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[Guide Event] Knowledge is power - Guild Showdown Simplified

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Posted on 2018-03-15 20:16:13 | Show thread starter's posts only

This is a step by step guide to Guild Showdown. There are many more out there with bunch of wrong information passed down like dogma that gets followed blindly. 

This guide is for new and old players both but mostly for newer players.

Step 1. Do you need to bother? See if you are going to be fighting for your guild or if you are going to be placed on reserve. To do this you can simply check how many from your guild is going to fight from guild showdown tab and then check your placement in the guild might ranking. You don't have to bother much if you aren't fighting just send all your troops and your best heroes so that you can show off to the guild and show your senior members you know what you are doing. After all if you don't register you get no rewards.

Step 2. Preparations. If you are going to be fighting ask the guild how serious they are for showdown. The rewards are most likely won't be worth many troubles you can go to obtain bonuses before joining. If you are serious about it or your guild really wants to win to brag about it these are the prep you should do. From least costly to highest

-Equip your war gear. (Search online for "lords mobile war gear" or "war talents" for much more in-depth guides, these topics are beyond the scope of this guide) 

-Activate battle fury

-Capture guild mates leader for prison (only works if you have 25 lvl prison)

-Use army boosts (max army size boost is the great but also most expensive, attack boost is better than defence boost)

-Execute your allies leader or find a leader from somewhere to execute (you need an altar to execute, will cost 60k guild coin to your ally to revive)

-Use talent reset to change to war talents (90k guild coin to reset, 90k to change it back)

Step 3. Send your leader. Your gear and talent DO NOT COUNT if you don't send your leader.

Step 4. Troops. Send everything you got. Including siege. After you can fill to the max army size then you can start doing some strategy with it. Otherwise just send everything. They do not get hurt. Anything that happens in showdown stays in showdown. 

If you can fill the attack then first of all send all your highest tier infantry, cavalry and ranged before siege. If you can it is better to use 2 type troops over a mixed army as you can maximize the bonuses on 2 better than 3 and it is harder to counter. 

If you are registering late to the showdown, try to  see where you'll be in the line up and send troops that will be different than the people either side of you. (For example, if they're sending cav mostly, go infantry so that if they're countered by ranged, you can counter their counter). 

Staggering troop types keeps your opponents from being able to have multiple win streaks. (For example, if 5 people in a row have cav heavy lineups, someone with a strong full range blast will clear them easily but if they meet with your infantry in the middle you will save the players after you).

Step 5. Heroes. Send heroes that match your army composition. If you're going cav, ranged, only send cav, ranged heroes. If you're going inf, ranged, only send inf, ranged heroes. Try to focus on heroes who have logistic bonuses that will maximize attack and HP for that troop type. If sending heroes with only defensive bonuses like Death Knight, make sure your front line matches your defensive heroes type, like cavalry for Death Knight.

Even if you are sending some siege don't send siege heroes like Prima Donna or Incinerator. 

If you're relatively new to the game and a hero without any or many logistic bonuses like Trickster is your only gold hero, his 200% squad attack will be much more useful than a grey hero's tiny attack boost. 

Sending Bombin' Goblin or Rose Knight without any ranged troops or cavs while not advised will still get you the benefit from their army attack bonuses.

Step 6. Army Lineup. Similar to troop composition, your phalanx matters. Wedges are better defensively than phalanxes, but phalanxes pack a bigger punch offensively. Try to have a different front line than the people next to you in line so that you guys can counter different types of army compositions. 

Remember your composition can counter enemy lineup while your line up can counter enemy composition. This works like to the core principle of inf>range>cav>inf.

Last words
You can fiddle with the steps 4 to 6 after registering and coordinate army comps with your guild.
Communication is important and as with any guild event team work is required. This event even with its meagre rewards is a great place to outsmart your opponents and show that your knowledge is power. 

Good Luck and Have Fun.

Posted on 2018-04-14 17:09:19 | Show thread starter's posts only

Great info, but army size boost does not help.

Also do not send siege unless you can not fill up your space with other troop types.