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[Guide Event] GUILD SHOWDOWN - No stress

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Posted on 2017-10-02 01:19:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild showdown is an event that will pop up in your "events" list. You will have 1 day to register. The fight will last about 1 hour or less. You can't loose troops in this event ! You will get some reward. Always register !

Lowest might player will fight the lowest might player of the matched enemy guild. If you win the fight, you will fight the next player in the enemy guild until you run out of troops. If your guild eliminates all enemy players, you will move up in a tournament tree.

As with any trade in life, the first question you should always ask : what do i get for it ?
Inspecting the results caches, even if you manage to hit first place, and you get very lucky with drops, you might get about 5000 gems worth of loot( depends on luck ). PLAN ACCORDINGLY !

How to plan to get good end loot ( funny ):
You can't. There is not much you can do about anything. There is no scouting, you have no idea how you should prepare. We got matched with a guild 3 times our might, and we lost...
- The price to swap talents is 1500 gems. To swap back and forth would mean 3000 gems. You are already loosing if you made this move. Stay on the talent setup you intended to use without the event.
- Pop an army size boost. 2400 gems / 5000 gems / 240000 guild coins ? You better buy 2 jewel chests. Jewels are better than the end loot of this event.
- coordinate with guildmates. Try to focus to cover all army lineups. This does not guarantee anything. If you have bad luck you will get countered all the time and loose horribly. Do yourself a favor and try to not feel bad about loosing all that time to coordinate
- burn all guilds that have similar might so they join with 0 troops and no leaders ( LOL ! )
- leave your current guild and join a guild with only level 9 players and 10k might. You will rofl stomp quite a few of the enemy players. At least you will feel mighty.

If you take the event seriously :
- make sure you are talent specced for the army composition you intend to use. Best case 350% strength boost
- pop an 50% army size boost. Second best idea after talents because it multiplies your other boosts. Army size boost is the only stat that scales exponentially.
- put on your war gear. This can also mean another 500% army boost depending on your gears and Jewels. Purple players have it at 150%
- execute some leaders for attack boost. You can use a license to kill for insta action. 53% boost
- capture some leaders for prison boost. 30% boost
- pop an attack boost buff( 20% boost )
- before registering, make sure you popped battle fury. For an endgame player this can be another 5%-22% boost
- do not send heroes that have 0 effect on your army. No prima dona, no trickster unless they provide army size. Army size is important ! If you are unsure what is better ( rank 7 trickster or rank 1 demon slayer ), open your leader stat page, check your troop attack, and calculate the army size what percent it will boost that value. 25% extra army size for a 100% troop attack boost ads 25% attack boost. 25% army size to 400% troop attack boost adds 100% attack boost. Obviously 100% attack boost is better than using a blue songstress that would add only 5% attack boost )
- Do not send all heroes that lead the same troop type( ranged/cav/inf). Max, only 4 heroes of the same type can be used. Heroes that do not have a squad to lead will not contribute with dmg !!
- make sure you are sending your leader or gear and talents do not get applied.
- select army composition that you are most geared / talent specced. It is sometimes better to use a 2 troop type army composition. Depends mostly on luck. If you get countered, you are doomed anyway.
- think about morale. If you intend to win multiple fights, your frontline should be a bit stronger (60% ?) than backline
- talk to your guild mates. Try to not use the same army lineup(cav/inf/ranged frontline). A countered army lineup can have a 400%-1600% disadvantage. Considering you have no spy information, this is all based on luck.
- do not send siege. Like really
- do not send t1 with your t4. The t1 simply die and you loose attack power of the t4
- register to the event. As soon as possible. I seen cases when our guild top 16 members did not even sign up. We barely met the 45 player requirements with players registering with 1 troop. Register as soon as you can and try to do the bare minimum : war gear, leader, good heroes, decent troop composition ( 60%-40%)
- If you are lucky, maybe get a title from warlord for extra boost : General  / Warden / Priest
- select castle skin that matches your army setup

Good luck and yolo events !

*note : Army HP was considered half of attack strength, that is why you have the strange numbers regarding boosts.

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