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[Guide Event] Guild Battles (War of Wonders)

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Posted on 2017-04-01 13:19:07 | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild Battles (Wonder Wars)

Every 5 days your guild can participate in thr War of Wonders! There is a Base and 6 forts that are up for grabs every wonder war. The Rank 5 leader of the guild that controls a wonder is the owner of the wonder and if they own the Base they are receive the Overlord Title. Each of the 6 forts gives a military boost to the entire guild that owns them. There is 3 forts that give a 25% bonus to attack (cavalry, infantry, and ranged) and there is 3 forts that give a 20% boost to defense and health (cavalry, infantry, and ranged. The Overlord of the Base has several options awarded to him including choosing Vassal Titles that give positive bonuses. And Vassal Titles that give negative bonuses. They can also give 27 different reward chests to their guild after each wonder war ends. Also they can pardon all captured leaders and they can write messages to the entire kingdom.

Now as far as actually battling for control of these forts there are some things to remember. You have to first gain control of the fort by attacking it. This can be done by rally attack or solo attack but rallying is recommended. You want to have the person with the biggest battlehall to be the one who rallys and holds the fort because then you can fit more troops. You should never send seige weapons because there is no walls or traps to attack so they are not necessary. If another guild is holding the fort, scout them first and try to counter whatever troops they have more of if there is an imbalance. For example if they have mostly ranged, send infantry to counter them.

You will need to hold the fort for 60 to capture it. The base must be held for 90 minutes to capture. The timer resets when a new guild takes control so it is a good idea to capture at least 1 fort before capturing the base so that you get the corresponding military boost for your guild. If you are trying to capture more than 1 fort simultaneously you have troops at multiple forts at the same time.

Also try to take advantage of time zone differences. For example if you are an american guild and the wonder war starts at 4pm eastern u.s. time then it will be around 4am for Chinese and Korean guilds so if you attack forts controlled by Chinese or Korean guilds there is a good chance many of them will be asleep and not online so you will have an easier time taking forts off of them.

Hope this helps! Thanks for reading!

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