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[Guide Event] Why people attack certain formations and wall explanation

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People use different forms to get special effects of course,there are really 3 main attacking/defense types,here you will see which is best attacking and defensive:

Also included are wedges and phalanxes

-phalanxes: 90% the most strongest at the time especially if one type,not for two types!
A good amount of t1 takes the hit still whilst losing the odd t3 aslong as still got meatshields so doesn't turn pure,all hit quickly none left 20miles away lol
For example going archer wedge you'd end up having your inf i believe if I remember right running because they are so far behind so they can't attack for their little march lol

Wedges: two types normally,they tend to spread it between 2 troops so can't have a pure counter not to say you can have some good fun with it lol,amazing attack on it,meatshields will be the only ones taking the hit no t3s counted in it till the meatshields disappear meaning it can't be spread to wound the odd t3 to save some t1 for next attacks though,weakness 2 said above,they tend to lose more troops but kill more

Mixes:the most common
-Spread over all
-No real advantage except it can be a good defense
-Problem: -needs siege for wall
-When a mix attacks a mix,which is the most common used type and you got the same numbers, the guy who wins is the one with better boosts:
Attacking wise this is not good since you will have alot of dead troops
Defensive though there is no real way of winning as such without them sacrificing a lot of troops if you have decent numbers and boosts

one type: the second most common used
-Good for attack but no means for defense,atleast have 2 types please
-Doesn't need siege for walls,250k t3 with decent boosts and alright hero's can knock down a 1.3m darknest wall and 400k in one hit of an attack
-A good frontline(inf/cav) and an archer ( check what I put above) their traps won't hit yours troops,the archer will divert the archer towers and the melee traps won't hit if you one shot it in an attack,so you will avoid theirs then only their archers can hit over the wall once quickly
-Also good since you can focus solely on a troop,research if you are new,heros to gold,gear and equipment but I'd advise having equipment set changes quickly with a different set since more advanced players can pretty much guess what you got
- Problem a counter 3x as strong, a mix is 1/3 of each type of the whole army,so cav will hold back your inf for example,remember what I just put a second ago aswell though so avoid the other inf and archers,solution to these guys after hitting them quite heavy: go back when they then have little or no cav since you have way overpowered inf to their inf and archers ;) hehe
-Problem on defense: whilst they can be good with antiscout and if you kill every troop they have so they still can't see what you got,if they survive and check the report,let's say you got the inf again,they can send in cav and you will be destroyed

2types: least common
-If you got enough you can use the one type attack strategy
-Problem,let's say you go cav and archers if they send archers at you(equal numbers to your whole army) then they win,but they go inf then unless you go archer phalanx then they lose of course
-If a person tries and gets your one type attacks, a quick little two type gives more numbers over (let's say inf and archers you have,your main is inf in particular since you also hit one type)they put up cav but oh you got more archers than their cav,so this can be quite useful against mixes but remember it's weakness,there is always one that goes neutral and counter against yours.

My advice is to follow a particular type on attack but have atleast a 2nd troop,one type is especially good at the beginning of the game since you can then push your research (and war hero's possibly) all the way up for that and then move on to the 2nd type to then have 2nd type and then of course your choice whether to stay or go a 3rd which of course you need siege

Some good advice is also to get your research fully on troops to stand a chance when someone attacks you and to destroy their armies and follow each troop to hero and only to attack really with a full army

Meatshields time now ;),i dont care if you say phalanxes are spread on each tier yada yada,for the most part unless you get right down to the very little left then ok that's true,example 10k meatshields, lose 8k(wounded+dead)  -7k will most likely be the meatshields whilst only 1k will be t3 to heal back with the odd meatshields,best I'd say is t1 since they are so quick and meatshields are just to get rid of, 10k-20k is a good amount normally but depends on what you tend to lose, even if you go 30k on a bigger target...250k-30k= 220k a t1 has the power of 0.3* t3...30k by 0.3*= 10k, you will then still have 230k t3 attack worth in it whilst you can afford to lose 20k t1 in a pop, 20k t1 takes the time for 5k t3 for time reference... 20k t3=80k t1

-wedges- 100% of the meatshields are put infront,what this means is your t3 won't take a little of the hit,this is bad since you lose alot more t1 for the price of almost no t3 you'd have lost to having to heal,that's why I'd advise to only go wedges if you go 2 types so they can fight together

Walls secret:

Walls follow on how much attack a troop type can do to the wall and dumps in wall defense to every type,once one beats the wall defense it will start hitting but still remain some wall defense,people think stupid things like wall glitches lol,it's because non of their troop types are beating the persons wall defense,most people often go with hp over wall defense,while hp helps if you don't have a good wall defense you will only find yourself repairing it every defense for weeks on end each repair.

If you don't believe try it out,going low amount and of course mixes first,and equal amount but in one go of a troop type

It's also good to never send siege on its own since the army  behind will charge out and you know since siege is only so strong (3x=counter) although they seem to be around 4x/5x for a wall i believe ,same follows for archers,both will still aim for the wall no matter how bad your troops get hurt till no morale or troops left or if you beat their wall but since you lose so many troops after a few hits if they have a decent army and you still aren't through doesn't look too good since you will lose troops at a rapid rate,frontline is the only way to avoid troops rushing out unless you one shot a wall

Strategies on traps
-Towers hit any toop type,I'd say not to focus solely on this but this be maybe 1/2 of your total traps,or
-Full on melee traps will then destroy their front line so your army can go and finish of the rest of their own troops

Hopefully I haven't missed much info I can add in it,i personally am using 2 types defense,one type attack since its so effective,it's literally never let me down so far,even on a counter it holds strong and through for a follow up hit quickly to wipe everything they have out

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Especially mixes* nit one type,sorry my mistake there

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For confusion archers don't do 4x/5x to a wall but have the run out of the troops behind it

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I forgot to add if you get stuck on a walk it will then mess with your formation basically meaning when they run,since cav is faster,cav will be infront for your inf and then archers,be aware of that

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And don't first to use an antiscout,attack is the best boost for troops pile it on with your golden hero's dealing 200% of troop damage,so that little bit can be doubled when that hits for that time,rest is normal of course,then goes hp which is basically the hit back against the attack keeping your troops alive then there's defense,defense should only be used against weak/low level/noobs since it only pretty much guarantees a small amount saved so you don't lose that extra little bit per attack on these guys but on equal sizes then defense,let's say you both lose 70k,defense will save at most maybe 3k of that

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Also (i know another comment,so much info lol) if you go one type attack,you can put your meatshields decently and easily putting,if they go cav phalanx(you are inf here) then if you follow with meatshields you'll only lose a few meatshields to follow up with them being destroyed and make quite a few meatshields people also don't tend to change to cav phalanx in my opinion and don't forget the one archer helps distracting traps!! Good to have a battalion of this atleast with the hero's to that type to quickly get them back and always use your leader unless you face being smashed in and need it but I'd advice avoid their cav if you don't send your leader with the inf!

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Original post has such a pile of words with no clarity whatsoever - it just reads as pure garble - sad but true - no help to anyone.

Good Luck!
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