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[Guide Event] Guild Showdown Strategy

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Posted on 2017-10-01 02:26:50 | Show thread starter's posts only

Easy to Follow Success Recipe
1.  Reset your talents,  select your battle talents, and decide what armor you will be wearing as and put it active.
2.  Decide if you want to use and army size boost, and/or an attack boost.  If you are going to use one or both activate thoses now.
3.  If you have a level 25 prison it is crucial for you to obtain a prisoner, your buddy's lvl 60 works nice right here if he will let you hold him for just a few mins.
4.  Now pick your formation which you can switch every week to figure out what works best with your troop composition.... I personally like the wedges for showdown.
5.  Now go to register and select your troops.  The troops you want to use are entirely based off of the heroes you will be using.  Remember that any gold hero is better than the best purple one.  So pick your top 5 heroes based on color and rank (do not use any siege heroes).  
6.  Now select your troops to exactly reflect your 5 heroes, example.... If you are using 2 infantry heroes, 2 ranged heroes, and 1 cavalry hero then you want 40% infantry, 40% range, 20% cavalry..... Type in the amounts to gain exact amounts, this is crucial and if done properly can give your entire army a 200% attack boost.
7.  Watch your team beat multiple opponents of the same might and make adjustments as needed.
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