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[Guide Event] Guild showdown rundown

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RECALL all your armies back to your turf.
all gathering armies, deployed reinforcements, Garrisons, Darknest rallies, Sheltered and troops that are healing at the infirmaries must be fully healed.
do a quick inventory of your troops and type. this will help you choose which hero to use as your lead and support  to command your army line up.
There's NO WALLS to break in the showdown, so SIEGE ENGINES are absolutely of no use there.
No siege engines therefore using these type of Heroes would be as useless.
ie: Prima Dona, Incinerator and etc.
       2) Reset TALENTS to WAR.
refer to Wegamers for more information

       3) Put on your WAR GEAR
choosing the right gear can be frustrating for beginners,
Remember the inventory of the troops that you did in the beginning?
it is advisable for less experienced players to match war gear with HEROES ARMY line up and army composition.
      Example of an army composition:
30% Infantry, 25% Ranges & 45% cavalry
Rose Knight would be an ideal leader, because she commands CAVS.
accompanied by heroes that will give boost to your other troop types.
i would go with,
2 Cavalry heroes
2 Ranges heroes
1 Infantry hero
Avoid using Heroes that offers none other than Admin Boost and no troops army boost. EX: TRICKSTER

those that are available to you. at your present level.
20%-50% Attack Boost or Defense
refer to prison information
for executed leaders
refer to altar information
GUILDS that occupies them mandatory gets the troop type BUFFS that the Wonders offers.

Posted on 2018-03-15 18:24:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

The fact that siege engines are useless is wrong. It is just a common misbelief. They are just weaker than other troops. They still deal damage and count for moral. 

Exactly how much damage they deal is unknown as Igg doesn't reveal statistics for troops which is known to be different by practical testing. 

Anyway if we assume they have relatively similar attack stats, siege troops deal half damage to all other troops. (They also take double damage but that is irrelevant as they are stationed behind the whole army.) Ranged troops also deal half damage to infantry. This means siege and range deal same damage to infantry. So when facing someone using infantry phalanx(default and most used one) ranged=siege until enemies whole infantry line falls which usually marks the end of battle.

Beyond that when a percentage of troops die they lower that much moral. Also moral gets lower as time passes. So more the total number of troops more that needs to die before defeat by moral going to 0. This means troops that don't die impact moral in a positively.

Scenario 1: 3000 troops are in the battle. When 1/3 dies moral goes to 0 due to time out. These troops consist of 1000 of infantry, cavalry and ranged while 1000 siege sits in turf. Using infantry phalanx.

Scenario 2: 4000 troops are in the battle. When 1/3 dies moral goes to 0 due to time out. These troops consist of 1000 of infantry, cavalry, ranged and siege. Using infantry phalanx.

In scenario 1 when all infantry dies battle ends. In scenario 2 when all infantry dies also 333 cavalry needs to die. This could be bad in normal battles but in showdown no troops actually get hurt. So more the opponent has to kill to win the better.

While your advice might be decent for high tier players who can fill the attack to the top with t3 or t4 troops it hinders lower tier players which is the majority. Also players usually get trickster to gold first or one from golden trio (trickster, scarlet bolt, sage of storms) none of which is fit for battle like Rose Knight. But still they have their squad attack ability which deals the their squads damage in one attack. This ability deals %200 squad attack at gold tier and it is better to have than %1 attack bonus you would get from a common grade rose knight who would only deal %105 squad attack with her hit. So send the gold heroes over common ones no matter their battle usefulness in battle. Also below rank 7 f2p heroes don't give troop attack or army attack bonuses so unless you are sending them to increase defensive stats of your phalanx(front line) just send highest grade ones. Still try not to send siege heroes as their squad attack will also deal half damage.

Also the reward from showdown laughable at best. You get no where near the worth of using attack boosts(attack boost is better than defence boost) or talent resets from winning. And only 30-45 players in the guild gets to fight so if you really wanna win for some bragging rights or fun only those that get to fight should use these things before registering.

Your guide starts as if trying to help new players while giving advice to seasoned players who already probably now what's up by now.