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[Guide Event] Knowledge is Power - War Preparation [F2P]

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War Preparation [F2P]
IGG ID: 332911691

Before we get started, you need to know what this guide is about. There are many things you need to do just before a war in order to get ready. This guide will inform you about the best gear to use, talents, equipment, heroes and jewels to ensure the best results for when you go to war. Note that this guide will not be about one type of troop but more about a general army composition of all three. 

Talent Points

Squad Offense I
Squad Defense I
Squad Health I
Squad Health II
Squad Defense II
Infantry/Cavalry/Ranged Offense III (1)
Infantry/Cavalry/Ranged Offense III (2)
Infantry/Cavalry/Ranged Offense II

Your first priority is to fill out all your points on army buffs, after that put all your points in either Infantry, Cavalry, or Ranged Offense III depending on which troop type is your most powerful. Proceed to max out another Offense III talent for your second most powerful troop type. At this stage, you're now left with very little points. Proceed to put the remaining points into Offense II for your most powerful troop type. If you are not level 60 but are close to it, max out your talents in the order shown above.


Fiery Tomahawk
Category: Main Hand
Set: N/A

Dragon's Bite
Category: Main Hand
Set: Blackwing Set

Fiery Tomahawk has the best-rounded offense stats for free-to-play in the main hand category. Dragon's Bite, on the other hand, sacrifices some offense bonuses for a good exchange of health. If you're more concerned about losing troops, Dragon's Bite would be my go-to.

Category: Helmet
Set: N/A

Offers a huge boost to army defense. Great for well-rounded army compositions. Unfortunately, the other stats it offers can be useless in some scenarios.

Armor Of The Abyss
Category: Armor
Set: Hell Drider Set

Apart from individual hybrid stats such as infantry defense and cavalry max health, this equipment also gives army attack. 

Winter Stompers
Category: Legs
Set: Snow Beast Set

Apart from individual hybrid stats such as ranged defense and cavalry attack, this equipment also gives army defense.

Frostwing Shield
Category: Off-Hand
Set: Frostwing Set

Offers a massive boost to army defense and health. A must get for any well-rounded army composition.

Lost Island's Relic
Category: Accessory
Set: N/A

Provides a significant boost to army health and an even bigger boost to individual stats for cavalry and ranged attacks.


Legendary Tier: Rose Knight
Epic Tier: Demon Slayer,  Tracker, Child of Light,  Snow Queen, Oath Keeper, Night Raven
Rare Tier: Black Crow, Death Knight
Uncommon Tier: Bombin' Goblin
Common Tier: Soul Forger, Death Archer, Sage Of Storms, Scarlet Bolt, Sea Squire, Shade

If you're planning on going to war, making Rose Knight legendary first will be your priority. She's the only hero who offers army attack and still provides defensive stats. You'll want to use her every time you attack or defend. Your next priority will be Demon Slayer,  Tracker, Child of Light,  Snow Queen, Oath Keeper, Night Raven. They provide offensive and defensive stats simultaneously. Black Crow and Death Knight are not as much a priority as having only defense bonuses means they will only be used with their respective phalanx/wedge. The remaining heroes are not a priority for war but still provide war bonuses if they are all you have. 


You'll want to include Ranged,Cavalry and Infantry ATK Jewels in every war equipment you own, the fourth slot, unlocked at Workshop Lv. 25, will include either Ranged/Cavalry/Infantry DEF Jewels based on which phalanx/wedge you use most. As a personal preference, I like to use 3x Ranged DEF Jewels, 3x Cavalry DEF Jewels, and 2x Infantry Defense Jewels. Note that you should not inlay any jewels before they are at least blue. Once all your equipment contain blue jewels, and you are able to craft purple jewels for the respective stats, remove the blue jewel using gems and inlay the purple jewel. That means you need three blue jewels beforehand. The reason you start inlaying blue jewels first is because it takes a very, very long time to get purple jewels unless you are very lucky. Think of blue jewels as an investment.

Now that you're war prepared, don't forget to change your talent points and put on the right equipment for when war is coming your way.

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Sorry, this post is not done I just didn't want to lose my work. Please be patient.

Edit: Post is done.

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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll feature you in our post and send you 20K gems in 48 hours.

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Hi there, 

4th jewel slot will not unlock at workshop level 25. any info how to unlock it?

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Your talent guide is wrong. Do not put your points in defence. What you need to focus is attack first, then max health and lastly defence. You do not have left any talent points to put in defence. Right talent set for all three type is:
Squad health I/ II 
Ranged/ Cavalry/ Infantry offence III
Squad offence I
And lastly put equal points to Inantry/ Ranged/ Cavalry offence II. You do not have enought to max them out. 

About Gear do not use Deathgazer; Winter stopms and frostwing shield. You can get better. Focus your guild points and buy only yewel boxes from them. Getting jewels take really long time and they are key of fighting. F2P gear doesnt give you much bonuses, while they are gold, but jewel can give you loads more bonuses. 

Still not jewelry spot 4 avaible in game, but focus there atk and dont put defence. 

Heros. Focus to get them gold and dont make multiple purple ones. One gold hero gives more bonuses than 2 purple one and one blue. It takes you less time to make one gold than 2 purple from scratch. 
What you focus your attack heros are the same you could use in colo but try to focus eacht type. 

These are some things that you should do different than the guy that posted the topic.

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Just to mention: The Wall
The Wall could be an effective part of the Trap too, a lot of Kingdoms, host powerful enemy always hunting for kills and loot, not to mention executing your leader. Remember Spikes, Rolling Fire Logs and the like are ineffective once your Wall goes down, so with so many attacks from your own kingdom hunters, what you could do is the following: Save your wall, do this by using shields from from friendly kingdom attackers, if you log in the game daily, shields are cheaper by the short term, such as 24 hours which is what I use, if you do this continually, along with wall repairs; if Kingdom Wars is approaching, you will have a strong wall, grant it, if your wall is 25th level, you will have to shield for 20+ days but don't waste a good trap resource. Try shielding up for a long while, to see if my mad method works, as when you get up in level, say 30-50 Million in might you will exactly make the necessary Gems to pay for it. Build your Spikes, Rolling Fire Logs and the like equally, as they attack specific types of enemies. Set your Innate Talents to Trap attack, build up and make your leader a Wall or Trap attack bonus leader. If your using this on enemy Kingdom during Kingdom Wars, then go in with smaller 4 hour shield, set your main attacking army's to rally on Dark nest, when you go into enemy field, go in with your guild attacking enemy guild, using the anti-scout. When ready you can take your shields down by scouting the enemy in various locations, drawing the enemy counter-attack. Place some grunts or weaker army on enemy resources, if enemy attacks them they may think your entire army is weak, when you attacked the enemy 1st use some weaker units, again to seem weaker. If using troops in the pocket out from shelter, make sure you shelter back your leader, don't forget to have a specific army for this, one you only use to shelter the leader, so it easy to access, I use a few sharpshooters. I place archer type heroes on the wall, and use the Battalion set saver to Infantry or Knight types heroes. When you counter attack once your wall goes down, generally if you don't have time to read the scout reports, your safe to attack enemy's who are half your might, click on their castle to check, and if a powerful enemy twice your might transports in, then it's time to consider hitting random relocate, until your in a safe spot. Just make sure you looked at your inventory, and scroll down to it, and if you need it in a hurry, the inventory will be right where you looked at it last (Random Relocate).

This was my 1st post ;-)
Good Luck, Happy Hunting