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[Guide Event] Knowledge is power : Gawaingod's FTP Guide to GuildFest

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Posted on 2016-11-30 23:12:03 | Show thread starter's posts only

Guild fest for FTP players

It’s 3 day late, but better late than never.
Guildfest is a good way to analyse you guild and see how is willing to contribute and who is there just for free rss and protection.
My guild’s policy is for everyone to do quests with at least 80 points. When I talk about a quest, ignore the image, I am referencing that particular quest if it had more than 80 points. (I tried my best take the images of the high points quests before my guild members took them.)

Good Quests

Kill enemy troops

To complete the quest above, you will need someone in your guild with an alt with the following :
Infirmary with 100k beds
T1 archers – 100k ( archer are better as their healing fee does not require any ore )
Resources – 2m food, 2m wood, 2m stone per 100k troop ( healing fee )
1 get the alt to open a camp with 100k t1
2 the member with the quest will attack that camp
3 alt will heal the troops ( healing of t1 troops in instant )
4 Repeats 1-3 until you cleat the quest
This method is for mature guilds with high amount of resources. The points are extremely high for the amount of work put in, however, small guilds will not be able to afford this method.

Send help

This quest is easily done in a 24hr period, however the below method is to rush this quest.
To complete the quest above, you will need someone in your guild with an alt with the following :
Alt with a low level rss building ( lv10-15)
A bit of resources
1 Alt will start construction on the building.
2 Member with the quest will send help
3 Alt will cancel the construction and lose half the resources
4 Repeat until you pass
Ship trade

You will need quite a bit of resources, just login and trade 4 every 6hrs. The trade are always profitable.
Gather/Supply RSS

If you have a lot of talent reset, you can do a talent reset to max out gathering speed 1 and 2
If not, just equip all the gear that adds resource gathering speed if you have any.
Remember, level 1 and 2 drops more materials, level 3 and 4 drops more rss.
Use this as an opportunity to legend your flute and circlet
Guild/Admin Quests

You shouldn’t be using your quest resets if there is no reason to. You will a have a lot stored up.
Just burn them all when you take this quest. Higher VIP levels = less resets needed.
If you do not have enough, just use guild coin to buy the rest (18-24k gc each) 

Decent Quests

Hit Monster

You will need quite a lot of energy stored up for a 100+ quest
Just hit the level 1’s until you pass. At least you guild gets some common boxes :)
Increase might (Building)

This one is assuming you havnt completed your infirmaries or manors yet.
Level 22 to 23 manor or infirmary will give u 20k+ points
Level 23 to 24 manor or infirmary will give u 42k+ points
Increase might (quests)

This one is assuming you kept all your turf quests and havnt collected them
Just collect them until you pass. The 100+ ones are hard.
As seen below, a BH25 only gives 8.2k might.

Spend Gems

This one is for f2p players who have been storing up gems for the tomes, cuff and crystals.
What better time to use them, you going to have to use them anyway.
Use Speed up

This one you have to calculate properly if it is worth it. Try to time it so you can pass solo 3 and hell 2 as a bare minimum.
Hero Stages

You will have to use bravehearts to clear this one
Cheapest technique is to do normal mode chapter 7 and farm 10min speedups at the same time.
Full stamina = 20/100 and 3hr 20mins speedups.
Solo 3 

clear X no. of solo3 in a few days or a few hours
Good points but will burn a lot of speedups.


Coloseeum Battle

You only get 5 tries a day, you have to spend 250-500gems to clear this.

Increase Might (Research)

A research that takes 20days after help will only give 500k might.
Save speeds up for x2gems events.

Increase might( Hero Armies )

You increase hero armies might by either grading up your hero or ranking up your hero.
R7-> R8 only give 5k might.

Increase total might

Majority of your might should be gotten from research. and since research is garbage.
This is garbage too.

Purchase bundle

USD$25-50 for a few points. 

Colosseunm Rank Up

Only attempt it if you are between rank 2000 and 10000, 1 - 2 wins and you pass.

If you followed my guides, you should be between 500-800 rank, and it will be hard.
Hell 3/ 24hr

Highest points in the game. Clear 8 x hell 3. 
1 x research hell 3 for a castle 25 player will cost u about 15-20days in speedups or 15-20k gems. 
Save your gems for the x2gem event.
Train troops

Not possible for f2p to do t3. Can do with t1, but why would you ?
Mystery Boxes

This one is not expensive… it is just too taxing to remember to keep logging in.
Login every 5min to 60mins.
Average time is around 30-40mins.
NO! Unless you are hardcore.
(I took this once, I regretted after 6hrs)

Heal troops

Firstly, if you have 480k t1 dead, what are you doing, you shouldn’t have so many t1 as a f2p player
If you have 480k t3 dead, you better learn to shield, shelter and fake rally.
Im not sure the exact figure, but I think the healing fees for 480k t3 will be upwards of 100m resources
And take more than 10days to complete. 
Instant pass without help

These quest are all quite low points, but they are good when guildfest ends in 1hr and no one in guild in online to help you.


Just a few forge those white level 10-20 items and destroy them after.
Use Guild Coins

Below 50m might, buy either talent reset, relocators or material chests
Above 50m might, buy jewel chest
Alts, buy the 7days resource boost or 3hr speedups
Turf boost

Just look in your bag, you will find a 24hr one.
If not, buy with 9k guild coins
Research tech

Look in the t1 subsidy tab under upgrade military.
They are all instant complete researches
VIP Quests

Just complete one, speed up the cooldown and repeat until done.

Good Luck !

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The colleseum rank up of 55 that give 102 point is a really good one , You just need to battle 2-3 time in arena and you done it (for people under rank 200 it may be harder but people at rank 5000+ got it in 1 fight)

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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll feature you in our post and send you 20K gems in 48 hours.

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Guide is very helpful explained how guildfest works and which quest to take