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[Guide Event] [NEWBIE GUIDE] Hero Stages

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1. What are hero stages?
2. Why do I need to do hero stages?
3. What do you need to advance in the hero stages?
4. What heroes work well in hero stages?

1. What are hero stages?
Hero stages is a segment of the game where you get better heroes, and better gameplay. This is one part of the game where you work alone. 

2. Why do I need to do hero stages?
Advancing in the hero stages is a good way of getting stronger in the game. There are multiple reasons for this:

(1) Hero stages give out a lot of loot whenever you complete one stage. These loots can be used to improve your might, speed up constructions and research.
(2) Hero stages help you get stronger heroes. One, your own heroes get EXP when you complete stages. Two, in elite stages, there is a change for you to receive hero medals. Hero medals are used for getting new heroes/strengthening own heroes. 

as you can see above, you need 10 medals to hire Tracker (the hero). For completing a chapter in the normal stage, you receive 10 medals for a hero (which is indicated in the chest at the end)

Besides needing medals for hiring, you need medals to enhance your heroes.

What are the benefits of enhancing your heroes? A big boost in your hero. Better stats and better battle skills.

just look at that construction speed bonus! When you upgrade him to gold grade, you get a 30% bonus in your construction speed. That would be subtracting multiple hours to your construction!

(3) There is nothing to be lost when doing hero stages. Only everything to gain. Hero stages require 6-12(6 for Normal; 12 for Elite) stamina to complete. This means that if all your heroes die your stamina does not empty out. You only lose stamina when you complete a stage.

3. What do you need to advance in the hero stages?

As said earlier, you need stamina in order to participate in hero stages. All players receive 1 stamina every 6 minutes. If you are in a hurry, you could use a braveheart which gives you 120 stamina instantly! Advancing in hero stages requires you to get stronger heroes. It is important that you use your stamina wisely and decisively. 

One tip to using your stamina wisely is by sweeping through elite stages. Look for a particular hero that you know would help you get the best team possible, and keep sweeping that stage until you are able to hire that hero or enhance the hero's grade. 

4. What heroes work well in hero stages?

Each stage on hero stages is a way of challenging your team. Usual formats of teams is: one tanker, two high damage per second heroes, one stunner, one healer. There are multiple formats that would be beneficial for each stage. Again, it is highly beneficial that you know what team you want to use long term, and that you continually improve these heroes to higher grades in order for you to easily advance through stages.

That's it for this hero stages guide for now !

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