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[Guide Event] The best way to construct Resource allocation buildings!

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Resource allocation: What is the most effective way to construct resource-generating buildings? How should you prioritize the building of resource –generators? What other ways are there to gain resources?

It's easy to answer this question! the most effective way to construct resource-generating buildings is :

1 Farm
7 Lumber Mills
5 Quarries
5 Mines

The reason of this form:

-FARM: 1 building
      If you want to be stronger, you have to train many many troops. By far your troop food upkeep number will be much bigger than the maximum food generation, so you will always be in negative food production. Whether you buy how many farm, the food is never enough. So If your food run to Zero? Nevermind, It doesn't cause any trouble, your troops won't be died, won't be weaker or anything else.
     1 more simple reason, food is always available in resource packs which in
                  Mystery boxes / Guid gift boxes / Monster hunt result
You can easily realize, the quantity of food is much higher than other resource. It means : whenever you need, just simply open your Chest and food is always ready for you business!
    But farm is necessary to buid manor, so the conclude is " 1 FARM BUILDING "
* You have totally 18 slot to place your resource-generating buildings, 1 for FARM and you left 17 slot for the others.

-LUMBER MILL: 7 buildings
  You need wood more than ore or stone because:
      When you train troops, you need wood
      When you reasech something, you need wood
      When you build something, you need wood

-QUARRY: 5 buidings
-MINES: 5 buidings
    You need Stone more than Ore, but Mines produces much less Quarry at level 25 than a quarry or lumber mill would produce stone or wood at level 25, so I simply allocated 1 more building to Mines.
    Or Else you can build 7 Lumber Mill /  7 Quarry / 3 Mines , It's also Okay.

- There are other ways to gain resources:
         .Attacking Players
         .Farming resource tiles

My tips on farming resource tiles is:
  Train Tier 1Ballista to farming resource tiles, These have a capacity of 8, Tier 3 Fire Trebuchet have a capacity of 15 but train much slower ( with me it's 4 times slower )
  The reason behind is : when you are farming on resource tiles, you can got attacked from other players where your troops are not be protected by infirmaries, wall and trap. So if you god bad luck, your resource tile does get attacked, you only lose tier 1 troops, which is cheap and fast to train!

- At last, if these ways above are not satisfy your desire, You can spend your talent points on the level 2 resource production talents. Here You can spend 50 points in wood production, stone production, and ore production. This increases much more percent of resources production (over 200%)

Thanks for read, I hope it is useful for you!

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