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[Guide Event] AtlanteanGod’s Squad Rally - An Attack Guide

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IGG ID: 323056078 | IGG USERNAME: AtlanteanGod | KINGDOM: #8 Drayrien

AtlanteanGod’s Squad Rally - An Attack Guide


Rally - Rally Attack allows a single alliance member to use squads of troops from other alliance members in order to formulate a larger squad attack against a target enemy player.
Squad - In-Game a squad refers to a group of heroes and troops. For this guide a Squad also refers to a group of alliance members led by a squad leader.

This guide outlines a strategic rally attack that is sure to confuse and demoralize enemy players and alliances.

Suggested Requirements:
  • ~12 rally participants from your alliance
  • 2 Relocators per rally participant OR minimum 1 Relocater + 1 Random Relocator per rally participant OR 1 Relocator + 1 8h Shield

Pre-Rally Preparations: Whoever is coordinating the Rally should brief all participants with this information as everyone should be aware of the plan before execution. Alliance members not participating in the rally should also be notified NOT to submit troops to the rally as they can delay rally attacks if they have not teleported to the enemy area.
  1. Decide on your target player or alliance. If you are targeting an alliance hive, select a few high level players as your main targets. For this guide example let’s assume we have 4 main targets.
  2. Divide your rally participants into 4 groups or squads of 3 players each (3-5 groups depending on total participating players). The squads can be uneven and 1 or 2 very high ranking players with sufficient troops can also form 1 or 2 man squads. For this guide example let’s assume we have 4 squads.
  3. For squads with multiple participants assign a squad leader. Squad leaders should each have a high level target as they will be the ones executing the rally.
  4. Select 4 coordinates somewhat equidistant around the target player or hive. In other words you want 4 coordinates—North, East, South and West of player or hive—where your squad will teleport around the player or hive.

Execution: Teleportation and execution of attacks. NOTE: It’s suggested you assign an alliance member not participating in the rally to constantly be notifying non-participating members NOT to send troops to the rally.
  1. Each squad leader uses a Relocator to relocate to their squads assigned coordinate around the player
  2. Squad members uses their Relocators to then teleport in a square directly around and touching the squad leader’s base. This minimizes the travel time from the squad members to the squad leader who will be executing the rally
  3. Squad leaders rally their attacks against the high level players and repeat rally attacks against the high level players 1-3 waves until all troops are cleared
  4. Squads can move onto another high level target and repeat until high level targets are cleared
  5. Once high level targets are cleared, squad can free-for-all and attack at will or continue organized rally attacks

Post-Rally: After the bonfire mayhem
  1. After the battle use you Relocator to teleport away from the enemy territory back home, use a random teleporter to teleport away or put up your 8 hr shield

~The Atlantean
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