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[Guide Event] “Knowledge is Power - Fast growing from castle level 20 onward”

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Posted on 2017-03-20 11:01:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hello dear Lords Mobile players. 

    I want to share with you my method of growing from Castle level 20 onward with best speedups management. 

    The first thing to do in this game in order to evolve FAST is to first get your castle up to level 25. As soon as you reach this level, you can get 30 helps from guild mates, that can drastically reduce the construction and research times!!!

    First of all, try to have some or all of the following: 

    Heroes hired (each hero has some boosts. Try to have these heroes hired as they are free to get, and try to have them at least green or higher - blue, purple...):

  • Trickster - offers Research Boost
  • Scarlet Bolt - offers Construction Boost
  • Sage of Storms - offers Construction Boost
  • (real money)The Big Guy - offers Construction Boost

    Here, you should have at least 2 sets for evolving, that include either research speed or construction speed. Some good items for this will be: 
  • Head: Noceros Mask (easy to get while buying the noceros chests): provides Construction Boost. 
  • Torso: Lightning Guard (easy to get while buying the noceros chests): provides Construction Boost.
  • Legs: Gryphon Walkers (easy to get while buying the gryphon chests): provides Construction Boost + Research Boost.
  • Main weapon: Sacred Broadsword (comes in packages for The Big Guy): provides Construction Boost.
  • Secondary Weapon: Gryphon's Talon (easy to get while buying the gryphon chests): provides Construction Boost.

    Now comes the interesting part, the Jewelry: 
  • Lunar Flute (can be assembled easily if you usually farm resources): provides Consistent Research Boost.
  • Stentinel's Circlet (can be assembled easily if you usually farm resources): provides Consistent Construction Boost. 


    Lunar flute, as well as Sentinel's Circlet can be equipped more than 1 piece. This means, as soon as you build your castle level 25, FIRST building to get to after this is THE WORKSHOP. As this will unlock your third accessory slot! Using 3 accessories that reduce Construction and Research times will be very helpful in fast evolution! 

    This being said, the next thing to do is to be PATIENT! 
    Never hurry to finish a building or research. ALWAYS check and plan when you have the time to follow what MISSIONS YOU GET IN SOLO AND HELL EVENTS!!! 

Solo events refresh every 3 hours and Hell events refresh every 1 hour. Whenever you have the time, take a look when a solo event starts. Check if it has Building or Research counters. 

If it has Building, after this, check the hell event counters. You have to wait for one of the 3 hell events that appear in 1 solo event duration that also has building counter! This is when you will use speedups to finish a building!!! Same goes for research counters for solo and hell events!!!

    Do not forget that you need the building boost or research boost equipment only before starting a research or a building. After the time is calculated, and you start it, you can exchange your equipment to anything you like. I personally am forging now the queen bee set. 

    The only package you want to buy is Research and Development. You will need way more researches than buildings in order to get to T4 troops! You always get normal speedups at finishing solo and hell events. 

Keep it up and be PATIENT. It is all you need!
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Posted on 2017-03-23 11:10:16 | Show thread starter's posts only

Thank you very much for your Guide. We will send you your reward of 2,000 Gems within 24 hours.

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Posted on 2017-03-24 09:08:06 | Show thread starter's posts only

Great guide. Very useful!

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