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[Guide Event] Knowledge is power : Gawaingod's FTP Guide to BH,Prison&Alter25

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Posted on 2016-11-22 08:26:57 | Show thread starter's posts only

Gawaingod's FTP guide to Gem Farming for BattleHall 25, Prison 25 & Alter 25

As F2P and low spending (LS) players, getting academy25 will be a very tough task.
I’m going to break it down the bare minimum amount of gems you will need to do it.

21,500 gems            =           1500 x crystal pickaxe (Gem trove level 8)
30,000 gems            =           15 x golden hammer
200,000 gems           =          20,000 x war tome (Battle hall 25)
200,000 gems           =          20,000 x steel cuffs (Prison 25)
200,000 gems           =          20,000 x soul crystal (Alter 25)
             Total = 651,500 gems
(If you were to buy this amount of gems on day 1, the price will be USD$2200 onwards)
Realistically, you will be able to farm this amount of gems in about 9-12mths.
Let me break it down the techniques to save your gems so you can plan your strategy.

There is only one rule: Do not spend any gems
Projected Monthly Gems Income

*You can clear more hell 3 events as you get a lot of speedups from the 30day supply package

Gem trove lvl 8                                                
Save your gems and get your trove to level 8 as soon as you reach castle 24.
- Put in 16,000 gems and get a total of 31,500 gems after 30days.

- If you plan to play this game a long time, you can level up max deposit research to level 10, if you do that, you can level you trove to level 9 ( 35,000 gems ) This will allow you to deposit 30,000 gems a month and product a cool 31,500 gems a month.

Colloseum (400 -1800)  
Follow my award winning guide at
Monster hunt 4                                               
Research Monster Hunt 4 as soon as possible.
You can drop :
Speed ups           :               3hrs , 8hrs ,15hrs
Gems                 :               500 ,600 ,700 , 800
Below are some good drops i have gotten :

Active guild 90-100 players                        
They whole guild gets 1 box for every monster you kill. Just open the guild gift boxes, my guild's gift level is 19, 50gems x 2 and 100gems dropping daily are very common

IGG does maintenence or conduct events(e.g lectures or FB events) These drop a few hundred gems here & there.
Kvk Solo quest  - At castle 25, you will need 1.8m points to clear* and get 6,000 gems as a reward.
*I won’t be going into this, go read other people’s Kvk guild if you don’t know how.

KvK Lode farming lvl 1-5                                
Depends on how strong your kingdom is as a whole will determine what level of lodes you get access to. They appear every 6hrs for a total of 4 times in a 24hr period.
level 1 = 10          level 2 = 50          level 3 = 100       level 4 = 200       level 5 = 500
Just gathering 3 and 4 every 6 hrs will get you about 8000+ gems.

Double gem hell 3 events

These are freaking insane. Save you speedups* and clear as many research events as you can.
*Refer to my award winning guide - http://lordsmobile.forum.igg.com/topic?fcid=14&ctid=3142&nfid=0

Below is some screenshots of the events I cleared in the 24hr period from 21[sup]st[/sup] Nov – 22[sup]nd[/sup] Nov

Guild Fest

Hopefully your guild works well together and takes only the tasks with 80+ points. You should be able to get a good tier 15+.

Good Luck !


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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll feature it in our post and send you 20K gems in 48 hours.

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Great Guide :)

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Nice guide!

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This was very helpful!

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Good guide! Do you know how often the double gem events are announced or are they random?

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they dont announce but im guessing the next one is around the 20th

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Hey top the store