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[Guide Event] Knowledge is Power - [Solo and Hell events Explained]

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First and foremost,

I am a newbie myself who got addicted badly to the game,

 I've been playing non-stop for the past week, and also reading and watching guides.

There is one aspect of the game I learned with trial and error and couldn't find any perfect explanation

The 2 Events : Solo and Hell.

This guide is targeted for all those newbies who don't understand how this events work,

I will also explain how to calculate and time your Research,building and troop training,

so that you get the best possible rewards.

One important thing I won't be talking about,

as I saw it appear for someone on youtube in Hell Event is monster hunting,

 I am yet to experience it myself so I lack any knowledge about it.

I'll be glad if someone replies with how monster hunting points work in the events and if it even occurs.

Thanks in advance :)

Let's begin.

First off all,

I'll give you information that regards both events equally.

Both events are said to be server-wide,

Unless I'm interpreting it wrong,

 everyone on the server,

all of the kingdoms see the same event as you are,

Either this is true,

Or every kingdom and castle level have their events look differently.

I'll be glad if someone solves this mistery for me :D

How do the events work ?

  Both events are built on the same concept,

 there is a 3 phased reward system,

 each phase requires a Certain amount of points 

(cumulative to the higher phase rewards).

 I will soon explain what those points are.

An example of how it looks :

As you can see from the picture above,

Every phase gives it's own rewards.

One very important thing to mention

The rewards depend on the amount of points required for each phase, the higher the requirement, the better the rewards will be. 

Each phase completed grants you it's reward.

 The first phase usually gives resources and occasional speed-ups.

it usually doesn't require much points as you can see above, but the rewards are nothing to brag about.

Second phase is where rewards start becoming interesting,

In addition to more resources and better speed-ups,

 they tend to include one of the following or more : 

1000 Energy

100 Vip Points

Item Loot Box

Material Loot Box

Third Phase is where it starts to get really interesting,

 I will elaborate on this level later in this guide because it's usually different for both events.

The requirements

If you click on either of this events, On the left side under "Source" you will see one or more of the following tabs : "Research" "Troop training" "Building". If you see only the research tab for example, it means only completed research will accumulate as points.

What are POINTS ?

For Research and Building,

  Points = Might for a finished operation.

An example :

So what gives the most points ?

 The answer is research,

 the better the research the more might 

(turned into points for the purpose of events)

 But better research means more time required to finish it.

 For example,

 the research I showed you above, it's original time before subtracting bonuses is : about 4 and a half days. That is why for newbies it's extremely important to max research skills ASAP (followed by construction) in your hero talent tree.

Now because research gives the most points and directly affects you (better troops, monster hunting, economy and etc) you will want to give priority to spending most of your speed-ups on speeding up the research when needed of course.

Next in Line is troops,

 the amount of points per 1 troop is as followed:

Tier 1 troops = 1 point each.

Tier 2 troops = 2 points each.

Tier 3 troops = 5 points each.

Tier 4 troops = 15 points each.

So for example if you gonna train 300 Tier 2 Cavalry,

 you will be awarded 600 points in an event that needs troop training.

You shouldn't be spending speed-ups on troop training at the early stages of the game, 

for the purpose of rewards or overall it better be spent on research.

but if it will give you better rewards as I will explain soon,

 than do it.

At lvl 17 Castle, when you can train 2000+ tier 3 troops,

that is where speed-ups can be spent on troop training, 

again for the purpose of rewards,

I am NOT talking about overall increasing your army and all that.

Next in line which gives the least amount of points for the time it takes,

at least at early stages of the game :

 Construction :

 For example a lvl 11 quarry takes 9+ hours (original time) but gives only 307 points (might).

 You shouldn't be spending speedups on construction for the purpose of event rewards,

 if you need that barracks now and not in 3 hours that is obviously your choice to make and go ahead and do it, just don't do it for event rewards because it usually isn't worth it.

Ranking system

Both events have a ranking system,

the ranking is as far as I know

divided in castle levels,

meaning every castle level has it's own rank.

it is divided as following :

 1st price

2nd price

3rd price

4-10 prices

11-30 prices

31-50 prices

51-100 prices

This top 100 works as the following :

A player receives a rank only if he finished all 3 phases of an event

and is in the top 100 points received for his castle level in that event.

So if to complete phase 3 for solo you needed 12,000 for example and you went past that, you have a chance of being top 100, obviously the more you go past that 12,000 the better your chances of being in this top 100.

You'll know if you got top 100 at the end of an event cycle.

 You will get a message with your prices and what rank you achieved.

The better the rank group the better the prices, but even places 51-100 get a decent price.

It gets harder and harder though to be in the top 100,

 as you progress with castle levels.

examples :

The differences between the events

Solo event is a 3 hour periodic event.

It starts at 13:00 for example (different time zones so cycle is different for every country) and ends at 15:55, those extra 5 minutes till 16:00 will show in orange and is time to prepare for the next cycle, it will show you the next cycle condition.

