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1st OneStein
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"Learn to Make Better 


Table of Contents
1. Outline of Victory
    - What is Buff?
2. Best for Last
3. Turf Boost
4. Forts and Titles Buff
5. The Prison
6. The Altar
7. Army Composition
    - One type (Yolo Strategy)
    - Two type (Meat Shield Strategy)
    - Three type (Balance Strategy)
8. Army Lineup
9. Heroes Composition
10. Talents
11. The Equipment and Jewels

1. Outline of Victory
This Section will explain to you of the outline for getting victory, this is like a resume of the whole guide, there are is Buff, Army, Heroes, Talents and Equipment. 

First, Maybe some of us will confuse , what the hell meaning of "buff", I know you are more expert than me, but let me to explain that for our friend which still confuse about that.

buff is term used in some video games to describe increases in the power of a game element, that temporarily enhances a players, buff is the opposite of nerf/de-buff.

In Lords Mobile we have several types of buff, like Turf buff, Prison buff, and Altar buff, you should gain all of that buff for the victory.

Second, Army - Heroes - Talents - Equipment , that is a Fantastic Four in this game, and we can't separated them, you must sync them to make it effisiense. for the further we will discuss on the next chapter.

2. Best for Last
The meaning of best for last is REGISTER ON LAST HOURS!, why we doing that, because we possible to do it and remembers that your power, your might, your stats will be calculate when you click the register button, so that why we should register in the last minutes, so maybe your research will done, your weapons will get better or maybe your castle will be upgrade (so you can send more army). you can use alarm, timer or something to doing it, but always notice that you not forget it, or busy in that time, or you will missed the train.

3. Turf Boost
In the latest Game update we know that in guild showdown Max Army Size is Automaticaly increased by 50% and doesn't stack with turf Army size boost, so don't use Army Size Boost anymore, We should use Army ATK Boost (get 20% atk buff) or Army DEF Boost (get 20% atk buff), and the problems is we just can use one of that, many players discuss about that, but my own opinion is we should use ATK Boost, but why? because ATK always usefull for the battle.

Let's imagine we are in the battle and using ATK Boost, so both ranged cavalry and infantry get that because they always do ATK, and then how about DEF Boost, we imagine the same when using DEF Boost, and imagine we are using Infantry Phlanx, so our Cavalry and our Ranged is behind Infantry, and the oppenent troops is just hitting our infantry because of that, so our DEF Boost just useable for Infantry and our ranged doesn't use that. Are you get the point? yeah that why we better use ATK Boost because it is always usefull. 

4. Forts and Titles Buff
Before I put battle fury in this section, then I realized that battle fury didn't give any influence for this event, so I replace it with forts and titles buff, this section maybe weird, because all of us must be want to conquer base or forts without think about guild showdown event, but I just want to revealed that Forts and Titles buff make a big impact in this event,
Although I didn't suggest you to using all cavalry when you have cavalry forts, because if your whole guild mate using that it will make your guild easy to counter.
Just note that baron and emperor titles also make big influence too for this event.

5. The Prison
This section is just for players who having level 25 Prison, so he will get ATK boost if an Enemy Leader is imprisoned, so before you click register you should capture enemies leader or capture your alt account leader for the buff. the buff is depends of imprisoned leader level and in level 60 you will get 30% Army ATK Boost, sound legit right?. 

6. The Altar
Altar make a grant temporary boost when you execute capture leader, you can use lisense to directly execute leader on a times, but it will make you got more cost, so I recommend to capture unactive player's leader and estimate the time it will execute when you register the guild showdown event (but maybe this is difficult task because we sometimes didn't know when guild showdown begin and you must defend your turf until the execution day).

7. Army Composition
I will separated this section to 3 part.

1. One Type Troop (Yolo Strategy) good for front and middle rank members
For the experts guild you should use one type troop in a certain order (but not all), and use IRCI  (Infantry - Ranged - Cavalry - Infantry) orders.
I mean certain orders is example for rank 21-30 members / middle rank members, for rank 21 use all Infantry, rank 22 use all ranged, rank 23 use all cavalry, rank 24 use Infantry (IRCI). This strategy is better to counter one type troops army, like when our rank 21 (all Infantry) lose from oppenent rank 21 (all Cavalry) the followed members rank 22 will have all ranged, so it will defeated that all Cavalry, but this strategies is not perfect, that why I didn't recomend all members use it, your middle members is better use this like rank 1-30 or 10-30 or 20-30 members. and always notice that your choosed members which use this strategy have enough troops to fill the max deployment. this strategies is good because we just have one type so we can focus the talents, equipment and hero composition for one type troops.

