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[Guide Event] Complete Guide to Top-Notch Player/GuildPlay

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Hey guys this is ISephirothI here from k3, I've seen alot of player using the basic to intermediate level of guide here, so I'm going to construct a Complete Guide on all the Aspect, in a more detail way.
In Game ID : ISephirothI
IGG ID : 316141667

Everyone knows how lords mobile's game play works, so I'll skip the basic/beginner explanation.
So, how to grow stronger and faster than anybody else?

Single Player: 
Short and simple - 1 Farm/6 Quarry/6 Lumber/5 Ore

All the top-notch player has 1 farm or even no farm until they hit castle level 25. Why only 1 farm?!!
As you gets stronger in the game you will produce more troops and eventually few hundred thousands of them, if you try to upkeep your food production just to make it positive value, you are going to waste your building spot for other rss. You Can Never Upkeep Food Production. Food is of less usage compare to other rss, it is only used to produce troops, building manors and upgrading some buildings. And the most important point here is : Your troop won't die or have their attack power reduce because of 0 food in the turf.

The other rss building ratio can be alter depending on the type of troop you are building(refer to Troops section below), I'll list it down below:
Infantry - All rss except stone
Cavalry - All rss except wood
Range - All rss except ore
Siege - All rss
If you are focusing on only 1 type of soldier to produce, Calvary for instance, you can reduce lumber mill buildings and build more quarry and mines. Take note that I say reduce, not completely not building a single lumber mill, as lumber is essentially important to upgrade buildings.

Guild Player:
Key-Word - Hyper-farming

Hyper-farming is simple, except for the main 4 default rss buildings you have, all the other 14 building spots build only 1 Type of Rss. For instance I build 14 Quarries. When I have 14 quarries my total storage of stones increases drastically as well as my stone production/hour. Combine with my research and hero talent method(refer to the Hero Talent section), I can nearly produce 500k/hour stones or even more. So what about other rss when i need it? That is when your guild shows some teamwork. 

3 people in a team:
1st player build all Quarries and Max Quarry III Research   
2nd player build all Lumbers and Max Lumber III Research
3rd player build all Mines and Max Mine III Research

Whenever your rss is full, send rss to the other 2 players, so that your rss can regrow in a fast pace. Same goes to the other 2 players, they will be doing the same thing. 
With Hyper-farming, the amount of rss produce is greatly increase and and you will not scarce of any rss. 
This is when 3 players in a guild are doing it, imagine 30 players Quarry 30 players Lumber and 30 players Mine, your guild members will NEVER need to take the risk to gathering outside in the wild,each of them can save talent points on gathering as well to put in other more needed talent, the whole guild can self-sustain and thus will grow at an incredible pace, trust me.

Buildings Ratio:
There are a lot of people asking how should the ratio of Barracks, Infirmaries and Manors to be the best setup. Well I can tell you here, its all depending on your purpose and the stages of turf you are at.

I'll break it down below for you guys to have a better vision:
Castle Level 1- 16 : 3 Barrack/1 Infirmary/12 Manors
Castle Level 17 Above : 1 Barrack/6 Infirmaries/9 Manors
Castle level 24 Above : 1 Barrack/10 - 12 Infirmaries/2-4 Manors

Barrack is only increasing the capacity of training, it will not increase the training speed or troops attack(unless you make it level 25), so it is not recommended to build more barrack.
Infirmary stores wounded soldier and heals them, it won't be much war early game and thus not recommended as well. In contrast, Manor increase gold production where you REALLY REALLY need gold for researching(unless you follow hyper-farming strategy above) and they increase training speed each level you upgrade, which gives your more power and might for producing soldier at a faster pace. At the late game stage you will have a lot of precious troops(beloved Tier3/Tier4 =D) so you don't really want them to die inside the turf when attacked because your infirmaries has no more space to heal them. So different level different purpose thus different ratio of buildings, please prepare some Gem to demolish at a different stages of the game play, sacrifices/revolution are needed in order to become stronger, don't feel sad to demolish and rebuild =D

