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[Guide Event] Cake slices?

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Posted on 2018-06-03 11:30:14 | Show thread starter's posts only

For the life of me, I can't seem to find out how to collect my cake slice and present for the 12th anniversary event. any help is appreciated, maybe a screenshot? lol thanks

Posted on 2018-06-03 12:01:35 | Show thread starter's posts only

Just finish Phase 3 of any Hell Event

Posted on 2018-06-03 17:35:55 | Show thread starter's posts only

that wasn't my question, but I found how to COLLECT my cake slice.. not how to earn them.
I knew how to get them, but when I was on my PC, the graphics were messed up on the News page where I needed to be to collect the cake slice.

Posted on 2018-06-05 00:53:04 | Show thread starter's posts only

Please go to news and click the event. Click join now and click on your cake :)

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