2. Two Type Troops (Meat Shield Strategies)
The two type troops is good for all rank members but it is not yolo, the purpose of using two type troops is you can still focusing your equipment and heroes but you not easy to counter. the two troops type sound like we have one type for attackers and one type for defenders, the common types of two troops is RC, CI and RI.
      a. Ranged (attacker) - Cavalry (meat shield)
      b. Cavalry (attacker) - Infantry (meat shield)
      c. Ranged (attacker) - Infantry (meat shield)
The best ratio on attacker and meat shield is 6:4 but you can use 5:5 or 7:3 too. but your attacker shouldn't have less ratio than the meat shield.

3. Three Type Troops (Balanced Strategy)
I suggest your last defenders (the biggest might) using this strategy maybe for ten of last defenders, because this strategy is very hard to counter. the negative aspect of this strategy is hard to focusing heroes and equipment. 
So that all of this section, just always remember to fill all of your max deployment with your t3 or t4 (if you have it) and never use t2/t1 if you has open your t3 troops, because lowest tier will make your moral drop fast, and try to did not send siege because it is useless for the guild showdown (except you can't fill your max army deployment).

Many of us discuss about our last/back defenders should use, should be 2-type or 3-type, so I asking my friend which has playing this game for a long time, and based Dareyoutry feedback on comment field below. I realized that many of them tell that 2-type is better than 3-type, but not all say so, and when I looked several video on youtube about this event, Some of big guild and winner of guild showdown still using 3-type troops for their last man, so I still confuse about the better. but in my opinion, we should using 2-types for the several back defenders (with different army line up) and insert one or two 3-types on it, I bet it will increase lot chance to get victory

8. Army Lineup
This section is depends on the last section (section 7.) 

- If you use yolo strategy (1-type) your Army Line up is doesn't have influence, so don't bother to think the line up if you just use 1-type troops.

- If you use meat shield strategy (2-types) you should use meat shield-Phalanx, example you use RC Ranged (Attacker) - Cavalry (Defenders) you should use Cavalry Phalanx, or you can use Infantry Phalanx if you don't have it, because Infantry Phalanx still make your cavalry in front of ranged (look army line up in game for detail)

- If you use balanced strategy (3-types) you should discuss on your up rank and down rank members, example you are at rank 48, when your guildmate rank 47 use Ranged Phalanx, so you should use Cavalry Phalanx to counter Infantry Phalanx (maybe your 47 teamate beat by Infantry Phalanx) but this can change depends the situations, just use your golden brain to decide the Lineup xd

9. Heroes Composition
This section is depends on the section.7 
and I will try to just use F2P (free to play) heroes than P2P (pay to play) heroes for the 5-recomendation heroes.

a. if you use yolo strategy(1-type) this is your profit you can focus hero on one type only, so you will get bigger buff.
- All Infantry buff : Demon Slayer, Oath Keeper, Sea Square, Soul Forger, The Big Guys (P2P)
- All Ranged buff : Tracker, Snow Queen, Death Archers, Petite Devil (P2P), Ethereal Guide (P2P)
- All Cavalry buff : Child of Light, Night Raven, Barbarian(P2P), Steambot(P2P), Vengeful Centaurs(P2P)
you can use F2P which have army buff if you don't have any P2P heroes.

b. if you use meat shield strategy(2-type) you should use 3 heroes of your attacker and 2 heroes of your meat shield.
- Ranged Cavalry: Tracker, Snow Queen, Death Archers, Child of Light, Night Raven.
- Cavalry Infantry: Child of Light, Night Raven, Barbarian, Demon Slayer, Oath Keeper.
- Ranged Infantry: Tracker, Snow Queen, Death Archers, Demon Slayer, Oath Keeper
you can use army heroes buff if you don't have any spesific heroes.

c. if you use balanced strategy(3-types) you should use heroes which have army buff so it can useable by your 3-types troops.
- The recomended hero for F2P : Rose Knight, Bomblin Goblin

Always set one of your deployment heroes as leader and it will help alot, you can use another recomend hero I call before for the rest or another if it is matching with your troops, the last is always use your Golden Dark Magister if you have it (just kidding) :p 

10. Talents
You should reset your talent too, this is my recommended (always maxed all squad first and just fill another for the requires only)
1. Squad Offense I : 5/5 (maxed)
2. Squad Defense I : 15/15 (maxed)
3. Squad Health I : 15/15 (maxed)
4. Squad Health II : 50/50 (maxed)
5. Squad Defense II : 50/50 (maxed)
6. Spesific Offense III
After you has done fill up Squad until max you must still have 100 or more points (depends your players level) thats points should be use on your spesific troops, if you use yolo strategy.
example you using all cavalry you should fill up 50/50 on cavalry offense III, then cavalry offense II.
or if you use 2-types strategy (Ranged - Infantry) you should first fill up 50/50 Ranged offense III, then 50/50 Infantry offense III, if you still have points fill up the Ranged offense II and Infantry offense II.

