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[Guide Event] Knowledge is power- topic- successful attacks

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Posted on 2017-03-30 13:35:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

Today I am going to tell you some methods which can lead you to victory against the enemy .

As we all know about scouting it is the main part of our attack. And we simply scout and then attack but we forget one thing that the guy we are attacking can get reinforcements or garrisons by his or her guild mates.

And you can suffer huge loses or get defeated
SCOUT TWICE- FIRST AS we all do for checking the strength,reinforcements etc.

SECOND- as you have sent troops for attack scout again as to clear that he does not have any reinforcements, garrisons.

Doing this you can save yourselves from getting defeated or from suffering huge losses as if the guy has reinforcements you can call back your troops.
And if you do not scout again then your troops can be taken by a surprise.
So my advice SCOUT TWICE.

IT IS very important thing to think about as we all know that there as there are four types of armies in this game.
1- infantry
4-siege engine
Every types of army counters as well as get countered by the other.
So a perfect formation of army is required for successful attacks-( basically for low level players)
Siege engine- it depends on the power of the wall
It is only useful for breaking the walls only and after that it becomes useless.

-deploy the hero's who has bigger commands and provide some bonus for the troops it can be in the terms of:
1- health boost
2- attack boost
3- def boost
4- and other wall boosts
Choosing the eight type hero's in the terms of army is very much important as they provide you some extra bonus and can be very use full for the successful attacks.

Their commanding power and extra bonus depend on their ranks. As their ranks increases their command power also gets increases.

for some extra attack bonus you can use the attack boost available in the guild shop.
They provide boost on attacks and can be help full in the attacks. And may lead you to victory with less losses of troops.

Thank you all this was my first guide. Mine English is little weaker so I am sorry for mistakes
I wish this guide can be useful to you all

Brijeshthe k
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Brijesh the K