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[Guide Event] Knowledge is Power - Advanced Research Guide for F2P

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Posted on 2016-11-18 01:32:22 | Show thread starter's posts only

Research Guide for F2P (free to play players)

Guide on how to do research effectively, applicable for F2P.

Research is one of the main aspect in Lords Mobile. A lot of F2P and Newbie just do whatever research they can with all the gold they have left without any plan. So with my experience, I will try to explain how to do it the best and most effectively. Which one to focus on first and which one to do later.

I. Maximise your research speed:

This is obviously the first thing to do. In Lords Mobile, there’re multiple ways to boost your research speed, see below:

1. Hero boost: 
For free to play, you only have 1 hero: The Trickster. At the Legendary grade, he gives you 20% research speed boost. So trust me, even P2P player also want to upgrade him as fast as they can.

we have the golden-trio heroes in Lords Mobile (Trickster, Scarlet, and Storm), Scarlet and Storm will give you construction speed boost, so at low level, they have higher priority. So you need to be patience. It will take months to upgrade these 3 heroes to Legendary grade.

You don’t need to assign Trickster as your leader. His boost is logistic skill which is always active. But it will be lost if you assign him as leader and he is captured.

2. Academy level: 
Academy level increase your research speed. You can see the boost percentage by clicking (i) button. At level 25, it gives 30%.

Always upgrade your Academy right after upgrading your castle. There’s no other building requirement for Academy upgrade than your castle level.

3. Talent tree: 
Obviously the easiest to gain many speed boost percentages. The max you can get from here is 105%.

Follow the talent point guide to distribute your point in most efficient way to get maximum construction boost and research boost. 

4. Gears: 
Unlike Construction speed boost, there’re less options for F2P player.
Main Weapon: Nil L
Head: Nil L
Amor: Calvary Mail (7% max)
Boot: Nil L
Off-hand: Vice Grips (5%)
Accessories: Luna Flute (26%)

If you can make them all to legendary level and Workshop level 25, you will have (7+5+26*3)=90%

Equip your research gears BEFORE any research.

So roughly with all these, you will have 245% research speed boost (about 2.5 times reduction), which can save you ages from researching and ton of speed up as well.

II. Choose the right thing to do a.k.a Research priority for F2P/Growth style:

Once you gear up your speed boost, it’s time to choose what to do first. Most F2P will be focusing on growth, resources gathering and joining rally, so this is my best recommendation because I’ve been a F2P for 6 months before I restarted and decided to spend some money J

NUMBER 1 Priority: 
Construction speed boost. Obviously the first thing anybody want to archive.

NUMBER 2 Priority: 
Monster hunt. It gives you speed, gems, materials to build amazing gears (Gryphon’s Talon for example). Focus on Energy Saver, Max Energy then follow by Damage Boost. The more damage you hit the monster, the better rewards you will get.

NUMBER 3 Priority: 
Come back to Gathering Speed Boost and Vault Boost.

Once you finish all these, move to Military Tree and research the troop you’re focusing on (read other guide to understand why you should focus on 1 troops type). Be sure to IGNORE the useless Siege Engine upgrade. Only upgrade if the other upgrades require it.

Next would be Upgraded Military once you reach level 20. Cav Phalanx will be very helpful to attach Infantry Phalanx. But remember that you are focusing on economy growth first.
Last will be the 2 Defense tree. Let me tell you, your 200k HP wall with full level 3 traps down in less than 1 second if you got hit by bullies. So why should we waste your gold and time on these?
PRO tips:
Always check Hell Events when you are on a huge research (example: Construction speed boost level 9 that gives you ~400k might) and seek for the research only challenge. Use speed up to catch the stage 3. This is really worth with the guarantee rewards and also the ranking rewards. And if you are lucky enough, you can get amazing rewards. On my F2P account, I was lucky enough to get the Legendary Gryphon core, which enable me to make the Purple Gryphon Boots, which is the best boot for Economy Growth. How great it is.

Hope you guy enjoy playing and if there’s any suggestion to improve this guide, feel free to comment below.
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Ouch.. the format looks completely different from the preview.. can moderator take a look pls.

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Pls ignore, I'm able to fix it.

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The Electric Lance is a weapon available to F2P players that boosts research, 10% at legendary. Wyrmbone Circlet is a helm available to F2P players that boosts research 10%. Gryphon Walkers are boots available to F2P players that boost research, 17.5% at legendary.

It's all special event gear from monster hunting, so takes a much longer time to acquire and upgrade, and the leader lv requirement is extremely high. Still, the items are there.

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I think it is important to note that academy level 25 is not easy to get. You would need many level 25 buildings.

Each level 25 building you need will cost you 2000 gems as the golden hammer is a requirement for every building to reach level 25. You would need almost every single building type at level 25 because some buildings have requirements like the level 25 infirmary would need a level 25 barracks and this in turn would need a level 25 quarry.

Another thing to note is that you would need to max out 3 very expensive buildings which are the prison, battle hall and altar. Each of them will cost around 200,000 - 400,000 gems each building. Many free to play will level up treasure trove and max it so that they can earn more gems per month. This would cost around 100,000 gems also.

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Your guide is bullshit, too long and confusing
Just play the way you want.
If you want to have a large army, just train them. If you want to embrace the PvE content,hunt monter. Player not that stupid which research is to go or talent to choose. And yes this is a rant about lords mobile guide,not just your guide. But the whole guide in this game. Almost 1 year but there is no actual stat on each army tier and type, or even explanation on 'hunt in a row' means. I bet 90% player doesn't know that.

Good day sir

F2p ftw
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No. To upgrade your academy (research building)  from 24-25, you would need the following:

Castle 25
Castle wall 25
Watchtower 25
Vault 25
Battle hall 25
Altar 25
Trading post 25
Infirmary 25
Plus all the golden hammers needed

I do not know the exact amount of gems needed for battle hall, altar and prison to make to to 25 as I do not have them maxed out but I know the requirements of a level 25 academy as I am slowly working my way into getting it.

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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll send you 2K gems in 24 hours.

Hear Me Roar!
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Duplication is not allowed and calling it advanced research is cheating as i already made a research guide.

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hello i have blue electric lance,  green wyrmbone coronet, yellow cavalary mail, blue  gryphon walkers, purple vice grips and 3x golden lunar flutes   is there is any thing else which i can apply for more reserch boost and i have golden trickster aswell all talent tree of research and construction and training is max and also maxed gathering speed aND army capacity