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[Guide Event] Knowledge Is Power - A complete heroes guide

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Knowledge Is Power - A complete heroes guide

Ok, we'll start with the roles and what heroes are: 

Heroes play a major role in Lords Mobile as the help you win battles on your turf. You can get heroes by clearing HeroStages, a set of side quests accessed by tapping on the Hero Statue in front of the castle moat on your turf. Each time you complete one of these HeroStages you earn experience and rewards for the heroes who fought in the HeroStage and on certain stages you also unlock new heroes.

Once you’ve finished a HeroStage, to return to your turf, simply tap on the yellow X in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Note: their are "Normal" and "Elite" HeroStages, the elite hero stages can unlock you new and better heroes whilst the normal ones are basically their for exp and items.

Managing your heroes: 

Alot of "lords" don't realize that not all heroes work well as a unit/team. For example; if i had 5 healers, their would be basically no or terrible damage and that team would not work well. Or if i had 5 archers, the enemy would have countermeasures for an all archer team.

The heroes that i personally believe work best are: 1 archer, 2 stun type - Tanks, 1 healer and 1 assassin.
These 5 heroes can work very well, do alot of damage and generally are just a good team all together.

Note: Heroes can be managed from the helmet icon on the bottom right of your screen.

Hero Items: 

Helmet - takes you to individual hero icons. If you tap on a hero the following options are available:

  • Equip - When the hero icon is opened, you can equip them with new trophies by tapping on any that say “Equip.” Once all six pieces of equipment are added, your hero will move up a rank.

  • Check Hero Type – you can check the type of your hero by tapping on the icon to the right of your hero’s picture (ex: Death Archers type is GI Hero, signified by a turquoise wing)

  • Battle and Hero Skills -  you can find out about each hero’s battle and hero skills under the Book tab to the right of your trophies.

  • Background and Attributes – you can read about a heros background story and learn about their basic attributes under the scroll tab, also on the right of the trophies.

   Question Mark – Shows all heroes you’ve yet to unlock

   Chest – Shows all the hero-related tools and tidbits you’ve collected in HeroStages.

Note: their are different stages of hero items, like: common, uncommon etc.. You get these from HeroStages

Leveling up your heroes:

As your heroes participate in Quests and HeroStages, they will gain experience. Once they have enough, they will reach a new level. You can check how much more experience your hero needs by looking at the experience bar under his or her Hero tab. Heroes can also increase their rank when they've collected enough trophies for promotion.

Note: Your heroes cannot exceed your character level. (so if you're lvl 40 your hero will reach 40 and no longer be able to level up past lvl 40 until you do.)

Heroes in Lord Battles: 

When you prepare to fight a Lord battle, you’ll want to first scout and see what are the best types of troops to use in the battle. Heroes each command their own kind of troops and if a battle, for instance, is best fought by range troops, then choosing a hero to fight with you that commands an army of range troops will increase your chances of winning.
 - This has been my guide for Heroes. Thank you for reading and i hope you learned at least something from this tutorial/guide.  

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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll send you 2K gems in 48 hours!

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got the gems, thanks. :)

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thank you for your guide,

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Thanks for the guide. I appreciate it.