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[Guide Event] Basic Troop Types

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Posted on 2017-04-08 12:50:15 | Show thread starter's posts only

Ahoy there! I'm here to tell you about the various troop types in Lords Mobile as well as how best to deploy them. Let's begin.

First is Infantry, the basic foot soldiers. They charge in the front lines of combat, ready to fight or even die for your kingdom.

Next is the Ranged. With bow in hand, they stand just behind the actual conflict to kill the enemy at a distance.

Then there is the Calvary. While on their mount, they fight along side the infantry for a deadly attack.

These three troop types will make the majority of your army. They all have strengths and weaknesses when it comes to combat. Think of it like a game of rock paper scissors.

Infantry beats Ranged.
Ranged beats Calvary.
Calvary beats Infantry.

Now that is the basics for army vs army combat, but if you want to attack an enemy kingdom, there is more you need to consider.

The first thing you will face when attacking another kingdom is the Wall. The Wall is the only thing keeping your army from your enemy's. So naturally, it needs to come down. But don't think that bashing several tons of stone and morter into oblivion will be easy, because the enemy will be prepared for such an attack, with Traps.

Traps are the backbone of any decent defense. And like the troops, they have different types for different situations.

Spikes take out Calvary.
Archer Towers take out Ranged.
Bolders/Rolling Logs take out Infantry.

However, while the traps can easily reduce the troops to nothing, the three troop types have no advantage against the traps. But fear not, they do have a weakness.

The traps become useless once the Wall is destroyed.  Which is where the forth troop type comes in. The Seige. These monsters of engineering were created for one reason and one reason alone. To tear down the Wall. Not only are they resistant to the traps' attack, but they also do more damage to the Wall than the other troop types. With enough Seige, you can take out the Wall before the traps become a real issue. But unfortunately, the Seige are weak to the other troop types, meaning that while they are great to take along for an attack, they are not much help for a defense.

Other important tips include:
you don't need to outnumber your enemies to win. Just a better strategy.
All the hero of the game fall into one of the four troop types as well, keep that in mind when designing who to bring along.

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