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[Guide Event] Guild Showdown Event

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Posted on 2017-10-01 11:25:25 | Show thread starter's posts only

1.Decide if you want to use and army size boost, and/or an attack boost.  If you are going to use one or both activate thoses now 2.Reset your talents,   select your battle talents, and decide what armor you will be wearing as and put it active.3 use army size boost and atk boost before registering - since the rules stated that boosts are saved upon registering, boosts will be applied during the showdown.4 It's important to note the entry requirements before you spend any guild coins or drop cash on attack boosts. While the number of contestants to enter the Guild Showdown is only 30, as the Divisions get higher, the number of required participants also increases.5 While you can change your army lineup after registration, you CANNOT change your boosts. So if you want to use your 50% Attack Boost do it before you register. IGG:353925724