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[Guide Event] Knowledge is Power - How to be effective(little tricks)

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Posted on 2017-03-16 05:24:24 | Show thread starter's posts only

This guide is not about any specialized aspect of game, it is just general guide how to be cost-effective during early to mid game. So basically most advices are for new players who spent no money or very little.
Single most cost-effective action you can take is to join a guild as active as possible.

If you want to buy packs then start with pack “winning the start”. For first time, its only 1 euro and you get a lot from it. Then most cost-effective pack is 30-day pack. Do not buy packs with heroes unless you are big money spender. It looks nice with like 20% research, but you have to buy many packs for that bonus. For first 5euros you get like 1,25% research bonus.
As you progress in game it starts to be very ineffective to have more then 1 farm. Your army eat so much food and food is only resource that has upkeep. So best option is to have only 1 farm that is requirement for other buildings( if you are good guild mate you can have 2 farm and the second one you use to give helps in guild fest{upg. Get help and cancel}. Again it is most cost-effective because you have always 0 food and farm cost 0 food).
There are 2 options for other rss buildings. Have balanced setup or focus on one resource building type. There is best to consider wich items you want to have on your hero because you will harvest only others resources.
Speed of harvesting is only effected by level of node you harvest from. But if you have more nodes around you it is best to use as many armies as you have available. For example if you have 100k army and 3 nodes around you, best way is to sent 33k army to every node and you farm 3x faster then 100k army farming on one node. Of course you have to consider traveling time.
As a low might player you wont defend your turf so consider all your rss over your vault limit and gold as free to take by other players. Best solution is to save your rss in bag and if you have more rss then you need(no big building or big tech incoming) you should put all your efford to transforme it to bag via ship. This is best for gold as you basicly need it mainly for research.
In ship if you have rss for same rss always take it, even when you have to use your rss from bag. You will get value even in one star trade.
If you have more time, it is good to send army to harvest food as construction/research/training is finishing. If you time it correctly you will lose only little food due to upkeep and you don’t have to use food from bag.
Other way how to save food is to save your turf quests and use them when you need food. Like when you wake up and need to start construct building.
I strongly suggest to rush as soon as possible to castle level 17 to get t3 troops. Because they are so better then t2. I wish someone told me to not build so many t2, it is waste of time a rss. Most effective is to have army composition of t1 balistas and as little other units as you need to unlock areas in your kingdom.
Spending gems – classic advice is to save for lvl 17 and treasure trove(what you deffinetly shoud do). Do not waste you gems for items you can buy with guild coins or speeding your tech/army/buildings. For the long time you should buy only items for special items like gold hammers for lvl 25 building, crystal pickaxe for troove(most important I would say). Because to get all buildings on lvl 25 you need to invest like 600k gems in these items.
There are other things you should consider. Always try to think what is best in long run. Don’t fall in trap of “I want it now”. For example speed ups. Save it for watcher in hell. Admin/guild quest/guild coin save it for guild fest. There are so much little things you can do and what make you better player in long run. Every can get to lvl 25 castle or t4 army. Question is how fast.

IGG ID: 391512285

IGG ID: 391512285
Posted on 2017-03-20 10:32:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Hi there, thank you for your Guide, we will send you your reward of 2,000 Gems within 24 hours.

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