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[Guide Event] Newbie Guide

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Posted on 2017-04-04 12:38:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

What buildings do you pick when starting out?

Welcome! This tutorial is for those of you who are new to Lords Mobile and those looking for a strategy to help improve your efficiency in the game. This tutorial will explain three builds. 

I use these builds personally and have found these to work best. These builds are intended for those of you who will eventually have all of the locked lands unlocked! These builds will go down from newer to more experienced long-term players respectively!

War / Economy Build:
1 Farm, 7 Mines, Six Quarries, 5 Lumbermills, Two Barracks, 5 Infirmaries, and 10 manors.
This is a great build if you're interested in keeping a balanced approach without losing too much in production. 

Infirmary size: 200,000 to be exact at 5, Level 25 infirmaries

The gold production is great with this build and you're not going to slack much on creating troops. I use it for now until I'm ready for war, then I move down to the war build below!

War build:
Destroy half of your manors (from 10 to 5) and add 5 more infirmaries. This works great once they are maxed out as you're going to have a decent amount of troops to heal. You can always drop a manor or two if you need the extra infirmary space!

Infirmary size: 360,000 to be exact at 9, Level 25 infirmaries.

You will lose your ability to produce troops cheaply, but this will hopefully cover you if you're doing single attacks or defending. I will switch to a war build once I've completely finished building up a military (like 200,000 tier 3 per type, 100,000 tier 1 per type, etc etc.) and I'm preparing for a KVK a few weeks in advance. I don't recommend moving to this build until you're at a higher level down the road (like 17 castle or above).

Trap Build: (Disclaimer below) (Must be Level 25 castle)
 (Do NOT attempt this if you do not pay to play, expect to spend a lot of gems and resources! You must have at least tier 9 military research, but I recommend tier 10 for it to work appropriately! Use gear that increases army ATK if at all possible with blue tier ATK jewels among all troop types!) (You also don't want might in unnecessary places, so if you've already researched into separate research tree's you've already gone too far. You might still be able to trap if you're below 70 million might, but it will be difficult, hence why most who are using trap accounts did this in mind from the beginning when they chose this build)

Infirmary Size:  600,000 to be exact at 15, Level 25 infirmaries.

Destroy all infirmaries and replace them with manors (You should have 14, exclude 1 for a barracks). Use this to increase your training speed and gem troops appropriately. When you plan on fighting players (trapping), in advance you want to destroy all of your manors and your extra barrack and replace them all with infirmaries maxed at 25. You destroy all of your normal buildings (Ore, Farms, Lumber, and Quarries) to reduce your might as much as possible.

All you would need to do is expect someone to attack you and you can heal your troop losses in the infirm menu as you're being attacked as long as you have sufficient resources.

Prefer a video tutorial?

I hope this tutorial helps you in some way!

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