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[Guide Event] Construction & Research

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Construction & Research

These two categories are both crucial components to the game. They are the best to spend gems on as they are permanent and will last forever whereas troops can die. However, in this guide we will be discussing methods of increasing construction speed and research speed.



The best way to reduce construction speed is to spend your talents on construction speed I&II. As you can see below, I maxed out Construction Speed I on the right hand side. 
After that, I continued down the tree of talents, spending the minimum amount of points in order to unlock the next talent. As you can see below, once you reach Ore Production II level 5, you can start putting points into Construction Speed II.

Another method to greatly reduce construction speed is wearing the proper equipment! Equipment can be forged through the workshop with materials you have gathered or purchased. Equipment also have tiers. White<Green<Blue<Purple<Yellow. The higher the tier, the higher the attributes become.
Here is an example of my construction equipment set: 
1. Sacred Broadsword (bought through purchasing a pack)
- Construction Speed - 10%

2. Noceros Mask (farm Noceros monsters or buy packs for materials)
- Construction Speed - 10% at gold

3. Lightning Guard (farm Noceros monsters or buy packs for materials)
- Construction Speed - 20% at gold

4. Seafarer Cleats/Amethyst Boots (farm through resource gathering or through material chests)
- One pricey option would be to make Gryphon Walkers (Construction Speed - 35% at gold). They are           pretty pricey to make as the materials are harder to gather but give a significantly larger amount of           construction speed bonus (it is also amazing because it gives a great research speed bonus also!).
- Seafarer Cleats/Amethyst Boots Construction Speed - 4%/4.5% at gold

5. Gryphon Talon's (farm Gryphon monsters or buy packs for materials)
- Construction Speed - 17.5% at gold

6. Sentinel's Circlet (farm through resource gathering or through material chests) x2
- Construction Speed - 25% at gold

A third way and important way of increasing construction speed is through research!
As you can see on the top left, it is best to research construction speed as much as possible!

Below is a list of how much each level increases construction speed.

Last but not least, another way of reducing construction speed is through heroes! All heroes have battle skills that contribute to something. There are three heroes that contribute to construction speed. Big Guy, Sage of Storms, and Scarlet Bolt. The later two heroes are obtainable by beating hero stages. Big Guy is obtainable through purchasing packs.
Here is my Big Guy. As you can see under his battle skills he has construction speed as one of his bonuses. My Big Guy contributes only 3% because he is only Green.

If my Big Guy was gold, he would add +30% which would be an incredible amount of boost. Sage of Storms and Scarlet Bolt both contribute 20% when they are gold level. They may add 10% less but they do not require you to spend money out of your pocket as you can farm their Medals by clearing elite stages.


Just like construction speed, you should also spend your talent points on research speed.
Conveniently, spending talents in research speed is easy beacuse they are right next to construction speed.
Once you max both Research I&II, you are set!

There are also multiple equipment in order for you to make a research equipment set. Unfortunately, unlike construction, there are only a limited amount of equipment to choose from. Also, some of them do not boost more than 10%. I will post screenshots of the multiple equipment and their percentages.

Main hand

  - Electric Lance (farm Nocerus or buy packs for materials)
- Champion Edge (buy special bundles from the store)


  - Tome of Saints (farm through gathering resources or through material chests)
- Vice Grips (farm through gathering resources or through material chests)

- Farm Jade Wyrm monsters or buy packs for materials

- Elder Garb (farm through gathering resources or through material chests)
- Cavalry Mail (farm through gathering resources or through material chests)
- Terror Shield (farm Terrorthorn or buy packs for materials)

- Farm Gryphon monsters or buy packs for materials


If I were to recommend one type of equipment to invest in for research speed, it would be the Lunar Flute. Above is the Lunar Flute that I have right now. At gold level, it increases the research speed by 26%. Also, once you are leveled high enough, you will be able to use two flutes, then eventually three!
- Farm through gathering resources or through material chests


One simple way of increasing research speed is by keeping your Academy's level as high as possible.

Academy level is on the left and research speed boost is on the right. As you can see, the higher the academy, the faster.


There is only one hero that contributes to research speed and that is Trickster. Luckily, he is a free champion and can reach gold level through grinding elite stages. Here is a look at his skill.
At gold level, he contributes 25% by himself! It may be hard but it is definitely better than nothing!

Thank you for spending your time reading my guide! 
Hopefully it has been helpful and will help you grow!

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