There are 4 types of research, Resources/Defense/Military/Monster Hunting.
All the research is equally important but which 1 should I research first? I bet many player would like to know as well.
Well I would recommend to research Construction Speed whenever you can!! Construction speed is the most important thing in the list, it helps you to reduce the total time needed to finish a building construction time and make your upgrading faster than anybody else. 
2nd i recommend Monster Hunting. Did I shocked you? Yes, I said Monster Hunting Research. Every time we attack the monster we will get rewards, the reward is so great that it sometime gives you Shield and GEMMMMMMM and need not to mention a whole load of rss. When your Monster Hunting research is high your energy regaining speed and damage to the monster increase, giving a player more chances to attack monster, indirectly farming Gem, resources as well as equipment materials. And when the monster is killed everyone in the guild will get a gift, and more gems/materials/rss coming for everyone in your guild. 
3rd will definitely be your Military Research! What is better than having tier 3/4 troops taking stance in your turf waiting to attack/defense? For a single type of soldier strategy(refer to troops section) then only focus on the attack defense and health of that particular troop without wasting time to research other soldier which you are not using anyway. 
Last will be Defense Research, but why? I nearly forgone my defense its because no matter how much health your wall has, how much traps you build, when siege comes the wall will breaks down in a matter of seconds, your whole loads of traps built cant bring out its full potential once the wall crumbled. Even if the wall is at 1 million health if enemy's siege are well research your wall wont last longer than 15 seconds, and ultimately will be your troops who will perform the last defending job, so I would prefer well researched soldier rather than days and days and days of researching wall hp and defense.  

Hero Talent:
There are 2 types of hero talent, I called it Military Talent(left side) and Resources Talent(right Side).
When you are at peace and need rapid growth of your turf, allocate all talent points into the Resources Talent. When you are at war, reset talent and allocate all points into the Military Talent. When you wan a balance between both, I'll write it down in a short while on how.

Growing Turf: It is a MUST and PRIORITY to allocate talent points to Construction Speed II and Research Speed II, follow by Construction Speed I and Research Speed I. You have to by any means reduce the total of construction and researching time for you to grow at a higher pace, I think you know what I mean. After that, depending on the type of rss you are producing, for instance, self-sustain player allocate evenly to all the other rss talent, while hyper-farming player(refer to Resources section) allocate all points into the rss talent he is producing, Stones production for example. With specifically building single rss building and maxing single rss talent, one can produce more than 500k+/hour for that particular rss, instead of slamming all the points evenly and lowered down the efficiency of producing.

At War: Reset the talent points using a talent reset(guild points/Gem), allocating all the points PRIORITY to Squad Health II and Squad Defense II, follow by Squad Health I and Squad Defense I, if after that you still have points left to allocate do put it all into the Attack III/Defense III of your single soldier, in my case, i allocate my remaining points to Cavalry Attack III to make my single type soldier attack harder and deals more damage.

Balance: Allocate talent points just nice to max Training Speed II follow by Training Speed I, and you're done with the left side. Remaining points all pump into the rss you are producing and do not waste any of the points into max load, as you are growing not fighting or gathering.

*Important Notes: Always gives priority to anything name includes of III, then only follow by II and lastly I.

Hero Equipment:
Straight forward, nothing much to emphasize here, when you are at war change equipment that boost any of your army status, or wall defense(tho I don't recommend wall defense or trap defense attack all those stuffs).
When turf growing times change the leader and equipment that will give you construction speed boost when you need boost(eg. Big guy), research speed when you need research(eg. Petite Devil), resources production speed when you need more production. Equipment you have to discover and compare by yourself, as different player different needs. 

So which troop is the strongest? What troop composition should I have? Which type of soldier I should produce? 

First, there are strongest type of soldier, their relationship are as below:
- Infantry>Range
- Range>Cavalry
- Cavalry>Infantry
- Siege>Walls

Every type of soldier subdue by another, making no one of them is the most superior. The advise here will be build the counter troops to the trending type of soldier of the server. For instance, kingdom x player likes to play infantry majority, I will build more cavalry to counter them. 

Single type of Soldier + Siege - Single type of soldier can be easily counter by others, but at the same time counter others badly as well. When we focus on 1 type of soldier to produce, our soldier will be stronger, why? Lets say I focus on Cavalry type.
1. the time other player wasted to research all 4 types of soldier, we use it to maximize our Cavalry attack, defense and health.
2. other player has 4 types of soldier, but they are all 1/4 research, if they attack my cavalry which is fully research 4/4, who has the upper-hand? Of course my Cavalry will annihilate all of the infantry in seconds because of subdue, and wipe the whole army with only a little bit of casualties of my troops.
3. We can focus on Maxing Calvary Attack/Defense/Health instead of evenly distribute to all 4 types of the soldier talent, believe me, you will definitely out of points before you even trying to distribute, and in the end, your 4 types of soldier are still half researched, whole my single type of army is incredibly strong.

Single type of Soldier is optional, but it is very efficient and useful. When you reach max level castle and starts to work things up, only then you start to discover the other troop and balance out the troop power, but again this is just a recommendation.

