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[Guide Event] Guild Showdown Strategy

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This guide is numbered from 1-5, the 5 is only applicable when number 3 cannot be accomplished.
1. The most basic strategy for the guild showdown is to use everything that stregthens your troops before registering like:
A. Talents - should be focus on what type of troop are you using
B. Turf boosts (increase army size is recommended)
C. Battle fury - Activate your battle fury by attacking an idle castle or by marching in one of your friends but returning your troops, just activating your battle fury
D. Prisoners - Imprison your alternative accounts, alternative accounts of your friends or your friends (who doesnt belong to the same guild as you) you don't have to attack their castle, they can establosh a camp with 1 troop and the leader, that way capturing their leader will not actually hurt their might. (Only applicable for prison 25)
E. Altar - this requires preparationn as it requires you to capture the leader before the countdown.
F. Equipments - should be focus on what type of troop you are using
2. If you are waiting for a research that increases your fighting power, be sure to register after the research is complete, because changes after registering will not apply.
3. If you are using 1 troop type per entry (all infantry, all range, all cavalry) (note: don't register any seige, there are no traps nor wall in the showdown)
Be sure to inform your guildmates, the best scenario is there should be succession on the troops you are going to use example:
Number 40 infantry
Number 39 range
Number 38 Cavalry
Number 37 Infantry
And so on

The infantry should be followed by range, because when the infantry is defeated, the enemy should have used cavalry, so range troops will defeat them
The range should be followed by cavalry, because when the range is defeated, the enemy should have used infantry to defeat them, so cavalry troops will defeat them

By this strategy it will greatly eliminate the change for the enemy to defeat you consecutively, but although this is the besy strategy to win, it will take a lot of cooperations and time, but you have 1 day registration time, with a lot of effort, the guild master can make it happen by assigning what troops should the members put. Another way to put this into motion is by advising your guild mates to take few days research, few days construction and few days training just before the event to eliminate the possibility of anyone increasing their might just before the event disrupting the sequence and troops the guild master assigned.

4. Be sure to register your heroes, for all infantry troop, only infantry heroes should be used, for all range troops, only range heroes should be used and so on

5. If number 3 is hard for you, two troop types could be used, 1st troop as the meat shield, 2nd troop attacker
The first troop should be able to guard the weakness of the second troop
Example: if your main attacker is range, your first troop should be cavalry, because even if unexpectedly the enemy has infantries, your cavalry could tank the infantry damage and it would give time for your range to dish some damage. So with this:
           Main Attacker     Meat Shield
A.       Range                    Cavalry
B.       Cavalry                  Infantry
C.       Infantry                 Range
5a. (Continuation of 5) Proportionate the meat shield and main attacker, the meat shield should not be low enough to be crash immediately, and the attacker should be enough to dish out damage
So arround the proportion of 70% main attacker or 30% meat shield.

5b. Position your troops
If your meat shield is cavalry, use cavalry phalanx or cavalry wedge and so on

5c. For the heroes, most of them should be on the same attribute as the main attacker

5d. Equipments and Talents for equipment and talents, the meat shield should focus on defense and hp and the attacker the attacks.

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