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[Guide Event] Construction & research

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I'm writing this guide to talk about the amount of buildings you would have for late game. I basically started the game not a while ago, and i reached lv40 castle lv15 in 3 weeks or so. So at this point, i'm starting to have problems with food production, etc... I've read a lot of similar articles earlier on playing this game. Things like how many barracks and infirmaries and manors you should ideally have, and i've planned them since the beginning of the game. So here i'll just talk about it briefly. 

Starting with the relatively easier buildings. These 3 aren't tricky to consider comparing to the other resources. Start with barack, it's a building that doesn't stack in production, which means that say you have 5 baracks, and each one can produce 500 units at a time, having 5 baracks wouldn't let you produce 2500 at a time. Instead, you can queue up more units to train. I found this not that useful, since i log in very often anyway, and with my current situation - finishing 700 units in 2 hours and i keep producing units throughout the day - that makes it useless to have more than 1 barack. Some people like to have 2, so that they queue up enough T4 troops and train them in 8 hours or so. This totally depends on how often you log in. So briefly speaking, if you log in often(maybe every hour or 2 or less than that) you can stick with 1 rak. But if you log in daily after 12 hrs or longer, you should have 2. 

This would be very important for most bruisers. Here, bruisers refer to those who would have 240k troops for the end game, and not gonna have more than that. I'm aiming to be a bruiser, since i don't pay to play. The good thing with being a bruiser instead of a war general is that you can always heal your army and you have a lot of resources, and you can't be dropped to 0 might, since you have some core might from building and research. I think i'll just mention a bit about troop amount. If you click on the buildings, you can find exclamation marks on them to tell how much they produce at certain levels, this is very important for those who plan ahead for the game. Click on the castle, it tells you at lv25 you gonna have 200k army size. And i read somewhere that certain heroes have the troop skill to boost army size up by a bit. So in total, you would have 200k to 280 k i believe. Let's just say you have 240 k, which most bruisers would get. (for me it's probably 200k, unless igg reward me some heroes instead of gems, coz i'm too poor to pay for the heroes)Clicking on the exclamation mark on the infirmaries, you see each one can heal 40k troops. Ideally, you want most or all of your units in there when they are attacked. Thus, you gonna need 7 to cover all of them if you pay to get all heroes. Or like me that only has 6. Maybe i should say that all of these are for normal players who would play safe. If you want to have 1 hospital and let everything die and retrain them using gems, then you probably wouldn't fit for this guild. 

Simple, the rest are manors 

Nest is the trickest part 

I made the font bold coz that's the highlight of the entire article. So let's start. Right now, there are 2 basic strategies for farms. 
1. Have 1 farm only 
2. The opposite, have 6- 10 farms to maintain the food production.
Ok, this made me go crazy pretty much, thinking which one should i pick. Most players choose to have 1 farm and pop food supplies from their bag when they need upgrade. So i think maybe i should mention a bit of the good and the bad of having 1 farm, and you decide for yourself which way you apply. So the good thing about having 1 farm, is here:
-You don't have to constantly worry about food production, let it stay 0.
-You have a lot more stones and ores and wood, that you don't have to worry about those. You can spend them at the cargo ship or waste them. Since you just end up with so much of those other resources. 
-You don't need to craft certain items for your hero to boost food production, instead you can craft those legendary that boost 30% attack on your troops or 40% health or so. Your army would be so much stronger in a 1 on 1 scenario with those attack boost
-You don't need to spend talent points on production, can put them on army instead.
The bad of having 1 farm:
-No food constantly. 
-Very annoying when you research and train units and heal, since you have 0.
-If you choose to have 0 food, you will want to harvest food from the field constantly. But the trick here is to time all your harvesters and let them come back at the same time to have a lot of food at once, and quickly spend them all. This is hard and annoying to do on daily basis. So everytime you want to do something, anything, you need to send out all units to the fields nearby and start to gather, and let them come back at the same time to reduce food loss, because every second you are burning food fast. Eventually it'll be 0 again, and repeat.
So now you have some basic ideas of what's going on. And you choose to either have 1 farm or all farms. But that's not the point of this guide. The point of this guide is rather how many farms you should have in late game. Here's the fact, most players on youtube suggest you have 1 farm, and most players on the forums suggest the same thing. And i personally can't find a single guide that tells you the proper number of farms to have for late game, since no one can reveal this to the public, or they simply can't calculate it, like they can't calculate how many infirmaries to have. I then did some simple calculation and it should give you a lot of ideas. 

Here's the amount of farms you should have:

Go into barracks, i saw that T1 units have 1 upkeep, T2 has 2, etc... that means say you have 10 k T1 troops, and they take up 10 k food /hour. Now if you have 10k T2, they take up 20k food. Now, just assume the minimum amount of troops at lv25, which is 200k. Multiply that by 4 for the T4 troops gives you 800k food/hour. And 1 farm at lv25 gives only 38k. So the question here is how many you need to at least maintain the production. We need to consider as well the talent point bonus and researches here. Talent points, food production 1 gives 12% boost, food production 2 gives 70%, and 3 gives 518%, and research gives 80%.  But i highly doubt that you spend all talent points on food production 1 2 and 3. But you can have a brief review here, 80% food production from research is very easy to accomplish, and on top of that, if you spend on talent points food production 1(5 talent points) and food production 2(20points) and you get 160% boost roughly. Don't forget the hero abilities and gear bonus, if we just assume another 40% boost from them(It's the least you can get from those boosts i feel like, if you really focus on that you can get more that 40%) And each farm gives 40k food roughly. With the boost it is 120 k. Looking pretty decent so far, and times that by 7 you get 840k. So it tells the story here that you need 6-8 farms at least for an late game T4 troop, assuming that you spend talent points on food production I and II, and upgrade heroes that have such attribute boost, and also craft some items that have food production boost, and put gems in there. But would you waste talent points like that? I feel like i would prefer to spend talents on construction and research, and once i'm maxed i'll switch them completely to attacks, thus, i wouldn't have any boost for food production at all from talents. To be honest, this still troubles me. Until i reach late game, i'll keep my current buildings and decide later on i feel like. 

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Don't listen to this and stick to 1 farm strategy. I have been playing for 1 year with 0 food and still be able to stack up over 1 billions of food in packs. You will get a lot of food via guild gifts, monster hunt, etc.