Heroes (Stages/Colosseum):
There are certain stages me myself find it exceptionally quite hard to pass, make it normal stage or elite stage. I think most of the player having a hard time as well --------------Chapter 6.

The hard part is 6-9, where everybody complaints on the LITTLE CUTE RABBIT aka child of light to be too tough to be beaten down. Here's my advise:
1st you must have a making sense setup - 1 Tanker/2 Stunner/1 Healer/1 Damage Dealer.
2nd you have to choose heroes based on the setup
3rd keep on trying the stage with different heroes, but do note that keep the setup clear when you choose which hero to use, until you found the exact timing to stop the bosses ultimate and healer's heal, I'll go into much detail in this later.

1/3 of the stage shouldn't be a problem for most of the player, now 2/3 has a sneaky part. You need enough damage,focus fire and stuns the trickster before he heals to be able to take him down, if not you will see him on full health a lot of times! Now 3/3 where the Rabbit(CoL) and Watcher resides, is the real pain in the ass. Before hitting stage 3 you have to start savings everybody's stuns heals or ultimate and find the best timing to release the ultimate. My team setup were Big Guy/Child of Light/Incinerator/PrimaDonna/Tracker. When it 1st started reposition(ultimate) your big guy to the enemy's rear so that both the CoL and Watcher are back-facing all your soft healer and damage dealer. Save all the ultimate(except for Primadonna if heal is needed, or stuns when bosses are about to ultimate) and wait for a 2nd reinforcement where the smallest rabbit appears, SNIPE DOWN THE SMALLEST RABBIT to prevent it to heal the CoL and Watcher. Wait for more reinforcement where the 2nd small rabbit will appear in the corner middle of the screen, snipe it down as well. The third small healer rabbit will appear in the furthest position from all your heroes, usually it is extremely hard to see, snipe it down with tracker long range burst ultimate. When all the healer is gone, do anything you can to take down the 2 main character. DO NOT ATTACK THE SMALL RABBIT BEHIND PRIMADONNA, AS IT WILL HELPS HER TO GAIN RAGE AND ALLOWING HER TO CONSTANTLY ULTIMATE TO HEAL THE WHOLE TEAM. Note that when CoL is having a yellow aura around itself, do not ultimate to it, you will just waste the ultimate. When you are running out of time, that means your damage is not enough to bring down the bosses, consider to rank it up and try again, or try a different hero set up.

The Colosseum setup, it has to be based on the enemy's team you are fighting, there are a little bit of relationship involves here:
- Tanker+Healer > Burst Damage 
- Burst Damage > Continuous Damage  
- Continuos Damage >Tanker+Healer

And here's a list of those:
Tanker - Oath Keeper/Death Knight/Big Guy/Child of Light/Rose Knight/Soul Forger/Watcher
Healer - Prima Donna/Sea Squire/Rose Knight
Burst - Tracker/Demon Slayer/Shade/Scarlet Bolt/Incinerator/Trickster
Continuous - Incinerator/Death Archer/Black Crow
Stunner - Big Guy/Death Knight/Child of Light/Rose Knight/Snow Queen/Tracker

Hope you enjoy the guide, I do seek for apology if any of the points above you do not agree with me, and anything you wish me to add on or you have any enquiries do leave your comment below and I will try my best to answer for you.

Congratulation if you have read so far until here, I'm going to secretly teach war strategies here for people who really read through the whole guide, secretly=P
Guerrilla - When you wish to attack or revenge on somebody specific:
1. recall all your harvesting troop and camp
2. random away
3. leave current guild
4. change in-game name
5. reset talent to fully military(attack/def/health)
6. use a boost(attack/defense)
7. change hero equipment to fully army based
8. relocate to your enemy's rss tile/turf, give him a surprise attack!!!!!!
9. shield and random relocate straight away, do not stay long!
10. change back to original name, close the shield, join back your original guild,change back all the equipment and act if nothing happens.
There you go, I know a lot of you guys know this, hahaha for player who do not know, this is super useful ^^ hope you enjoy it.

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Awesome job! Good stuff here in b/w

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Pm me im working on a all in one guide collaboration

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All good info. Except constuction and research boosts from heroes are passive skills thus why say to use those heroes before starting a research or construction? Lol

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Talent Points should not be allocated to squad defence 2 as priority
Instead points should first be allocated to troop attack 3 foliowes by army health 3
And focusing only on one troop is not beneficial because if you want to attack a player with full cavalry and he has range troops then he counters you fully....
According to my opinion focusing on two troops types is better at earlier stages like at least up to 60m might .....