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[Chat (Amazon)] How do I get away from someone targeting me

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Posted on 2019-02-28 21:30:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

How do a get away from someone targeting me

Posted on 2019-03-01 06:32:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

When you say targeting you, do you mean attacking you, and their march (troops) are on their way, or someone is camping your hive and burning you every few hours?

If someone is mid-march (their troops are already deployed and on their way to your turf), there's no real way to escape bar using a shield. If your relocate (random or specified), the enemy troops will be immediately teleported to your castle and the battle will take place. You could also migrate, but this is costly and not recommended unless you're a rally trap and have already captured a number of enemy rally leaders as prisoners. 

If they are mid-march to a tile you're currently occupying, either in the form of a camp, or gathering on a resource node, you are able to pull your troops back, without penalty, before the attacking troops can hit. To do this, simply click on the tile being attacked, and press on the 'Return to Castle' button.

If you are occupying Base or a Fort/any other Wonder, you can do the same as you would with a resource node or camp, but be warned that this should only be done by the rally captain actively holding the Wonder. They should be able to tell if they can take the hit or not with the troops present and make the decision based on that information. A trooper in the Wonder should never pull their troops out without their rally captain's express say. Otherwise, the Wonder would be under-manned, and the rally captain may take an attack they otherwise wouldn't due to thinking there were more troops in the Wonder than actually present. This will likely get your team kicked out of the Wonder, and your entire guild will be angry at you.

If the enemy has ported near you or your hive and won't stop attacking you and/or your guild mates (i.e. griefing), the best thing you can do is either burn them to get them to flee, or, if this is not possible, shield-up and/or relocate your hive.

If enemy bigs are targeting you and your team every day, it means you have made a name for yourselves as easy targets, as you and/or your team either have too many troops or leaders undefended (meat), or too many resources open without a shield up. Both are easily fixed by taking more care of your investment, and keeping yourself bubbled when not online.

The biggest thing to remember, is that there is absolutely no shame in shielding, and your time and/or money spent in-game is always worth more than 1,500 gems per day (a 24hr shield). If you are Free-2-Play and do not currently make more than 1,500 gems per day from guild gifts, you should get your guild to implement minimum monster contributions per day (meaning everyone has to pitch-in and kill x-amount of monsters every day to be part of the guild). This should get you tonnes of speed-ups, shields, resources, and gems, in no time. If they are unwilling, I'd honestly recommend trying to move to a guild that will/does facilitate that.

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Click your castle on the map and random relocate :)

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