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[Guide Event] (K5) (G.C) xxTREXxx *Golden rules for best performance in guild showdown*

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Posted on 2017-10-06 18:06:52 | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild showdown is all about lots of luck, strategy, strength and talent. When anyone registering himself on the event he must follow some golden rules....
*Use all 5 heroes with the same troops type talent lik if you are plan to send cavalry then use cavalry heroes. If mixed then use mixed heroes.
*don't register with all 4 troops types.
*Never register with siege because there is no wall. You have to face troops to troops direct.
*Use good war gears never use wall defense or attack gears.
*Set war talents before register.
*Always use army size boosts.
*Always use attack boosts.
*In my opinion always use single type troops because it's tested by me. I won 11 bettle continues.
*When you register single type troops then use same type heroes and war gears and also talents.
*Use always the best you have.
At the end it's all about moral and luck game. The more moral you down more you won. No matter opponent have much more troops than you have. If some opponent have guards and you send all cava then you won and if opponent have mixed then again you won but if opponent have more range then you will lose. It's about luck and strategy.
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