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[Guide Event] Guild Battles - Attacking a Darknest

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Posted on 2017-03-31 20:55:40 | Show thread starter's posts only

Scout a Darknest and determine the following:
The strength of the wall.
The number and types of each troop.
The heroes, and if known, the troop type they support.

If the Darknest is something you think you can take, prepare for a rally with the following steps.
1. Check to see that guild mates are on to fill.
2. Determine what troops will counter those in the Darknest and a rough idea of how many you need of each type.
3. Select a Leader to take into battle that supports one of the troop types you will send.
4. Change gear to support the troop types you will send.
5. Boost attack or march size if you so choose.
6. Select the Darknest and begin a rally attack.
7. Select a hero team that supports the troops you will be sending (Make sure to include your leader)
8. Fill your march with the troops you determined are called for.
9. If your players do not know how to read a rally, call out in guild chat what troops you need.
10. Allow the rally to fill and away she goes...Let's hope you chose well and are victorious.