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[Guide Event] Scouting and attacking for newbies...

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Posted on 2017-03-31 21:12:51 | Show thread starter's posts only

There are two parts of this game-farming and war. The war part is something that mainly comes in the later stages of the game. Some people like to start early and I am going to teach you how. When you first join the game you think "Oh! I should go burn someone!" Wrong. Your first shield is an easy, free way to begin growing at a great start! You should utilize that time to grind troops, get some gear, and build and research. You need troops to attack but if you scout someone with a shield on you will end up losing the shield. You need troops to attack or else the game won't let you. If you build troops up after that shield ends up falling, you are ready for battle. Scouting: When scouting it's not to see what the persons heros are or how many troops they have. A scout report gives how a lot of information. It tells you if the person is sheltered, if he/she is reinforced, how many troops they have, and much, much more. When you scout you should look at mainly what troops they have and how much of each kind. Infantry troops counter archer troops. Archer troops counter cavalry troops. Calvary troops counter infantry troops. All troops counter what I call wall-breakers. It is not called that but they do what they say. You should be careful on how many troops you attack with and what counters what. This can be handy in late game. When attacking there is one final aspect. The heros. The heros gives boosts such as army max hp and army max defense. There are many heros and many boosts. Before attacking you should go through your heros and see what boosts they give. This can mean the difference between win and loss...