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[Guide Event] Troops usage and combat tips [Guide/Wildcard]

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In this guide, I'm going to try to help out some of the community by assisting them in the fine art of manipulating their troops and defenses to a fine tip. I'm a sole example as to what would happen if anyone used their troops the wrong way. I used to own roughly 70k t2 troops, then I was attacked while offline and attacked when I came back online, and to my ignorance, my Infirmaries could not heal all 70k of my troops, leaving me at a big loss. I'm here to help people, and prevent this from happening to everyone, and I may throw a few more tips in regarding Infirmaries and defenses, let's get started...



As everyone knows, troops are usually the core, or a lot of a player's combative might. Furthermore, it is indeed the piece of might that can solely be reduced or deducted if an attack occurs. Also, troops can be manipulated to other degrees, as most know, such as gathering resources, or even compiling armies that completely take advantage of your opponent... This is really important, I'll explain to you how;


Tactical/Gathering tips

 Gathering Resources: Troops can gather resources, and everyone knows this, but certain troops can hold certain amounts of resources, so this means that the higher tiered troops are able to carry more. At any rate, this also means that the more higher tiered troops you acquire, the less you eventually have to send to collect resources.

• Example: if you had a 70k army of tier 2 troops, you could send only a portion of your troops to gather the resources, and the portion would indeed be smaller than if you had 70k tier 1 troops and tried to collect resources. So, depending on your castle level, you could be collecting resources from multiple resource tiles, and gather resources at double the rate, triple the rate, or even quadruple the rate of your normal gathering speed.


Combative tips

Attacking: Before attacking, you want to investigate the composition of an army, the amount in an army, and the amount of traps involved in the attack. With someone having more rangers in their army, you want to deploy a whole lot more of the type of troop that counters the rangers, and the same goes with every troop; it should be noted that you can see what your troops counter and what counters them in the barracks, by looking at the top of the barracks page.

• Example: If you're invading someone and they have a moderate amount of troops, along with a full amount of traps for their castle wall level, it may be smarter to send a lot more siege engines than you normally would. Some people may ask, "Why not send all the troops?" Well, most of the time, people acquire more troops midgame than they can deploy, so the troop allocation must be done correctly, to take the biggest advantage possible.

Defending: Often times, you will have to decide whether or not you want to protect your turf, but in this situation it's not the allocation of troops, it's whether or not you should stick it out, and absorb the attack then retaliate, which is what should be the normal reaction unless the person attacking is far above the might of your own. But, if someone has prepared their troops to destroy your wall, and they obviously boast more might than your own, of course, send your troops to the shelter and wait it out. However, if the playing field is even, you may want to keep your troops out, to protect your resources.

• Castle Wall: Your castle wall is the first defense between you and an attacker, it should often be upgraded upon, as it heavily can add to your might, and if your walls are leveled up quite a bit, someone your level of might will have a -very- hard time getting through the wall, and through all of this, your traps will reduce the armies of your enemies.

• Traps: Some traps are better than others for certain troops, just like troop vs troop. In my experience, people believe Calvary or Footmen to be the bread and butter of an army. While you can not read everyone's mind, it does not mean that you can not premeditate. While it is up to you, as to which traps to build the most of, building more of two traps, and less of another trap has always brought me huge success in my defenses, as it hugely ups the percentage that you will demolish your foe's army, plus it largely ups your chances of being able to decimate the largest parts of enemy's armies.

Infirmaries: Infirmaries are what keeps a person afloat during war..

While having a highly levelled infirmary helps tremendously, it can also be a downfall regarding your long climb up the ranking ladder. Sometimes people upgrade their Infirmaries far beyond an army size that they'll have for another two to three weeks, while during this time you could've been upgrading buildings such as your castle level and everything required for your castle level. Through the upgrading of your castle opposed to upgrading your infirmary beyond needed levels, you could be working towards stronger troops, and stronger researches.

• Example: If I were to upgrade my infirmary capacity up to 90k troops, and I only have 60k troops, I could have indeed spent those useless hours used on the infirmary, on upgrading my castle, watchtower, academy, anything that would provide me with more might, and more progression towards my entire turf, in a shorter amount of time. The prolonging of turf level usually comes from things like this, focusing too much upon useless levels. The same goes for spending so much time on multiple farms, when it is not needed, but that is a whole other guide.

Watchtower: Your watchtower is essential for keeping you updated on everything that threatens you and your turf. When levelled up to a greater degree, it can see the composition, size, and much more of incoming enemies, this will really help you dictate whether or not you should shelter your army, or get ready to demolish the attacking army. In some cases you can fool, or even be fooled by 1 man armies that are simply sent to put you on the defensive, to see how you react. 

Conclusion: I've always tried to help people in tactical ways, and I feel that through attempting to do all of the following tips, those who are reading because they need it, will know more about how to properly manage their troops and militant decisions. Furthermore, it could lead to less or possibly  no major losses, all the while teaching them how to allocate troops efficiently.

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