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[Guide Event] Guild showdown - Ive done the math

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Posted on 2017-10-06 09:40:12 | Show thread starter's posts only

What is it?

Guild showdown is basically a fight with other guilds using just 1 army each, when you press register you should know you cannot change it, everything on your army you have will be counted for, except:

If you use those army sized/attack/defense boosts, in order for them to count, you have to keep them on during the whole thing, if they are not on, they will be removed from your army

To get the highest boosts (since you cant use more troops than 250k/300k/375k) , you need to look out for them but i can help you on that

Base- you want to be majority hospital since its hp,this is VERY important since its higher than the manors on attack boost and you will be searching for attack boosts elsewhere and that hp and attack are very similar on how useful they are

So you will end up with more attack in the end so they will have even more effect (since they stack)

Manors are the 2nd best to have, ignore the barracks, defense is not good atall,it needs an unfair fight(where you are way better),its so bad and useless in a fair fight that hp is like under 5% worse than attack, defense wont make that % up!

Ignore defense, only research for it, even the defense talents (they are for fighting hives)

But remember, if you dont need/use many hospitals, its not really worth hurting yourself for a bit of boost

Whether you use manors to train or barracks to trap (defense boost, its useless on fair fights but good in overpowered unfair fights where you are the clearly overpowered person)

Battle fury, 5% boost, nonetheless a boost is a boost but dont get yourself zeroed lol

Attack boost for the 20%/50%, remember, you have to keep the boost active after registering, id advise not using the 50%


Best heros to troops, attack and hp only, at the end check your boosts and decide which you need upping if you got other heros or stuck, (army+type) (remember to add on battle fury and your attack boost, they arent counted on when you check your stats, same goes with heros boosts) try and keep them even

Best gear to troops, focus attack only, same goes with jewels

Never send siege unless you cant fill with the other 3 types

Ok so thats boosts done

Strategy- Some have been saying strongest should be at the back, but it doesnt really matter

People are coming and saying things like using mixes, look mixes are the worst kind of troops in a fair game, 1type beats them whether they are being countered by the line up,2 type beats them, mix beats them unless they are in the same phalanx/wedge or a counter to them 

Everything but heros focused for them only means they are 1.25x stronger, and a mix will protect more and do less damage, this means that when fighting mixes, a 1type player can take out quite a fair few at once, even if he is as strong as the others, especially when the others dont use counter phalanxes, its so painful when that mix gets countered, full out (80+80+80) 80 will be smashed and a few more, youll be seeing 100k drops and the 1type at biggest 20k drops, yes thats right

And when a 1type guy gets beat, they will take alot more troops with them

But hold up, you can focus your boosts better on 1type/2type

And if you use 1type and 2type with your guild, you can try for example inf,range,cav,inf for example, so if they have a 1type player who countered them, then they will get countered, and obviously if they had fought with the same troop and then theres the counter, the counter to them will be there

Another thing is, 1type isnt really seen, so it does even more damage really since its such a threat

***But if you dont believe me, just try out some darknests, using 1 and 2types, the only problem is darknests tend to have stronger counters, by that i mean instead of say your 2.5x counter, they can be like 3x-4x and like 5x+ on the lvl5s but you will still see its stronger still***

Kind of makes you understand why theres more hp than attack in a counter,otherwise theyd be finished in 2seconds

Also seems to be that when you attack with your army against another, say they dont have any attack, you will do more against the one with less in each type than the one with more on each type (on losses)

And the fact that your morale at the bottom works on types aswell, if a type gets smashed quickly, even if its not many (obviously silly low numbers do nothing) it will drop it alot, way more than the full army getting that part taken out of it