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[Guide Event] Attacking castles

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Posted on 2017-04-12 00:36:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

First of all you do not need to be a big might player to burn castles. Some people think that small might players cannot burn big might players. Well that is wrong. So never underestimate a lower might player.
What I am going to tell you is exclusive information.
There are castles called trap castles. They appear as low might castles but in reality they have lots of troops and good military research.
Those people only do military research. They do not do other research. So they will be like 25/30 million might and have full military research,war gear and golden heros. If you attack them you will loose soo bad even if your might is soo much higher than them.
So when attacking always always  scout the castle  you are going to attack.
Make sure to equipment your war gear and send your best heros in the March.
When sending heros you need to send certain type of heroes to  certain type of troops.
Let's say you send 200K troops. 80k cavlary, 80k infantry, 40k range then you need to send 2 cavlary heroes and 2 infantry heros and 1 range heros.
Then you will get maximum squad attack from the heros.

Thank you..!

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