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[Elite Trainer] Zero to Hero (Hero Guide)

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Hero Stages

Whether you are a noob climbing the ranks to a top 100 guild, or a seasoned vet leading an army into war both need to know the basics to Hero stages. Hero stages are playable levels in which the player chooses up to five unlocked hero's to beat these levels and gain rewards, such as Speed up's, New heroes, and items to level up the hero's. In this post i will explain the four classes of heroes, which hero's are best for certain situations, and whether bravehearts are worth the money!

Hero classes- 

 Before diving in all the content of hero stages you need to know the four basic classes and what effects they have on the gameplay. The first class i will explain is the Healer. Healer- A healer unit is essential in your group of hero's as it increases the survivability in the stages and keeps your low health heroes alive. The most popular healer, and for good reason is Prima Donna. Prima Donna's hero skill "Athena's Anthem" changes fortune in Hero stages and is necessary. Athena's Anthem is best to be timed or waited for the best moment to use, such as when you are attacking a boss, or if an enemy unleashes a brutal ability. This ability keeps your heroes alive allowing damage to continue and the stage to be completed. However the only savior to this healer is a tank.  

Tanks- tanks keep other heroes alive just as the Healer would, and also like the healer increases survivability. A tanks main job is to absorb damage and keep the enemies focus away from the other heroes. Some tanks include but are not limited to Big Guy Death Knight, Oath Keeper, and more. Tanks are typically melee units with a ability for a short area stun. This short area stun will stun all targeted enemies keeping them away from your healers and damages. Although all their health comes with a cost leaving them with lower damage than other classes.

 Assassins- Assasins are a major source of damage for your squad of heroes giving faster clear times. Assasins include but are not limited to Scarlet Bolt, Shade, Demon Slayer and more. Assasins do not have a typical range as some are melee, and some are ranged but all assassins have one thing in common, and that is their main ability. All assassins main abilities come at very high damage but only focus on one enemy draining their health. Assasins such as Shade will dash towards their target causing the damage, however this is risky as the enemy will now focus the assassin instead of the tank leading to a possible loss, that is why assassins such as Tracker are good because they are ranged, and also do massive damage to one enemy but will not pull the attention to them. However pay good attention sd the assassins health bar as they have low hp. The last class but power is Mages. 

Mages- Mages just like Assassins are high in damage. Mages include but are not limited to Dark follower, Sage of storms, Night Raven, and more. Mages damage from their main ability unlikes an assassins however is over an area and does not focus on one enemy. Almost all mages are ranged units, and some like Dark follower have very helpful abilities (not main ability) such as a minor heal. Mages just like assassins have low health but a high DPS (damage per second).

Team Composition- Now that all hero classes are covered it is time to move on picking your team! First you may notice there is only 4 classes to fill 5 spots but don't worry you can have more than one of each class. First i always highly suggest Prima Dona as a pick in your team as she is unmatched as a healer and is necessary. Now that we have a healer we have 4 more spots to fill. The most basic team will be 1 Healer 1 Tank, and 3 damages such as mages or assassins. This team composition will work for most regular stages and early boss stages, but the farther you move along the boss stages become more difficult and you may have to gear your team towards the enemy instead of your liking. Take for instance stage 3-15 a boss stage against an assassin. Since assassins such as Demon slayer in this stage have a high damage against one target an ideal team would include up to 3 tanks replacing the lower health damages that would be killed of quickly leaving you with no chance to clear the stage. For clearing a boss stage against a healer and mage you would want high the average set-up with alot of damage but specifically assasins as an area damage from a mage would only allow the healer to heal the enemy troops or a enemy mage to damage your heroes, but bringing assassins to the boss stage and focuses their efforts on the healer would bring a easy victory to the stage. Against a tank like oath keeper it is best to have mages and assasins in a regular set-up to not focus the tank but focus the damage dealing ads behind him and take those out first. Taking those enemies out first allows you to quickly kill the tank without worrying about a majority of your heroes dying.

Different Stages- There are two different stages in Lords mobile, being Normal, and the costly Elite. Elite stages are typically harder versions of the Normal stages including more bosses and cost double the hearts, however you can earn medals from these stages allowing you to hire new heroes. Hiring new heroes cost 10 medals and you typically get 1 medal every 3 times you complete the elite stage.

Bravehearts- Bravehearts are items bought with gems that give you full "Hearts" to complete these stages. Bravehearts are 2,000 gems but come in some combo deals. Although bravehearts may get you heroes from stages quicker or level them up quicker spending gems on them is a bit pricey and not worth it, HOWEVER getting them from a combo-deal such as Heroic Adventure deal is well worth it. If you are craving those new heroes i would say grind each time you get bravehearts for them OR what i highly suggest buy heroes such as The Big Guy and Dark follower, as they are super powerful and well worth the money. The only con to buying these heroes however is you cannot upgrade them to legendary grade without spending at least $50.

I hope you enjoyed my guide to Hero stages and i will do more guides at request!

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Great guide, but my suggestion is to add some illustrations. When I looked at this I didn't even want to read all of it because it just looked so plain and so much text.

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Nice guide, very impressed;)

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A whole lot better, illustrations make it more appealing to the eye :)

Good job bro!

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What are the best options for elite level 6-12 and for normal levels 7-12, 7-18?

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very nice guide mate. helped me out a lot!

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Great guide to a nob player. But we want more...........

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