If you use 3-types strategy you should maxed 1 spesific type or 2 spesific type (offense III) than share the same. example you still have 120 points after fill out the "squad talent" you better maxed ranged offense III 50/50, cavalry offense III 50/50, and infantry offense III 20/50 than you make it 40/50 for three of them, because when it reach maxed, the bonus is
very big.

50 50 20 > 40 40 40

11. Equipment and Jewels
I will just make a list for F2P items and maybe some Event set when it is very notable.

F2P Equipment for All Infantry
  • Main Hand : Venom Stinger
  • Helmet : Berserker Tuskhelm
  • Armor : Regal Plate mail
  • Legs : Durable Boots
  • Off Hand : Vice Grips
  • Accesory : 3x Lost Island's Relic

And use Infantry Attack and Infantry Deff for jewels

F2P Equipment for All Ranged
  • Main Hand : Falcon Gale
  • Helmet : Deathgazer
  • Armor : Regal Plate mail
  • Legs : Durable Boots
  • Off Hand : Lunar Scimitar
  • Accessory : 3x Lost Island's Relic

And use Ranged Attack and Ranged Deff for jewels

F2P Equipment for All Cavalry
  • Main Hand : Fiery Tomahawk
  • Helmet : Deathgazer
  • Armors : Regal Platemail
  • Legs : Durable Boots
  • Off Hand : Vice Grips
  • Accessory : 3x Sentinel's Circlet

And use Cavalry ATK and Cavalry DEF for the jewels

If you use 2-types troops like Range - Infantry or Cavalry - Infantry you should mixed that recommended equipment, just remember to use more ATK equipment boost on your Attacker and use more DEF equipment boost on your Meatshield.

F2P Equipment For Balanced Troops
  • Main Hand : Fiery Tomahawk
  • Helmet : Deathgazer
  • Armor : Regal Plate mail
  • Legs : Durable Boots
  • Off Hand : Lunar Scimitar
  • Accessory : 2x Lost Island's Relic 1x Sentinel's Circlet

Notable Items and easy to get : Frostwing Shield, Winters Stompers.
Luxury Items : Champions Set and Hell Drider Set

That's all of our starting eleven, times to kick off and makes a lots of goal xd, 
Thanks for reading, and tell me if you notice a wrong/false word.

-Remove The Battle Fury Section, and Adding Forts and Titles Buff.
-Update about LAST MAN strategy suggestion (2-type or 3-type).

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Complex Strategy thank you..

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Why does most part of it sounds like my strategy http://lordsmobile.forum.igg.com/m/topic?ctid=7531&from=mytopic

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3type strategy is the weakest attack wise, 1 type is the best, good idea on the counters but 1type is the most effective, full on 1type no better boosts but of course their heros=1 and a 1/4 even if that mix is in a counter phalanx/wedge, but you can get better boosts easily (++) then theres the fact that they probably wont be in that counter line up(+++)

And for the back should be 2type, why? It struggles with one type the most (fyi its slightly more than a mix only) and destroys mixes

Add in the fact that older guilds probably will throw in mixes at the back but just in general

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it depends brother, but I thinks yeah 2 type is better, still I know he means it is for hardly-counters. If our big guys (last man) have 1b might, oppenent big guy 300m might, and the match going to tie maybe we have chance to lose if we using 2 type, but if we use 3 type the chance wins for 1b might maybe 98% if he use good strategy

#it is for dareyoutry comment,wrong click in reply xd

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2type is 1.5x stronger than a mix if its even in a counter line upto the 2type, 2x kills all and 1x is a draw, if a 300m player idk has 500%-600% boosts, you will need 800%-900% just to draw

With a mix, 2type obviously wins and 1.3x with 1type of troop

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Hey, I have experimented greatly with HP vs Def vs Attack. Defense is a useless stat and should be avoided. For talents go HP/Attack only.

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