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[Guide Event] GUILD SHOWDOWN GUIDE(New Update)

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Posted on 2017-10-10 13:53:32 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi, and thanks for checking out my guide!
So first off Guild Showdown is an event where you are placed in a bracket based on your guilds might,and you will be paired with up to 16 guilds to fight for top place prize!!!
So to start this off simply the best thing that I have found for any given guild to do is make sure that everyone registers(obviously) it's now been updated to where only 35 participants are required to enter. Make sure that you wait until the registration is close to closing as you will then get the maximum might, anything you have done up to the time of registration, as whatever your might,gear and heroes and troops that you register with will stay the same. You can however re-register, if need be. That brings me to my next point, make sure that your gear your heroes and your talent points are set for your main war focus. You also want to check your Phalanx and make sure that you have the proper Phalanx to match your current setup. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: NEVER DEPLOY SIEGE IN GUILD SHOWDOWN!!!!! Siege is not of ANY use as these battles take place on an open field and there is NO WALLS!!! Please remember this fact as it is VERY IMPORTANT!!! They will only waste space much needed for your troop focus!! Also if talent resetting is a problem then save 90k guild coins and buy talent resets from guild shop as they are easy to obtain if you have none. Make sure you do all of these things and obviously use what troop focus you have the best boosts in!!Also great tip: if you are in a higher bracket and seem to keep losing then you can purposely lower your current tier ranking by deploying Tier 1 troops and no gear, or talents to strengthen.Other than these basic tips the only other thing you can do is push your guildmates and make sure they also do these things and you can be led to a successful Guild Showdown!!!! Thanks for taking the time to read my Guide for Guild Showdown!!!!
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