickly
Leveling up your Player Level is a very effective way to increase your Might quickly in the early parts of the game. If you can level your Player Level fast, you will find your Might increases significantly. One great tip to increase your player level is to save up all of your turf quests, admin quests and guild quests until you have a 25% Player EXP boost wich can be bought with 2500 gems. This is because your Player EXP boost increases the amount of xp your turf quests, admin quests and guild quests reward you with.

Tip: VIP level 7 grants you auto complete Admin Quest and VIP level 8 grants you auto complete Guild Quests. Both allow you to complete quests instantly with no timer.

Gaining Research Might Quickly
Another great way to gain might early on in Lords Mobile is through research. You should aim to constantly research something at all times. Try to start long research timers when you go offline for extended periods of time (for instance when you go to bed make sure your research timer has over 8 hours remaining).
One of the quickest ways to increase your research might, is by being able to research quicker. You should max both Research I and Research II in your Talent Tree as quickly as possible. It’s also a good idea to craft some good research equipment to help reduce those timers further. Finally remember that increasing the level of your Academy also reduces your research time.

Troop and Trap Might
I generally don’t recommend training large numbers of troops and traps early on. This is because a big attack can significantly dent your might after your troops and traps are destroyed. In fact I don’t even bother building, or researching any traps at all until my Castle is level 25.

You will need some troops in order to gather resources, but you should really only be training troops when you have plenty of resources to keep your building and research timers going 24/7. Whilst you are growing try and keep your troop numbers under your infirmary l limit.
The time to start building an army is once you reach tier 3 troops, which is at Castle level 17. Tier 3 troops will be the best troops that most casual players unlock in Lords Mobile. Unless you are willing to spend a significant amount of time and money to unlock T4 troops T3 is the time to start building a large army.

Tip: In the early game it’s a good idea to try and avoid fighting and concentrate on building your base and research power. Wasting resources reviving and replacing troops will slow your progression.

Rushing to Castle level 17
One great strategy which I usually follow is to rush to Castle level 17 as soon as possible, by just building the minimum requirements to get there. Why Castle level 17? Well the main reason is Tier 3 troops. T3 troops are vastly superior to tiers 1 and 2 and will form the backbone of your army for a significant part of your time in Lords Mobile.

Why Stop at Castle 17?
Once you hit Castle 17 it’s generally a good idea to stay at this level until all your remaining buildings catch up and you have maxed a significant part of the research trees. The reason for this is because Hell Events become increasingly difficult to complete as you go from Castle level 17 to 25.

Hell Events are absolutely key to gaining gems, speed ups, chests and resources to unlock the later research levels (without spending money). By staying at Castle 17 you get access to decent troops and still have a chance at finishing a Stage 3 Hell Event.

A strong Castle 17 player that has a significant investment in military research, can easily destroy a player that has rushed to Castle 25 with no military research.

Lords Mobile Might Gaining Summary:
- Steer clear of training large numbers of troops and traps until you unlock T3 of each type.
- Save up your turf quests, admin quests and guild quests until you have a 25% Player EXP Boost.
  • - Gain might fast by rushing to Castle 17 and unlocking T3 troops.
  • - Be cautious upgrading from Castle 17 to Castle 25 as Hell Events become increasingly difficult to complete.
  • - Concentrate on growing your castle and research until you have a large T3 army.
  • - Avoid fighting other players early on, your time to wreck havoc will come later.
  • - Lords Mobile rewards patience!
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