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[Guide Event] Knowledge is Power - Guild For Newbie Like Me

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Posted on 2017-03-31 00:17:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi guys, I played for 55 days so i think i have some tips to share you :D

Everyone always says is "how to grow fast? ", "I'm poor guy, i can P2W". Everyone need to know. There is only Troops and Traps Show off your might

You only need 2 barracks,3 infirmarys. and 12 manors. Why we need so much manors ? Because it give you training speed. 

Talent points
About talent points, you need to know what you should put . You can see my Talent list :D
You can see the 2nd picture. I can train 2860 T3 Troops for around 13 hours. So 26 hours i can get about 140k might.

You only need 1 farm. Yes 1 farm. Because food never enough for your army. If you need food for training, research or construction. Just stack it in your bag or asking your guild. Don't try to lvl up your Quarry, Lumber mill or Mines to much. Keep lvl up your manor and you know why ;) You can gather timber,ore,stone. If you see a good deal with Cargo ship take it.

If you looking for some speed up, you can exchange rss for that. You can buy it in guild shop with guild coins or you can spend your gems ;)

How to get free gems ?
That is good question. You can get free gems by open guild gift, hunt monster, VIP quest, Colosseum ( you can see DFitz say he can get 20gems every 2 hours ) or in some event and wegamers app
More than that you can Deposit to get gems 


You will need energy to take down some monster. Before you beat it, you should find what hero you need to use. You can see info monster

I think there is nothing left to share, because almost they share outside now :D you can read it
I will brief it
Never hold to much rss, you will be huge target for some bully. you can exchange with cargo ship to save it in your bag
Always shelter you troops and your leader 12 hours offline
Download Wegamers App to connect your member and your allies. Make some points and redeem bundles to get gems, speed up or something you want
My Wegamers app ID is : Huydung123
My IGG ID is : 389131912
If you at k81 and want to join with us. Contact me in wegamers app or in game

Posted on 2017-04-21 02:49:27 | Show thread starter's posts only

Not to be offence but you need to read the guide of how to set talent points. 
I saw some wasted points on siege attack and trap building speed.

Ignore if you do it for testing purpose.