The preparation time looks like this :

Solo event usually has 2 or all 3 of the tabs (research, troop training and building).

But it can have only one as well.

Phase 1 and 2 awards are as I described earlier, but level 3 is where there are good awards, usually contain even better speedups, boosts and loot boxes.

Solo event phase 3 points needed isn't high usually,

 it's about 7000 to 30000 usually.

 Obviously the more points needed the better the price.

When it gets into 20k + which is hard to get,

 the prices get real interesting offering gems or many loot boxes.

Again, it's quite random and you might get a demanding and rewarding event, 

or relatively easy

Example of an easy one :

7200 is for the phase 3.

Hell event :

The event starts every round hour and lasts for 55 minutes.

 the remaining 5 minutes are like in solo event, preparation to the next cycle.

This event usually asks for one or two of the point types.

But it can be 3 at times, though phases are demanding.


phases 1 and 2 are about the same as Solo event as described earlier.

But the tougher the requirements, 

the more points needed per phase.

Hell event is less consistent than solo as far as requirements go.

Phase 3 is something else entirely mostly.

Phase 3 rewards can request more than 100k points at times with insane prices like rare loot boxes, many gems and even special reward hero tokens, obviously we regular joes at early levels can't get there.

But when the phase 3 is above 17k points needed, the prices usually contain gems.

Phase 3 rewards usually contain :


2+ hour speed-ups

1000-5000 energy

100-200 vip points

4-9 blue/purple material chests

uncommon item chests

Special event (like gryphon) material chest

And occasional Watcher Token (Special reward hero) or 2

example :

It's time to turn this Knowledge into Power

Now to the interesting part,

 after we understand how those events work,

time to make good use of our time, speed-ups and even gems.

When you get to the point of researching tier 2 troops,

 or other high level researches that take a long time to complete,

But they give us LOTS of points.

Go up to the catapult research example,

That's 34,300 points !!!

Imagine the following :

Solo and hell event both require troops and research.

U have 1.5k tier 2 troops in training giving us 3000 points, and the catapult research giving 34300 points,

all due to be researched in 5 min and we have 45 minutes left for hell event and 1:45 hours for solo event.

Solo lvl 3 needs 13.6k and hell needs 41.3k for lvl 3 rewards.

So we gonna finish Solo and can compete for top 100.

But what about the hell event ?

we Have 40 minutes to get 3000 points.

Now how are we gonna get 4k points in 40 minutes ?

 To get those sweet 400 gems, and all the other amazing goodies ?

 We find a research that gives us 4k or more might,

 but damn it needs 7 hours , we have only 4 hour speedups, and remaining 2 hours need 150 gems for example.

So yeah we gonna use it all and the gems cause we still gonna profit 250 gems and all the other awesome stuff. All we lose is 2-3 hours speedups..

Get that level 3 prices for both events,

 and probably even rank 51-100 price for that solo event and maybe even hell event,

because hell that was quite a demanding achievement to make.

Now look how satisfying this looks :

Hope you guys enjoyed, so some tips to conclude long guide.

1. Always have spare gems .

2. If you are researching something that gives 10k+ points,

 even if u use them on the research,

 keep 2-3 hours to give you the chance to find a good opportunity to time your events.

3. try to train an amount of troops to be ready with your research.

4. Time your high points to when you are available to play the game, shame a day worth research will go to waste.

5. Make it that most of your research wait time will be at night when you are a sleep.

So hope you guys enjoyed my guide, you are welcome to reply and add tips or find any faults in my guide. Good luck lords :)

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I have edited my Guide to be better :)

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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll feature your guide in our post and send you 20K gems in 24 hours.

Hear Me Roar!
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Thanks a lot Administrator
Your article is very helpfull
I am satisfied out of 10/10
I was very confused of points
Now i am not.

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This is why i love this forum

The most basic, useless guides (no offense, its due to the fact 99% know what and how to do hell events, i have yet to come across a person who doesnt that hasnt played for more than a week) =20k gems, the most (i think) you can get for a guide

Then the best guides, guides that 80% dont have a clue about and make silly mistakes, those that big guides even misslead in somethings and get them to change stuff in them = ignored

This is why this forum is dead, but if i type up how to train troops , click the bar and press train, it wont get gems?? Why?! Because some of us are expected only to do actual useful guides for nothing, this is why this is dead, igg doesnt care about its players nor do they even on the forum

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Boiled down this guide is
best points is research

to get the most points is to get your research speed up...duh...then the other things....o.0

Time all your stuff for an event...well yeah thats how you get the most points in one...you dont need to be a genius

And watching what rewards you get in each event which is almost always the same, almost the same stuff and different numbers for the event,harder or the type it is

Theres not even watcher included, cause you dont get watcher in the events

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I wanted to know what the total value is equal to? And also the points given in the game are for hours not might i.e 1min = 4points