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[Guide Event] Guild showdown tips and strategies

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Follow these simple steps to be more successful with your next guild showdown event!

1.  Get the participation of your most powerful players!   - You are going head  to head,  in order from the weakest to the strongest, against members of other guilds.    The more powerful players you have in the lineup,  the more likely you'll advance through the bracket and win the best rewards!    

 *** Make sure that at the moment you register,  you and your guild members are at your most powerful!   Don't go and attack someone and sign up right afterwards!  It might be best for you to wait until the last minute to register,  especially if you have research, hero level up, or troop training going on that will make you more powerful! ***

2. Before all of you register, tell everyone to read this guide so that they can tell their friends how awesome and life changing it is! 

3.  Switch out your equipment for war!  - Choose equipment that features ATK and DEF in infantry,  ranged,  and cavalry.   Don't worry about siege.   Also,  equipment that increases army capacity is important!

4.  Choose your heroes! - Pick your most powerful heroes that increase ATK and DEF in infantry , ranged,  and cavalry.  Also,  make sure you pick heroes who increase your army capacity the most!

5.  Select your troops!    - This is  where your own personal preference matters.    Choose amongst your infantry,  ranged,  and cavalry troops, at whatever ratio you think will be the most successful.   One example would be 33%  infantry,  33% ranged,  and  33% cavalry.   DO NOT COMMIT SIEGE ENGINES.  There are no walls to defeat,  so don't waste army capacity on them when you could otherwise put in fighting troops.    

6.  Register your lineup for the event!   You are done.   Sit back and hope the results are favorable for your guild!  Good luck!

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