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[Guide Event] Guide for new or distinguished members

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this guide is for all people feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

ive been playing for 2 years straight so this is a reliable source

Tip 1.  To be the strongest you can in your kingdom, its best to use the novice relocator. But in order to use it in the most efficient way possible its best to wait 3-5 days that way you maxed out (but still under castle lvl 5) and will be stronger than most people there however this head start wont last long if your f2p (free to play) but it makes you strong compared to other f2ps.

this period when you move to a kingdom that only existed for a few minutes is the best time to start a new guild if your into that (guilds made at this time or more likely to not just survive but thrive)

Account types: now that your in a kingdom you need to decide what you want this account to be (accounts that followed a plan since they started or more efficient the others) below are some base choices but accounts are fully customizable

RAIDER: the purpose of a raider is to have a devastating offence, raiders dont normally need a mass army like a trap but sometimes can, unlike traps a raider is focused on troop offence rather then defence and arent normaly worried about might, the way to become this is to choose 1 or 2 types of troops NO SIEGE and have their talents and reaserch focused on that, you should always max out reaserch and construstion speed I and II in the talent tree but after that come to a complete hault on the right talent tree. on the left NEVER REASERCH DEFENCE for this account.

TRAP: the name of a trap account practicully explains it fully, it purpose is to trap enemie army and complely zeroe them so they have no idea what hit them. high infirmiary and a huge but efficient army is key here, traps always want to have the "anti-scout" boost on and should be on the outside of hives so they can be hit by attackers, follow the same rules as the "raider" for the talent and reaserch tree (defence boosts may help though)

AVERAGE OFF: this account is neutral but slightly slanted to the militaristic side, these are supposed to be as flexible as possible and may be bended to anything later, but when push comes to shove these accounts would rather upgrade miltary buildings and reaserch over all others.

AVERAGE GRO: this account is neutral but slightly slanted to the turf side, these are supposed to be as flexible as possible and may be bended to anything later, but when push comes to shove these accounts would rather upgrade growth buildings and research over all others.

HYPERFARMS: the proud jewels of any guild bank, these account focus on a resource and are meant to produce so much that every guild-mate get on to them for making them a target. in order to make this get the heroes with your picked resource boost in mind and upgrade them to gold as fast as possible (should give you around 200-500% boost) and have your talent tree focused on that resource (should give 300-800%) and have you research max production (should give 80-200%) and always have a "production boost" on (20%).

BANK: the key to every great guild, these guys have 0 troops and are focused on trove and supply capacity (i dont know much more never been one)


every player should join/make a guild, the more distinguished they are the more gifts and experience they have, most guild will ask you to join a hive.  being part of a guild hive means you can send rss (resources) and troops easier, however depending on the size of the guild its leader may ask you to be active and join in events (wars, guild showdown, guild fest, etc.). but you should already do these events anyway as they give you some pretty good rewards.

random picture not me lol

HIVE TYPES: there is more than one way to make a hive, from penis shaped masterpieces to the strategic mini-hives choices are nearly unlimited here a list of some hive from biggest to smallest target.

1. SUPER HIVES: these hives are usually made up from 1-4 guild (normally familly) these are focused on the uideal that every guild in the hive will help each other out.

--target rating: 100%

2. STANDARD HIVES: these hives are what are normally made by guilds their easy to make and less stressfull to maintain, these hive are just mad for the guild to help each other and normally not around other guilds.

--target rating: 60%

3. MINI HIVES: these hives are normally made after protection when burning is at a maximum and are mainly made by smaller guild incapable of protecting themselves, they are made from a varieties but normally 4-20 people and around 50-200 mi away from each other. they are built around try to minimize attacks

--target rating: 30%

No matter how you make a hive attacks will always happen, but how recently depends on the hive and the guild.

GUILD ROLES: many guild have certain people that make the guild tick these are all needed for a thriving and steady guild.

1. RALLY CAPT:these members are the one with nearly maxed out BH's (battle halls) they tend to have high mights and are usually heavy p2p's (pay to play) they run all the guild rally whether its on strong enemies or DN's (darknests). without atleast one of these a guild can not function.
--rec amount: 3-5

2. BANKS: unlike rally capts these have to be full fledged accounts, and normally cost about 10-30$ a month to hold, they are made to keep on with guild excess resources.
--rec amount: 2-3

3. HYPERFARMS: similar to the bank these are also full fledged accounts but dont cost anything to produce, they have high productions of a certain resourse that they can send to banks or members.
--rec amount: 5, 1 for every recourse type


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oof this is gonna be massive

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I think this app has a lot of useful information. My nephew developed it and I started using it and got way better surprisingly. 

Here's the link to it: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rpmsolutions.LordsMobileTips.

Any feedback is welcome!