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[Guide Event] Knowledge is Power - Troop strenght value ,Finished

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Troops strenght value guide

Have you ever wanted to know what is best between T1 - T3 and T4 for defence?Here I will explain you which troop are the best for defence and why. I wont be talking about troop type.

This guide is mostly for T4 player and trap player.

T4 are 1,5x stronger than T3 but cost 2x the training time
T3 are 3x stronger than T1 but cost 4x the training time

with this we can say for calcul  
T1 = 1    pts
T3 = 3    pts
T4 = 4,5 pts

my training time stat (yours are different but the ratio of time is the same)
5 500 T1 cost   395 gem or  4h21m25s                          
5 500 T3 cost 1135 gem or   17h25m38s                 
5 500 T4 cost 2156 gem or  1d10h51m16s                

1h is 1262 T1 = 1262 pts
1h is  315 T3  = 945  pts
1h is  158 T4  = 711 pts

so we can conclude T1 give more strenght for the same cost.

T4 player:
With this we can say T1 are better for defence because you will get more strenght for less training time.
So why making T3 and T4 ? mostly for attacking because you have a limited amount of troop.

My recommendation is to get at least 300k T4 of each type for being able to fill rally, reinforce, attacking etc...
Then at least 1m of each T3 because they always die in attack so you need to get a good stock of them. After this you can start to mass T1

Trap player:
My recommendation is go full T1 , you dont need any T3 because T3 are usefull to attack and a trap account should not attack. Also it will help you get your might lower , ex 1k T3 is 24kmight , the same strenght 3k T1 = 6k might. Also T1 heal instantly.

Here some proof of what i am saying. (no hero and leaders are in attack and defence)

T1 vs T3 ratio Test

T1 vs T1

3k vs 10k

T3 vs T1

1k vs 10k

T1 vs T3

3k vs 10k

T3 vs T3

1k vs 10k

T3 vs T4 ratio test

T3 vs T3

7,5k vs 10k

T4 vs T3

5k vs 10k

T3 vs T4

7,5k vs 10k

T4 vs T4

5k vs 10k

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I matched:
  3100 T1 vs 5000 T1 (This is the point the two armies were equal. The 3100 has much better troop research, at 3100 the 5000 just about win the bout)

I then divided the 5000 by 4.

  3100 T1 to 1250 T3 (1/4 of the size).

The T3s still won the bout.  Therefore a T3 is 4x a T1.  This is in line with the troop training time cost.

Try doing some new tests make sure you use the same troop type against the same troop type (e.g. Ranged vs Ranged).  All of these tests are using a troop that has a formation advantage against the other.  It's helpful to do your tests against the same other player as well.


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Please only post guides if they are finished.