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[Guide Event] Legend's [Knowledge is power] Guide [OUTDATED]

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-Legenderino’s guide to stuff-

-Grab your butt’s and kool-aid jammers, doodoo’s about to go down-


Legends Legend (You’ll take my puns and you’ll like em’ too)

  • How to use gear gems

  • Proper Attack

  • Proper Defense

  • Your Talent Tree

  • Rallies

How to use gear gems

First off, What are “gear gems”. Gear gems are the gems that you obtain from either quests, or jewel boxes. They are used to forge into your gear slots to give your gear extra buffs. But when and how should you use them?

Only use a gem if it’s either color grade (WHITE) or color grade (BLUE+). Although using (WHITE) grade gear gems is ok in my opinion, it still is not as highly recommended, Only do this if you’re desperate for the buffs. But as for (BLUE+) The reason being for us not wanting to apply (GREEN) grade gems is because you will later on in the game, obtain more and more gems, Problem is...if you equip all of your green gems you not only will not be able to UPGRADE those gems without a hefty gem price, You also will not be able to place your blue gems in the gear slots that are all full. Green Grade Chisels almost never drop….ever, unlike white grade ones which also have a very rare drop rate, but they drop more often. Lets put this into a scenario.

Mothafudgin’ Jimmy, (Birth name, dont judge) is a level 20 castle, therefore Mothafudgin’ Jimmy has 28 gem slots in each pieces of his gear! Good for you Mothafudgin’ Jimmy. But oh wait...Mothafudgin’ Jimmy has filled all of his slots of his war gear with green gems and cannot add his blue ones….each individual removal of one of these green gems is 1k gems! Now Jimmy has to spend 28k gems on removing gems, Inception right?


Proper Attack

So, Every troop has a counter type, Whenever you’re attacking you should try and use this to your advantage. The counters are:


Usually, Regardless of your research this will ALWAYS play into effect, unless your might is clearly higher than theirs (And vice versa).
Also, As an attacker you will always have to keep in mind that when attacking the enemy's troops work as an ONION. You will have to plow through one layer to get to the other, the way the ONION in lords works is like this INFANTRY->CAVALRY->RANGED->SIEGE. Meaning you will have to cut through Infantry before you get to cavalry, Cavalry before you get ranged, etc. The troop composition usually does not stay the same, but i’ll tell you the way I train my troops. Since I am gear and research based off of RANGED troops, I train my Inf/Cav/Ran as 1/1/1.5. IF your opponent has a wall, Send 20-40k Siege in your attack. There is no specific troop comp you should be running that will work every time, THIS IS YOURS TO FIGURE OUT, To figure this out you will want to use your scout 100% of the time, If they have anti scout on and they are the same might as you or higher, NEVER and I mean EVER attack that person, But if someone with significantly lower might has anti scout on, That's yours to attack. BUT BE CAREFUL OF TRAP ACCOUNTS (Accounts that are hiding a guilds troops)

Proper Defense

Believe it or not, Your defense is MUCH MUCH different from your offense. As a defender you will want to make sure you have enough spaces in your infirms to heal ALL of your troops. If you do not then SHELTER your spare troops so you do not have ANY PERMANENT LOSSES. But even then, If you still have spare troops CAMP THEM on the area around you so they’re not in your castle while you’re getting attacked to once again, suffer 0 PERMANENT LOSSES. Just like your offense, The ONION technique applies to your defense, Your attacker will have to peel off the layers, Use this to your advantage. Most importantly, While being attacked. ALWAYS SHELTER YOUR LEADER. It pisses me off whenever I see one of the guild's leaders captured because there is simply no reason for it, Don't be an idiot.

Your Talent Tree

This ladies and gentlemen, is the bread and butter of your buffs for attacking and defending, Be sure to spec for the troop you max in your research and spec for in your gear but always, No matter what. Always max out the following trees.

SQUAD DEFENSE 2 (DEF 1 Depends on what you’re doing)

All of the rest of your leftover points from maxing out those following trees should ALWAYS go to the Tier 3 and 2 trees of your chosen troop. ALWAYS MAX TIER 3 FIRST.


Rallies are the way to take down higher might players. Or to try and take out a player whilst minimizing troop losses.

Why Rally? Rallies apply all of the troop buffs that the rally leader has. Not the buffs that you possess. Rallies also have a very high troop count, maxing out to a hefty two million troops.

Who should host a rally? A rally leader should always be the person with the best research and the best gear for the particular troop type it is that you need to use, If there is no specific type it should still be the person with the best all around gear and research.

What should I never do in a rally? Two words, Donate. Siege.

What should I do if I get rallied? Either pop a shield or shelter your troops. If you get reinforced, But it is clear you will still lose. Send back the troops and pop a shield/shelter. ALWAYS, Don't be a male genetalia.

(This guide had alot of profanity in it before I had added it to this forum, so,,,yeah.

Formation Attacking

In this section, I will teach you about all of the formation, which ones counter which...etc.

Infantry Phalanx:

Counters: Ranged Phalanx

Weak to: Ranged Wedge, Cavalry Phalanx, Cavalry Wedge

Infantry Wedge:

Counters: Ranged Wedge, Ranged Phalanx

Stalemate: Cavalry Phalanx

Weak to: Cavalry Wedge

Ranged Phalanx:

Counters: Cavalry Phalanx, 

Stalemate: Cavalry Wedge.

Weak to: Infantry Wedge, Infantry Phalanx

Ranged Wedge:

Counters: Infantry Wedge, Infantry Phalanx.

Stalemate: Cavalry Wedge.

Weak to: Cavalry Phalanx

Cavalry Phalanx:

Counters: Infantry Phalanx

Stalemate: Infantry Wedge

Weak to: Ranged Phalanx.

Cavalry Wedge:

Counters: Infantry Wedge.

Stalemate: Infantry Phalanx.

Weak to: Ranged Wedge.

If you have any questions or disagree with anything that I wrote, voice your opinion down below!

IGG ID: 321075809

[Old and outdated guide, go away.]

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If you guy's notice any profanity in this forum...please point it out to me, Not trying to get banned lol

REJ - R3 - K31

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Would be nice to have a segment on how to defend against rallies, reinforcements and garrisons. Nice guide though :)

Maybe troop formations also if possible.

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Hi, thank you for your guide, we'll feature you in our event post or even social media in the future and send you 20K gems in 24 hours!

Hear Me Roar!
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Great guide

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Thank you where much

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very useful ... gracias .....

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Ranged beats cavalry, then why is ranged wedge weak to cavalry phalanx? Is there a forum guide you saw this at or is it just through testing in the drills page? Very informative guide overall, thanks!

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No stalemate here,each side starts with 150k

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