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[Chat(iOS)] guild showdown rant

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Worse event ever, to prep so much just to get utterly destroyed by a bigger might guild is so unfair, my guild is 5.5 B might and we just had a fight versus a 15 BILLION guild has our 1st fight, with full t4, while in our guild only got 3 members with T4, Really IGG!? Wasting 720k guild coins for talent respecting monthly, and 20 k gems to get 50% max troops boost, just to get destroyed by a guild 5 time your strength, and to get the worse reward in an event we have seen so far, does it make sense IGG? oh right, I'm ranting to a developer who just releases an 11.000$ USD gold hero, and thinks it's a suitable way to deal with f2p mobile game. Could you stop trying to suck all your money-whale dry and ACTUALLY give content out to the F2P players and low spenders? because we make 99% of your player base which is declining rapidly. wake up IGG. we don't want your crappy castle skin which most of us can draw better on MS paint, we don't want an 11.000 Usd hero, AND WE SURE HELL DON'T WANT YOUR POORLY MADE EMOTICON FOR 9.99$ we want fun content accessible to the 99% of your player base and not just your favorable to all your money whales.

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Posted on 2017-09-14 09:55:53 | Show thread starter's posts only

fun fact. this event gives you a ranking 1. based on you guild might. not average might each player. 2. how you perform at guild fest, 3. how you perform at KvK and other events as far as i could understand it.
the entire thing will balance out as strong guilds move up and kick down weaker.
this have nothing to do with might, but how much players focus on gear, research, heroes and factors such as this. knowledge to the game is allso a huge factor.

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Posted on 2017-09-14 10:34:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

Since you know already that its a worst event then dont use army size and change talent. just register then play it out. The rewards are not worth it. There is no point trying to be the champion just to get a chest with random rewards.

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Your anger does not make any sense and instead of whining why not give constructive feedback to improve Guild Showdown?

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