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[Guide Event] Guide to guild showdown event for new players/guilds

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Posted on 2017-10-11 16:10:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

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I am kind of new to the game so i can't promise everything i write will be 100% correct, but do read it and give it some thoughts. The reason why I'm writing is because most of the guides out there are for players that have maxed out everything and they are teaching you how to maximize the amount of damage your troops can do to the enemy by using buffs, different configuration, and what buildings to have before registering.

Here are somethings i think as new players you can do to maximize the event to help you continue grow in the game.

so what is this showdown event about?
The basic idea is that every guild needs 30 members to register for the event and at the end of the registering period they will go through a guild v guild tournament phase where you will end up with a rank in your division.

So what to do?
If you have read the other threads you will realise everyone is saying things like Register as late as possible and things like that, but i defer. As a new player/new guild, we do not have the power to defend ourselves during the registering period. How the registering works is that it takes your current buffs might and everything you have and keeping it there. Since the event allow us to change our configuration at any point of time, you should register as soon as possible and update it every time you can increase the amount of troops you send or if you have researched/built something new that will boost the capabilities of your army.

What does it mean to win/defeat?
When troops fight against each other, the result of winning or losing depends on the morale and not the amount of troops you have. This is also why guides are telling you to go with the IRCI order. The morale is base on the defeat of a squad and there are other guides that show you out there that squads are made of 25% of your type of troop's hp. Therefore it is always good to focus more towards a single type of troops in the event esp if they are in the front lines.

Every guild needs to have a little teamwork in this event. There are a lot of guides telling you to use IRCI  (Infantry - Ranged - Cavalry - Infantry) orders and we should definitely follow such things if possible. But you should also have a proper mix in between. For new guilds, it will be impossible for most of the members to reach out to the army's full capacity, so have the priority for them send out all of their troops instead of just 1 kind.

Talents equipments etc
For lower level new players, equip to the best of what you can, If you have another set of talents make sure that it is on for talent and not gathering. Equipments wise as well.

There are only a few heroes at the start that actually helps out on the offense, Prioritize mainly base on the type of troops you are sending. Stats you will want to increase would be att,hp,def. so if the heroes can help in these stats and you have that kind of troops just send them. 

New players/guilds should remember, that there will always be another of this event next time, what you need to do now is to grow towards end game and this event is there to help. Do not sacrifice too much on this event as the rewards are not that great and it is almost impossible to cover back the loss. Since you won't lost troops in this event, send everything you have.